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  1. for anyone interested the Subnautica launch live stream


  2. nope not that much of a brawler, terrible citadel will get you punished, like the worse at tier 8, i only want the range for those awesome and super fun tier X maps/matches Roma is a mid range BB.
  3. even like that i find it ugly as fuck... looks like a 2 year old found a black marker and went to town on it. The default game is gorgeous looking anyways I have found the Roma to be... unequal in play. The range should be buffed to 20km, 18.1km is just plain dumb and the dispersion is very hit and miss, oh and getting 7 overpens on a broadside cruiser at 10km is really rewarding...............
  4. Yup Ashitaka and Huang Meh are some of the worse premiums tier for tier in the game... but hey, they are free so...
  5. Got both a radar module and hydro module in the AFTvent super containers.... pretty fucking sweet Also the last missions for DoY are fucking retarted, like the first generation personal missions for the obj 260 retarded.
  6. I mean, its slightly OP for a DD, so you actually need to be competent to extract the maximum out of it. Also Sims torps are fucking dog shit, like really dog shit, so slow they are basically static mines, do no damage (8500dmg, much wow) and the flooding change seems to be quite bad too... i remember last T7 ranked landing 4 torps on a Belfast and not killing him... In randoms, hitting 1 or 2 torps on a BB is like a meh AP volley from a same tier BB
  7. T4 is OP, equal to or more so then Clemson, T6 is pretty gud, T7 is OP and basically a tier 8... thats how far i am right now, they are quite enjoyable to be honest.
  8. "Ranked is a team based game" i am fucking loving the Amagi in ranked, went from ranked 8 too 7 in 4 games, 12 in Amagi with no loses so far
  9. Musashi might cost 920,000 free exp, so yeah get the Missouri or dont bother, in my opinion
  10. do like me, make a clan just for yourself... it was like that for me in WoT, 2-3 pm's per day on the weekends.
  11. yeah...... but they drive BB's, which dont have cits, so you cant punish them while they rape you by ignoring your perfect angling because LOL, overmatch bitch
  12. NO can be burned down by any competently played light cruiser, and Atago can out heal the NO... unless you get the jump on them while they are broadside, or they are just plain potato and give your broadside.
  13. No inbuilt IFHE Anyone else think that radar Edinburgh could be very strong this ranked season. 9km detection with 9km radar, great dpm vs DD, potential of 106k hp (vs the 66k of the atago) decent torps, water line citadel. If the DD's smoke you up into the cap, you have the lowest smoke fire detection range too.
  14. Crossfader

    Naval Action

    Why did i not hear of this sooner... loved the sailing test when it was going, never really got into the open world stuff. Always wanted them to just make a WoWs style game like the testing was, and they did, great. I would love if they eventually implemented scenarios and PvE missions/historical battles.
  15. pretty sure im good on flags... i run them on tier 8+ DDs its more the combo of left click dive bomber and no actual hits that triggered me.
  16. first game of the day, get left click by a brain dead 3-0-1 Saipan, doesnt get any hits, still detonate such a good addition to this game 10/10
  17. In my humble opinion (not having played in a year and a half), WoT started to go down with the introduction of the Jap heavies... if i could roll back WoT to any patch, it would be the one right before those monster were added.
  18. Unless CV cough cough new skillway plus like 3 enemy German BB's/any tier 10 cruisers without DeFAA or on cooldown
  19. Weekend after patch, were you can do 318k damage, my highest yet, and still lose because your team cant help but throw
  20. I liked the chapy when i played it, but that was back when stealth fire was a thing,and the chapy was rather good at it (helped alot in the shit high tier open maps). Right now its a Kutuzov with radar and no smoke, with slightly better stealth, terrible turning circle, worse torps, worse AA and worse range... I would still rate the Kutuzov better even if it didnt have smoke. WG should have buffed the chapy after the stealth fire nerf, one of the few ship to actually be hit hard by its removal (poor poor Blyska...)
  21. only good thing is I didnt buy the Prinz potato, i got 3, yes 3 from the Xmas loot boxes (one Pinz + 22k gold) I also dont rate any silver tier 8 CL to be very good (have yet to play Charles, at Algerie right now), and only the Kutuzov to be good regardless of MM... kinda sad to see really, even the Atago doesn't see much play these days
  22. can we all agree that the Prinz Eugen is fucking terrible... tried playing it twice tonight, fucking stupid idea, i dont know why that ship + Hipper are still in the game as is, god awful I got citadel'd by a Pensacola, and i was so angel'd that only my front guns could fire... like why even bother, NO armor, NO DPM, terrible turret layout and bad concealment. Edit: watched replay, got screenshots... amazing bullshit, even the Pensacola player could not believe it and he had an Alpha flag, so its not some potato steam player
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