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  1. +-1 MM will not come, players should gain experience playing against enemies which are a bit tougher

    yeah that tier 4 i just one shot in the OI really gained "experience"


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    2. gabse


      Or getting raped by IS3s in your shitty tier 6

    3. MonoPanda


      If you would make it +-1 I could farm more Dmg when TopTier :awyeah: and you could make a difference when LowTier.

    4. leggasiini


      Tier 3 and 4 should have limited MM, though, like Blitz. What the hell are tier 3s supposed to do against KVs, O-I Experimentals, AT 2s or 105Derp MTs, or same with tier 4s against O-Is and Cromwells? Many tier 5s can easily oneshot tier 3s, and many tier 6s can oneshot many tier 4s. For comparison, most of tier 8s cant oneshot tier 6s, or most of tier 10s cant oneshot tier 8s.

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