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  1. Legit question: How does one ace the Tetrarch? Seems shit at distance and shit at brawling + tons of M2 Light sealclubbers everywhere.

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    2. EndlessAgony


      M2 Light has been the sealclubbers' choice  for quite some time now. As for acing the Shitbox, good luck. That thing is lung cancer in pixeltonk form. I'd suggest tooning with someone to tank damage for you, running food and spamming gold. Alternatively, super meat-shield abuse sitting behind the team and stealing all dem killz. IIRC kills contribute more to mastery in lower tiers compared to higher tiers due to HP size, but I may be wrong.

      Also play ShitmoredAIDSfare w/ me on Wednesday evening ploxplox :wub:

    3. breeeze


      I even had a game once with 1k+ damage and 8 kills, still no ace... 


      Also why would I ever touch that dead game again? :eww:

    4. EndlessAgony


      I reckon you'll need at least 10 or so with 1k+ damage, maybe even 12+ tbh, I haven't looked at WoTReplays in a while, but back when I still played WoT, all low tier aces were really high kill games, 11, 12, 13, etc. This has to do with the DPM to HP ratio, overall low HP of the tanks which both result in damage being harder to farm, etc. Also, you have to take into account the overal literal randomness of the low tiers with tons of people who have no clue what they are doing and sometimes just score really high by pure dumb luck. This coupled with professional sealclubbers with literally hundreds, if not thousands, of battles and skilled crews push the Ace requirements really high. To be honest, unless you get exceedingly lucky, you may even end up having to play a ton of matches to get the ace. Best bet would be to toon with say Pz. II J and have it tank the damage while you farm, primarily kills, secondarily damage.

      As for returning to AW, to toon with your BFF EndlessAgony, of course :^)

  2. So it turns out skirmishes get skill mm, 2-3 min queue time and forced tryhard if you want to win anything. RIP SH if this goes through like that.

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    2. lithiumx3


      Are regular detachments limited in time?  I realize the attack is set to after 3pm, but I can't seem to even create a detachment now.  (not that that we would get into battle, but we do run them early after noon on weekends, around 1pm)


      This announcement answers my question.  

    3. Marty


      Well, devs on RU forums confirmed that the skill-MM is intended, that players should play T10 if they want to earn credits. They also said clans that complain are mostly clans that were stomping noobs before, and that they expected the reaction. They are apparently also working on reducing the queue times. Source: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/480410-frontline-news/page__st__18060__pid__13891919#entry13891919


    4. 1m9j9s3


      :feelsbad: new SH sucks 

  3. Just your regular game of global ops



    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      wut? how many boost you got stacked with that?

    2. breeeze


      50% boost on everything + 25% credit boost + 25% credit insignia + 100% event boost

    3. PrinzEugen478


      I read that as 8 credits gained lol

  4. Only in AW can you drop at the beginning of the game, load back in dead and still make 200k profit and 13k XP...

    1. HemanathanRX7


      aw na still alive? :doge:

      Considering redownloading it so i can get that is-7 MBT trash to collect Kappa Do you know if that shit is PVP only or both PVP and PVE? :E

  5. I heard WoT is a really well balanced game


    1. FullGore


      DakiRage is epic :D But tbh so frustrating to get fucked sideways by the same idiots over and over again, ruining your games from 800 m away...

  6. We can do it too! (Once in a blue moon)


    1. Kitten


      15v15 AW PvP... sigh, I wish they would merge NA and EU servers

  7. God I love it when my team sets up camp right behind their AFVs so I lose 3/4 of my hp never being spotted

  8. holy balls the new Armata gun sound :look:

  9. 1$ for 2500 gold, 30d premium, Chieftain for AW is still available for a day or so in the Humble Bundle if anyone is interested

  10. Finally, SIMM is gone (for now)

  11. So who at WG thought it was a good idea to make light tanks flip just by turning?

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      nerfing wn8 padders friendo

    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Yuo see Ivan, when Light Tank flip over yuo are not of being shot because yuo are performing of tactical roll.

