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    breeeze got a reaction from Pocktio in [LAVA] Lobsters are ready to rumble   
    6% WR, that's quite impressive, keep it up!
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    breeeze reacted to xmenxmen2 in [LAVA] Lobsters are ready to rumble   
    Most memorable moment from last nights session

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    breeeze got a reaction from Guardian54 in 7 Steps to Saving Credits even with a NON-PREM account   
    Spamming premium ammo, which you seem to suggest here, is the worst thing you can do without a premium account. Losing 50k or more per battle means you need to at least play 2 games in a tier 8 premium for each regular game (up to 4:1 if you don't have premium tanks) which just isn't viable. It's all about using the right ammo type in the right situation and make use of the enemy weakspots.
    If you want to maximize damage output and carrying ability at all cost you need a premium account.
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    breeeze got a reaction from _EXODUZ_ in [EU] LF a Mentor / Platoonies / Friends   
    Add me and spam invites whenever I'm online.
    I am no teacher but I can always give you some hints whenever I look at your gameplay.
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    breeeze got a reaction from Britzz in Tazilon comes back to World of Tanks   
    that times a million. Just because he isn't BEST LIGHT TENK PLAYER US doesn't mean his stuff is not good to initially learn scouting. Learned a lot through his videos and website when I started out and he's probably the reason why I enjoy light tanks. Just make sure you stop watching it as you get good enough.
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    breeeze got a reaction from The_Munk in WZ-111 Fishermans bay, constructive critisism please?   
    First off, bring a couple of HEAT shells, even when you almost never shoot them they can become quite important in certain situations, especially in T9 games. I load 8 but if you are worried about your income 5 should be enough 99% of the time.
    I disagree with your initial position, you only have vision into that one little street where there are rarely enemy tanks, at least drive a bit more forwards so you can see into the F8 area.
    Timing on the push is acceptable, but you should've realized that flank is completely empty and turned around MUCH earlier, at the latest at 12:00 you should've noticed the enemy pushing hard in the west and went back. In general, pushing out of the town into the open is a bad idea, especially in slow and blind heavies, bushed up TDs can wreck you all day. Flexing back and defending is a better choice 90% of the time. Also you should avoid to snipe with the WZ if at all possible, especially at anything that you can't easily pen like that IS-3.
    You decide to go all the way to the northeast, I would rather have gone into the middle and used the hulldown opportunities. This would have probably given you better shots at closer range, again, sniping in the WZ is always bad.
    The aiming attempt on the STA-1 was terrible, you had a good chance to kill him there.
    Falling back to that corner was alright, typical strategy on that map.
    2nd shot on the ISU was bad, never aim right in the middle, the mantlet will eat everything. Against the 50 100 you angled pretty poorly, you shouldve hugged the building and sidescraped to give him less of a shot, facehugging him might also have been an idea, but I don't know if the 50 100 can still shoot your hull. It seems like you panicked at the end vs the ISU, you were very lucky to bounce him and you shouldve immediately gone around him and tracked him, sitting in front of him could've cost you the game.
    With some better and quicker decisions the battle might have been easier, but who knows. You made quite a few mistakes at the end but I guess you just panicked so I'm gonna let it slip
    Nice carry!
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    breeeze got a reaction from capt-jay in Advice grinding ISU 152 line   
    I'd recommend playing the SU-85b until 9.6 arrives to train up your crew to the first skill quickly if needed. 6th sense is really important in the line and the tier 4 is hilariously OP with its gun + 390m viewrange.
    Feel free to skip the SU-85, it's fun at times since there's so many idiots at T5 but it's probably the most blind tank in the game (350m viewrange with fucking binos).
    Everything after that is pretty fun.
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    breeeze got a reaction from PepperMill in Initial TD positions on Prokhorovka?   
    The purple places are waaaaay to far back, especially the one in the south. East one only gets useful once the enemy completely pushes over the hill which usually means that you already lost.
    Yellow one in the northwest is completely useless, as is the south one in the field. The other two are super high risk (90% to die if you get spotted even once) and arent very useful either, you're better off sniping up the hill from the middle.
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    breeeze reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in The WZ-111 & if you should be getting one.   
    This thing is pretty strong. Upper plate is a boss, turret is soviet hax, side is ok, gun is fine for sheltered. Mobility is fine, has some view range which is occasionally useful. The lower plate is the one gaping issue but often you can hide it and be neigh-invincible. If you can't hide it then you can probably side scrape passably. Another minor advantage, it carries a lot more ammo than the IS-6 so when I run into some other hull down/sidescraping monster I can chuck HE at his face/side and do some damage as long as I'm hull down and safe as well (they buffed the 122mm HE damage recently). Makes good credits too. Don't see why any one would hate it, this is basically a properly balanced IS-6 that has *A* weak point instead of *NONE* and slightly reduced RoF. Not IS-6 level OP but still very good, just like the 112.
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    breeeze got a reaction from Sabocat in Difficulty of scouting as light in high-tier game   
    Also having played the 13 75 for >100 games, there are many maps where it is, especially in T10s, very difficult to impossible to do any sort of effective scouting. In those cases you are usually better off just sniping if possible or just waiting in the back for any opportunities to open up. Don't listen to people that start telling you what to do if you know it would just be suicidal.
    Still, watch the minimap and see if there are any opportunities for you eg to break through to arty or clip out a low health isolated tank.
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    breeeze got a reaction from PrivateBert in Frustrating experience, awful sessions   
    Everyone has bad streaks, I for example have a 43.75% winrate in the 128 games I played in the last 7 days. Yesterdays session was 39% despite having like 3.5k WN8.
    So yeah, just shake it off and go on, if a session is going really south, just stop playing for the day.
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    breeeze got a reaction from SkittlesOfSteeI in Post your Didn't Carry Hard Enough Pictures Here   
    13 75 doesn't have enough ammo to carry

