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    breeeze got a reaction from Folterknecht in The fuck is my front panel audio doing?   
    Well, nvm, did some further inspection and found the problem, hope they'll be in stock again soon...

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    breeeze reacted to NThirtyTwo in Realistic-ish APCR?   
    Just my 2 cent....
    You pay, say 1000 silver for an AP round...
    Then you pay 4000 for an APCR / HEAT. 4 freaking times more (sometimes even bigger ratio, M26 Pershing comes to mind with 250ish for AP and 4000 for APCR (16x ratio)).
    Isn't it just fair that it is a superior round? BTW, not a 4 times superior round, but merely 20-30% better at most if you put things into perspective.
    If there are players who are good enough, or rich enough to make APCR / HEAT work for them, hats off! Good for them.
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    breeeze reacted to CarbonWard in Tier 8 Premiums, a recount. *Mar20th M46 KR update   
    Well, what it says on the title, given people often ask what premium tanks to get, I thought it would be a good idea to write what I think of each premium tank, given my familiarity in the field.
    It won't be organized, mostly rumbling, and it will only be my opinion from my perspective and i will add/revise as I continue.
    What can I say, what happens when you combine the best and worst of 2 tanks.
    Shell cost of AP is only 305 credit, which make it an extremely efficient credit/cost tank, Speed wise it is actually faster than the Pershing/46 KR and the armor is reasonably good against 180-ish pen guns at mid range.
    190 penetration thanks to the recent buff enables it to penetrate a great deal of tanks without resorting to HEAT, and speaking of HEAT, its not bad as hard as it is to believe since unlike most HEAT shells that has less shell velocity than its AP/APCR counterpart, 59-Patton's HEAT seems to be based on the US 90mm, which actually has 1200m/s over AP's 900 m/s.
    The comfort level of the tank is above average, 9 degrees of depression to the side is fairly good for a tank of its armor level.
    The armor again, aside from the hatch, it is above average in-terms of protection relative to most other tier 8 premium mediums. Whatever you do though, do not poke towards your right hand side, because your hatch will show up before your gun, and you don't need me to tell what happens when that happens.
    To be honest, I thought the 59-Patton was going to be a shit-show, while it is far from perfect, it has exceeded my expectation in every way.
    Would I recommend buying it if you only need credit? no, because there are better alternatives. But if you need to train a Chinese crew, its far superior compared to 112 or 111.
    AMX Chasseur de chars
    FV4202 (P)
    The fallen prince, disgraced from tier 10 to tier 8, and somehow still can't pull its weight for a damn.
    First of all, despite having 226 mm of AP penetration, the tank is terrible for credit making, primarily thanks to the fact that its standard AP shell cost  680/shell, relative to 250-300 of every other 240-ish alpha mediums, this shell cost will add up if you are farming credit in the long run.
    Protection-wise the tank has no armor based on thickness, all it has are near ricochet angled armor plates at 65-67 degrees, which means if you just angle slightly to 70 degrees, you will be able to block most AP/APCR shells, Now the problem with armor that is all about ricochet is that, against HEAT, which will only ricochet at 80 degrees, it will get punctured like a a sheet of paper against Mike Tyson.
    Also not mention are the cheeks, which has only 85mm of armor at 57 degrees, and theres no getting out of this one
    Low top speed also hurts this tank, as you simply will not be able to chase down stragglers when you win, leading to dmg/credit loss, this will also force a change to your playstyle, as you need to be on the frontline or you won't be getting any damage.
    I don't know what to say about this thing, currently the tank has armor thanks to the fact that it is new, but when people learn of the cheeks, it will be even worse than the CDC or 59Patton in a poke fight. Its not good at credit making and not good at stat padding either.
    The only real redemption I guess is the fact that there are no real alternative to British premium tanks.
    Occasional crazy bounces are fun and all, but is it worth 30 euro? errrr i don't think so.
    M46 Patton KR
    A premium tank created after WG's change of direction in-terms of the strength of premium tanks, A tank thats worth every dime.
    shell cost of 255, penetration of 192 makes APCR redundant in most situations, large carry capacity means you can carry enough spare HE shells to deal with artilleries and Rhinemetal TDs(This is actually very useful when you see a M44 and don't want to eat a fat 155mm HEAT shell when your first shot don't finish him)
    Speed-wise it is the same as Pershing, not fast enough to contest hills on maps like Mines(not that a tier 8 medium should ever contest these things), but fast enough to flex around the map.
    Turret armor is weaker than the Pershing by a rather large margin, but overall there are enough armor(102mm) to not be penetrated by artillery frontally and produce occasional bounces when hulldown. 1450 health that rivals heavy tanks certain helps it stay in prolonged firefights as well. Oh, did I mention that your crew/modules rarely suffers damage? Once you get safe stowage, you shouldn't worry about excessive module damage/fires that plagues many of the other premium tanks.