  12. And WG still hasn't fixed the T50/51 name in the Grand Finals. Still displaying as "cz04 T5051 short" :doge: 

  13. Didn't click hard enough...

    I refilled my ammo and still ran out





    1. Crossfader


      should have seen when the reload's were bugged, had mine down to 5.5secs, took me longer to shoot all 3 then to reload

  14. So am I the only one that went from 40-50fps in 9.13 to 70-80fps in 9.14?

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    2. Wewum


      Well, that's great!

    3. engineered


      I also got better FPS.  I was able to turn on AA plus some other graphics features.  Probably mostly due to offloading new sound engine to separate core.

    4. MAJEST1C


      Pre 9.0 - 125 fps 9.0 = 50 - 100 fps 9.13 = 70 - 130 fps 

  15. I now know how skill MM feels on the NA server...



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    2. breeeze



      but as I said, still better even with skill MM. I really really hope they get their high tiers and endgame content sorted out though.

      My opinion on WoT has nothing to do with WG by the way, I left the game because it is a broken mess that is more frustrating than fun in randoms, AW is still fun to me up to tier 6, even with SIMM. If WG fixed let's say arty and tank balance I'd instantly come back. That's also the reason why I still play organized stuff, that is actually still fun to me.

    3. Crossfader


      SIMM = the better you are, the worse your teammates become. Great incentive to get good at that game, your better to get a Bot, run once our twice a week, and then enjoy the game with non mouth breathing teammates

    4. breeeze


      The 55% cap makes it less annoying, but yeah, probably the biggest mistake by OE.

  16. AW survey for anyone that still has hopes in them fixing their shit: https://aw.my.com/gb/news/general/obsidian-entertainment-survey

    1. orzel286


      Obidian should learn how to make polls.

  17. PVE Arty fair and balanced


    1. Shade421


      Accurate fast firing autoloader arty is fun and dynamic friend.

    2. Captain_F22ACE


      2+ autoloading arties = terminal cancer.

    3. orzel286


      And there are arty apologists on aw forums too *cancer intensifies*

  18. Wtf is Microsoft thinking, they put a USB port into their Surface charger but don't give it enough power to load both my phone and Surface at the same time, eventhough it says so on the support page and when I call them they say "Oh it's actually only for "standard" phones not for smartphones". I don't even know what to say now.

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    2. Enroh


      Surface or Surface Pro for clarity? I have the Surface Pro 3 and the USB port on the power brick does charge these "smartphones" I have had since I bought my SP3  (iPhone 6+, Lumia 1520, Nexus 6)

      I would not think the charger would be different between the Surface or Surface Pro though. Is it?

    3. breeeze


      Surface Pro 4 i5, not sure how the chargers are different though, but it definitely should charge any phone properly, I'm pretty sure the support guy was just trying to get rid of me. Consensus on Reddit was "some work, some don't" and I should contact support to get a replacement, I'll probably go the "blame them on social media" approach that sadly seems to be one of the few ways to get proper support these days.

    4. Enroh


      yeah that should be working - mine dishes out 12v/2.5A so unless they changed it should work. Perhaps you do have a faulty unit Either way you are within 1YR support anyways (assuming you did not buy extended that is) - as for support, MS Canada is pretty good. Not sure where you are though but you should not have an issue getting a replacement.

  19. WG: "all shortcomings of the updated IS-6 are covered by improvements (TN: as in: it balances out);" :serb:

    1. Medjed


      There was shortcomings with that tank?? :doge: What a fucking joke they are

    2. Siimcy


      At least they didn't remove -25%rng for its dmg rolls:doge:

  20. Anyone having noticeable fps improvements on 9.14? I had something like +30% fps on test server but can't check now.

    1. kolni


      Mine's worse

  21. Oh look who's here



    1. sr360


      Is that AW forums?

    2. breeeze
    3. sr360


      " The more time I spend away from Armored Warfare is more time that the addiction factor will wear off and the more time one will have to potentially be engrossed in another game, or go back to WoT where they don't have such stupid policies for a reason. " <--LOL

  22. The amount of crying in AW forums makes WoT forums look like a science magazine

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