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  1. oh, and that would just break my heart i followed a poll link here to the latest attempt to "prove" everyone hates arty..made a sarcastic response and got hammered since the official forums i guess have cracked down on the endlessly repetitive "remove arty" posts the dedicated whiners have moved here where they have a friendly environment ooo, true..that IS a likely reaction
  2. now that they have announced they are adding new SPG medals in the next patch and you realize that all your posts..all your downvotes..all your "clicker" and "cancer" comments are for naught Arty is NOT getting removed
  3. huh..funny..since i very specifically mentioned in post that this wasn't official forums.... mods are people? no..thats never been true anywhere/when in the whole of Spacetime i will admit..the sarcastic hashtag reply to garbad was misaimed..it was the 2nd poster that led off with #bancancer though the response to something so obviously sarcastic leads me to see why Garbad moved operations here though..fellow dedicated arty haters with the power of redposting
  4. ho hum...another day...another arty whine from Garbad /yawn why here? did you get banned from posting I hate arty thread # 872350 on the official forums? #bangarbadforrepetitivewhining #RO'dOnMyFirstPost #ThoughtThisWasOfficialForums #Didn'tRealiseTheModsHereArePeople #Didn'tKnowMrTWasAModHere #GotPitied #HaveACoupleDaysToThinkAboutIt ~Pity
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