    To avoid having your turret turned into swiss cheese, when poking out of hulldown, as always, slide sideways to make it harder to enemy to aim in
    Biggest advantage of this tank over every other competitor in tier 8 is the gun handling, at 0.12/0.12/0.08, it surpasses even most tier 10 mediums, although its inherent accuracy is below average(0.38), in combat scenarios this tank will hit far more shots than the 58 mutz despite its relatively slower projectile speed(850m/s vs 1000m/s).
    Oh right, this tank also allows 5 crews, meaning  your commander don't have to learn recon and you get an extra 10 meters of view range for free thanks to radioman having no other really good skills unlike commander
    Overall this is a very good tank both in-terms of padding and winning, enough speed/armor/comfort/penetration to handle most situations, and APCR shells with this level of gun handling can make it an annoyance even at tier 10, not to mention it is also a very good stronghold tank as it fairs well against all but the most serious composition.
    Buy. Seriously.
    M4A1 Revalorisé
    Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71
    Panzer 58 Mutz
    T-54 first prototype
    T26E4 SuperPershing
    Type 59
    FCM 50 t
    IS-5 (Object 730)
    Tank Destroyers
    8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger
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    breeeze got a reaction from tajj7 in How I dealt with arty. (Forgive me father for i have sinned)   
    While your write up is nice OP, there's a big problem with it. It doesn't matter if I'm a pro at arty preaiming & positioning (I played enough arty to know that quite well), it doesn't matter how hard I try to be unpredictable and so on, I still get shit on, sure, I get shit on a little less, but it's nowhere near enough to get me to play the game again. You simply cannot defeat arty, all you can do is lower the probability a bit. And I say that as someone who has played 1000+ arty games.
    And there's even more on that channel and gfycat.
    It's just a retarded mechanic and there's no denying, no matter how many nice "how to avoid arty" tips you give
    And @neokai: I've played the FV207 and FV3805 quite extensively, 400 games total, both are decent arty pieces but nowhere near OP and it's retarded easy to oneshot shit, especially when there's exposed brawling areas pubbies don't even need to lead anything, just hold the reticle over a tank and click. I get 2350 dpg in the 3805 eventhough I usually only play it when I'm on tilt or don't want to concentrate on playing properly.
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    breeeze got a reaction from capt-jay in How to defeat RansomWare   
    TL;DR: Don't be a retard on the internet
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    breeeze got a reaction from TheMarine0341 in How to defeat RansomWare   
    TL;DR: Don't be a retard on the internet
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    breeeze got a reaction from BlackAdder in How to defeat RansomWare   
    TL;DR: Don't be a retard on the internet
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    breeeze got a reaction from Acumen in Went away a few months and played AW   
    That is complete BS, arty still being annoying and shouldn't have been implemented, fine, but worse than WoT, fuck no. Nothing is worse than getting oneshot full speed on the move or at the least being completely crippled with no modules left.
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    breeeze reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in The WZ-111 & if you should be getting one.   
    Either I'm having the most ridiculous streak of shit luck in this thing or it's just turning out to be garbage. It can't take hits unless totally cowered behind cover due to the paper lower, the HEAT is shit with no shell velocity and bounces like crazy unless point blank, and the handling and DPM are weak. Gets ammo racked like fucking nuts too. Lousy side armor and bad traverse also weaken its effectiveness in close range engagements, which is where you spend 90% of your time. No matter what you do aside from cowering behind ruble you're presenting an easy pen for any tank you face. It doesn't side scrape for shit either, 80mm is too little armor, the lower plate is too exposed, and the upper plate negates too much slope.
    Really the more I play it the less and less I'm worried about enemy WZ-111s, their weaknesses are so exploitable it's not even funny. They effectively have near zero armor unless in a good stationary position and if they're in a good position you can just choose to not engage them. The HEAT round alone basically kills this thing, you choose from "no pen normal velocity pens tracks" to "good pen slow as hell velocity and tracks eat it". A lot of enemies you either need to have AP loaded or HEAT loaded based on what they're doing this very second, which is frustrating as hell. IS-3 points dead on, you need HEAT and AP is worthless. IS-3 over angles, you need AP and HEAT will probably bounce. It totally screws you constantly against a lot of tanks while APCR has no such issues.
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    breeeze got a reaction from HapcDave in MM 2.0   
    In WoT people cry because no skill MM
    In AW people cry because skill MM
    What now?
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    breeeze got a reaction from meem1029 in MM 2.0   
    In WoT people cry because no skill MM
    In AW people cry because skill MM
    What now?
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    breeeze got a reaction from capt-jay in MM 2.0   
    In WoT people cry because no skill MM
    In AW people cry because skill MM
    What now?
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    breeeze got a reaction from woe2you in MM 2.0   
    In WoT people cry because no skill MM
    In AW people cry because skill MM
    What now?
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    breeeze got a reaction from Deus__Ex__Machina in Show off your best reputation/damage dealt games   
    AW arty is weak 

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    breeeze got a reaction from kariverson in FV4202(P) to get buffed in 9.14(exact info soon)   
    It's still a complete piece of trash as long as it goes 35, has no armour and worthless dpm.
