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  1. So what does joining Scurry Hard mean? You will be joining a Clan that is newly created but has a name with a Legacy. Scurry Hard was created last year by Squirrlin, for WGLNA Season 1 where we went undefeated in Qualifiers and made our way to the finals in Vegas. While creating Scurry Hard from a tourney team to a Clan, our focus will be on a main tournament team or two.We will be building strong group of players who can make an impact when we get the members for Clan Wars. What do I need to join Scurry Hard? As of this post applicants will need a 55% Win rate, WN8 2000+ (60
  2. Getting there The 121 is by far my favorite tank even the 120 was a fun grind with me having almost 1k battles in the type 59 grinding a crew/ playing it the 121,120,type 59 feel very much like the same tank but up tiered, Having about 10% of my games somehow dedicated to this tank I feel one with it |300+ 121, 300+ 120 ,~1000,t59| How I got there, I’ve had the 59 since they put it on sale for the last time I jumped on the chance back when I was a scrubby to play this rare god of a tank. Back when I started playing again china tanks had just come out, I free xped to the 59-16, skippe
  3. XVM IS BOYCOTTING BADDY's but i have no clue why, dont feel bad im a (sad panda) Too But here are some BooB's to cheer you up
  4. 6 days.... Restriction was given for breaking the rule 6d - Inappropriate content (explicit) - cont. w/in 7d in Red Sky Consulate 8.5. Given 2 points Ability to create content removed for 6 days _______________________________________ Dear Player, Your post has been edited for explicit inappropriate content. Please note that our servers are 13+, and as such we have very strict rulesets for what is and isn't appropriate for our forums. As you have already received a warning for a previous offense, you have now been issued a 6 day Read Only restriction. Please feel free to ref
  5. Its a fun tank i did the grind from stock as well, life gets better when you get the 122mm gun, plays a lot like a tier 9 type 59 until then, but over all i had a shit ton of fun grinding this tank,though my stats were not the best in this tank it was a fun grind. as as for this game is not play to win i haven't spent cash on gold in a while.i have turnny's and CW for that now just remember that good players can play for free XD
  6. I was on the hill in the 9 line a 57 was in the middle racked , and the TD was far back on the 1,2 with no lights and they wanted us to push knowing that our 57 was racked, so this guy calls me a camper beacuse im not gonna go charging in to 3 tanks so i call him a noob and start egging him on so i got him mad...
  7. mine has one but not every place that has a credit card requires me to enter my pin.
  8. Welcome, You Came To The Right Place Don't Forget Drugs are Addicting too, Pro tip: 1.This is your bible http://wiki.worldoftanks.com/Battle_Mechanics 2.Purple people are your freinds And BooB's Cant forget BooB's
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