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  1. They nerfed it into the ground, only stat they didn't touch was armor and view range.... 440alpha with longer reload, worse gun handling than a Defender, heavy tank agility and sluggish medium mobility. With that gun handling it's just not worth it anymore, M4Rev has half the bloom for just 50 less alpha. https://thedailybounce.net/2018/06/01/world-of-tanks-supertest-chimera-changes/
  2. I'm aware of the situation with the new models and that there is no solution atm, so my post was in no way criticizing kittens. The situation is that they changed the armor model format so they can't be read out (well, technically they can, but nobody knows how). He has to use the models from 9.22, so if stuff changes in the client things go weird.
  3. kittens should really pull down the armor model from tanks.gg with the amount of confusion this is creating. I am 95% sure there was nothing planned and therefore nothing scrapped either in terms of armor changes, the "improved side armor" refers to adding the track links to the armor model. The additional armor zones this created completely glitched out the model on tanks.gg because of the new 1.0 filetype.
  4. breeeze

    SU-101 Wow!

    They did the same to the SU-100M1 but that one is very good now, gun is meh and its sluggish, but the armor actually makes up for it. The whole problem on the 101 is that the armor they gave it isn't useful, 80% of the time you have to play the same sniping playstyle of the pre-buff 101 but now with a gun that misses the broad side of a barn every 13s.
  5. breeeze

    SU-101 Wow!

    Yep, this tank is now amongst the worst tanks in the game, alongside stuff like Churchill VII and pre-buff AMX AC 48. The tier 7 works because it can actually brawl against same tier and even tier 8 tanks, but for some reason the tier 8 has weaker armor on a bigger superstructure with lower to the ground engine deck so it struggles at brawling even against its own tier and I've even had plenty of tier 6 tanks just overmatch the engine deck. Having one of the longest stock grinds in the game is the cherry on top I guess.
  6. Maybe you should've turned on your brain before making an angry forum post. This and the T32 FL are most likely rentals for the upcoming Frontline mode, just like the (R) tanks were at tier 10.
  7. I enjoy marking these weird novelty tanks and I feel like I should be able to do it. Marking with the 100mm just defeats the purpose of this tank and it would feel as about as much of an accomplishment as marking the 260 platooned with 2 arty. That said, I finally successfully completed my mission. Was bumping around in the mid-90s for quite a while, I think the influx of spaghetti tanks did help pushing it over the edge.
  8. In 1.0 WG has removed all the "sneaky" positions on Abbey, the side of the monastery is inaccessible and the elevated part on the right is not climbable anymore except from a single chokepoint on the 8-line. Those were pretty much the only position i knew to play anything that can't brawl in. What can those tanks do now on this map, is there something I'm missing? I feel like its literally play like a TD and camp base now because every position is a straight up brawl.
  9. Looks like no mark for me, can't get it above 88% Too slow to get itself into strong support positions, too slow to get out of a lost position, too trash dpm to dish out enough damage in todays meta and the gun depression denying 2-3 shots every single game is just the cherry on top. Maybe 10cm would help, but I just can't be bothered to play it with that pile of garbage of a gun.
  10. breeeze

    Type 62

    Decent and fun light nowadays because it didn't get its dpm and vr trashed like some of the other lights, but its definitely not best in tier like the Type 64 and GF at their tiers. Also make sure you know what you want to use it for, if you want to make money be prepared to stick with AP, prem ammo is crazy expensive.
  11. keep in mind the text says engine and stabilization get buffed on the T95E6 which is not shown in the picture
  12. Finally a tier 8 medium that is fun to play, didn't expect to ever see that.
  13. Last sentence is important, the gun is better on the CDC, if you really wanna call it "better", because same bloom, +10 alpha and actually competitive dpm. The platform is obviously way way worse.
  14. Have you downloaded the test server and checked how it actually runs with your current card? It should run pretty much the same as with the old engine, and I wouldn't be suprised if your CPU is the actual bottleneck here.
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