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  1. Curious to see some actual numbers on this. I can see many more accounts, but I would like to see server populations on NA during primetime.
  2. Looks interesting to me. Anyone in closed alpha? Thoughts?
  3. Really enjoying this game. Free 200 gold voucher: 5MILLIONHEROESANDGENERALS
  4. That was a terrible play by me. No excuse, I screwed that up pretty bad. I am sorry that one play cost us all of the losses we had Monday. Even the ones I wasn't in. And totally cost us any chance to advance and make a decent showing. That does little to change the fact that folks should know what kind of team mate/ captain you will be. I figured the best place would be your recruitment thread. Trolling is actually used in the fishing context, but after your post, I think people will appreciate the double meaning. Very sad you won't invite me in the future. I'm sure you will d
  5. Too bad you couldn't make it to Weekday 2 yesterday. Or even the last battles of day one. Good luck, best wishes.
  6. The most enjoyable part of this game to me is organized matches. I have served on teams as everything from bench warmer to caller/ captain. These teams have been populated by folks with stats ranging from imperial purple to baboon ass red. Currently I am looking to join or form a core of active tourney tankers. I can provide a decent garage of competition tanks, and am available for most schedules. TS, mic and all that. Not looking to join a clan. Not into anime. Not into fur. Just straight business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0upimpzkDSo Would be nice if this turns into
  7. I have the same issue getting the "player is active," despite 60+ days since last battle. My friend hasn't updated his client since patch 8.11, hasn't logged on to the WG site or boards, heck hasn't even checked the email associated with the account, and yet he is unable to be recruited since "active." The best part is, several of the existing friends WG will allow me to recruit are active- one in particular ran platoons with me this weekend, and is still listed as a valid invite. Any help or ideas would be great.
  8. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=247884292 I am pretty new to the game myself, so I am doing the single player campaigns before I give multiplayer another try. Anyone interested in teaming up, send me an ingame message.
  9. Most Star Wars games I found disappointing- the first exception would be Star Wars Force Commander. Also the first RTS I can remember where infantry were more than a resource sink. The best RTS I ever played was Warzone 2100- cool research to allow your own design for vehicles, a cool story, and the best artillery play. Also, rotary howitzer. It's open source now, with much community love and care. Original War was a quirky RTS with the best story, pretty artwork, and fantastic voice- overs. Best voice work was in Dungeon Keeper /2. It was a good game made great by the narrator.
  10. Just got this game yesterday, and am really enjoying it so far. Wanted to ask about modding: is there something analogous to xvm? Also can anyone point me in the right direction as to what is possible with modding in this title? Thanks in advance.
  11. I wanted to thank you for a previous Stone Soup recommendation. Looking forward to checking this out.
  12. Looking for a team. I only have a 12t. It only has one M.O.E. I like the Abbey map, and would be willing to call if you need a back-up. I would like a team with some experience, as this would be my first tournament. Would be available for the alpha schedule.
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