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    breeeze got a reaction from dirtd0g in Which is the lowest WR for an unicum WN8?   
    I have the same "problem" with my recents, hovering between 2500 and 2600 WN8 but just soloing I can't get my WR above 58%, it's actually at 56.84% right now, despite grinding through a couple low tier tanks.
    I assume it's down to purely solopubbing and playing a sizeable amount of light tank games which are usually high WN8 low WR (My 12t is sitting at 4k WN8, 54% WR).
    Don't worry about it as long as it doesn't go below teal level.
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    breeeze reacted to Die_Gotthiet in Whats the point of this forum.   
    I tried to make a post to ask a simple question about why my WN8 keeps going down despite playing above it game after game.
    But I cant even do that because you guys wont allow my post.
    Your site is a waste of time.
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    breeeze reacted to Aeneas_ in Garbad, you are wrong about arty   
    Catchy title aside, I apologize for being so late on this topic.
    Garbad made a thread about his problem with arty () and I completely agree except for point 3.
    Thing is, I've played 2000 games in a GW Panther (reasons being are a bit complex and none interesting), and no, arty is not RNG based.
    If you are a common arty wanker, you usually dry hump the red line, but why is that?
    Why are you standing at 700mts+ range, and rage when your shots missed? Would you rage as hard as when you missed td shots at that range?
    Of course you wouldn't, so press that damned W key, move at around 460mts and have fun watching your shots hitting exactly where you  aimed, 80% of the time, like every other tank would.
    If you want more infos, as in how/where/which maps and so on, say that and I'll make a list of good spots, techniques and so on.
    If you are an arty wanker, no, you are wrong, I've played arty, I don't buy your bullshit.
    Every grammar/syntax mystakes is to be blamed to Absolut Vodka, best vodka in the world, made by the sweds.
    Ty for your attention
    Best Regards
    A redeemed arty wanker
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    breeeze got a reaction from JCFalkenberg in Shot dispersion?   
    Tell that to my IS-3 snapshotting a T32 cupola 4 times in a row on banana street Himmelsdorf
    On a serious note: what you are experiencing is a combination of perfectly normal randomness and confirmation bias, tanks with better dispersion values can snapshot easier simply because the aim circle never actually gets as big.
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    breeeze got a reaction from Jammore in What view range info is correct   
    Q: what math is right and how is it calculated, because a tank with 400m view range with vents and brothers in arms (5% + 5%) should have a 440m view range, not 417.  
    Q: if the modules DO max out at 500m, is the 607m view range incorrect, seeing as 420 + 25% = 525, which exceeds the 500 max of the madule, thus meaning a WT with binos has no advantage over any other tank with a 400m base
    Q: if the modules DON'T max out at 500m, why has wargaming not removed the ingame description that implies otherwise?
    Q:  Is view range broken, and thus, if they fix it, camo won't seem so broken anymore? 
    A: Optics +10%, SA +3%, Recon +2%, Vents +~2.2%, BiA +~2.2%, Cola +~4.5%. Optics increase the commanders view range by 10%, so it is applied after all other bonuses, effectively giving you an extra +10% on each bonus.
    A: They don't , the description is misleading
    A: Because it's Wargaming
    A: How is it supposed to be "broken"? The whole viewrange vs. camo thing works just fine it's just very hard to understand so it can lead to unexpected results.
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    breeeze got a reaction from StephenHopkins in Really Stupid as hell Noob Question but I'm getting my ass kicked   
    Replay would be helpful so we can see what you mean for the first thing.
    If you can't see the outline due to destructible you'll just have to estimate where to shoot, depending on the situation either by shooting the cover from sniper mode, looking over the cover using arcade view or if possible by just autoaiming.
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    breeeze got a reaction from Cool_Man in What is something you don't understand?   
    I understand people being new to the game cluelessly derping around, I understand 10 year olds lacking common sense, what I don't understand is how adults with many thousand games can still be like that.
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    breeeze got a reaction from Gaterz in What is something you don't understand?   
    I understand people being new to the game cluelessly derping around, I understand 10 year olds lacking common sense, what I don't understand is how adults with many thousand games can still be like that.
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    breeeze got a reaction from Joebob73 in M5 Stuart nerf   
    There was a post on FTR some time ago already, but it now seems confirmed that the M5 Stuart is getting nerfed in 9.3 with the HD model.
    It's now stuck with the stock gun with an auloader (56 pen so stronk), has less view range and worse mobility. RIP.
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    breeeze got a reaction from redwing6 in T21 - 57mm Reversal   
    Just finished the M7, and I started to like it in the end, now I'm at the T21 and holy shit what have I gotten myself into.
    Thanks to Medium->Light my crew is pretty crap (just above 80%, except the Gunner which I snagged from my former M6 crew) and the whole tank just feels like complete garbage. Active spotting is a joke because it's just way too slow and I get outspotted by enemy tanks constantly. Passive spotting is meh, I feel like the camo values are pretty shitty for a light as I got spotted behind bushes multiple times when I didn't expect it (No 6th sense obviously, but 15 guns shooting at me might mean that I got spotted), half-court/peek-a-view seem like the only viable scouting options but those are only possible on some maps.
    So how do I properly play this thing? In particular compared to the ELC in which I've already got quite a bit of experience. Currently running Vents, Optics, Binos and Gasoline to at least somewhat compensate for the stock engine.
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    breeeze got a reaction from yolorush in Name and Shame Thread, (ArrogantWorms sucks at technical stuffz)   
    I've seen a lot of shit but this is just what...

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