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    breeeze got a reaction from TohtoriP in 110   
    The IS-3 buff made this pretty much obsolete, the only stat that is better on the 110 now is the dpm, Frontal armour is now actually better on the IS-3 and let's not even talk about the sides. Sure, you can keep it in case all your IS-3s are locked in CW, but in any other case the IS-3 will now be preferred.
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    breeeze reacted to Deus__Ex__Machina in Mobility retrofits   
    Air Induction, Super Charger, and DriveTrain are the Best Mobility Retro's. period.
    As far as usefulness the serve as something to fill your mobility slots with nothing else really, though i have heard rumors of "Turret Traverse Stacking" with DriveTrain and the crew skill "Do the Twist" for a 25% boost to Turret Traverse, i remember seeing a SS of some guy with a 41.5 Deg/s of Turret Traverse on his T-90MS
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    breeeze got a reaction from FullGore in FV4202 Missions - How often will Artillery rek me :3   
    Pls toon with me so we can get the OP tenk together :3
    Just kidding, I just want you to take all the clicker focus 
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    breeeze reacted to Pyr0freak in An underrated YouTuber: SirFoch   
    I am here today to talk about the man known as SirFoch, whose YouTube channel is TheFochYou. I highly recommend you check his content out, and here is why:
    He is a deep-purple player His play style differs from most unicums in that he almost never uses premium ammo He explains his thought process and map tactics during the game He is extremely entertaining and says it like it is I knew about this dude for a while, but not until recently when I started on the path to self-improvement did I really start paying attention to his videos.
    I'm trying to advertise his channel a little bit because WoTLabs is full of people trying to hit that purple-tier gameplay, and while most people might know about QuickyBaby and TheMightyJingles, IMHO this guy is better than both of them and deserves much more subs / views. Of course, he simply doesn't upload that often or do giveaways / other crap to get him to that spot, but nevertheless I think anyone who hasn't seen any of his videos should check him out.
    His YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFochYou
    And as for those who know about him, what do you guys think of SirFoch?
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    breeeze got a reaction from Deus__Ex__Machina in Show off your best reputation/damage dealt games   
    Now that's a pretty decent game to have during event boost:

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    breeeze reacted to Gharirey in Fixing balance issues in World of Tanks   
    WoT in its current state is a broken game. WG seems to have understood this but I for one have lost my trust in their capability of solving major balancing issues. Two issues in particular need fixing:
    1. Class balance
     Artillery: On some maps, arty is unplayable because it can hardly hit anything (city maps like Kharkov or Himmelsdorf). On the other hand, it completely dominates on open maps like Prokorovkha or Malinovka – having too many artilleries on such maps makes them painful to play in all other classes.
    In general, low tier artilleries are very ineffective since they have little splash and fight smaller, often more mobile vehicles. On the contrary, high tier artillery is still extremely powerful thanks to massive splash and bigger targets.
    TDs: Two years ago, WG started a massive overhaul of its map pool. Long-range firing lanes and powerful bushes were removed in favour of corridors, which forced players into close range brawls. This change hit TDs hard. Their favourite camping spots all but disappeared. Suddenly the two main drawbacks – lack of a turret and low hp pool – became massive weaknesses that their powerful guns couldn’t fully compensate any longer. Of course some TDs cope with these changes better than others: e.g.: heavily armoured assault TDs like the Tortoise or JP E-100 suffer a lot less than for example the French TD line; equally some TDs with high alpha guns are still fairly potent (ISU-152, SU-122-44) and so are the few turreted TDs. Lights: the changes that were supposed to break the dominance of TDs had a by-product that should have been easy to predict. It flabbergasts me that WG apparently did not. By marginalizing the vision game in favour of a brawling meta, scouting became almost irrelevant. At this point, there are exactly two maps left on which light tanks are vital to a team’s success (Prokorovkha and Malinovka); on some other maps scouts can play a positive role but it rarely becomes crucial. In other words, light tanks have been shafted so hard that they have become the class least able to carry games. They have become the eunuchs of WoT. Mediums and heavies on the other hand have grown into the gold standard of WoT. In particular, those tanks that occupy that combine the best of both classes (armor, mobility and a solid gun) rule the battlefield.  
    2. Tier Balance
     The balance between classes might be a mess but the balance between tiers is a disaster. I believe this is intended: even the worst monkey playing WoT is supposed to feel like an invincible god-tanker in every other game. To this end, he is fed lower tier opponents that are utterly outclassed by his vehicle. In my opinion, this is a terrible design choice. The feeling of being invincible for a game doesn’t make up for the frustration generated by not being able to hurt some opponents or getting oneshotted by a tank two tiers higher that can destroy your entire hp with a single shell. Some tiers/tier gaps are particularly cruel:
     Tier III and IV: these two tiers are nothing but a field of sorrows. They are simply the worst place to be in WoT and many tanks at these tiers are utterly impotent to hurt tier V or VI opponents. Another brutal gap exists between tier VIII and IX. Many tier VIII tanks still have guns in the 240 alpha area that simply cannot compete with the 320-390 standard introduced at tier IX. It gets truly brutal when tier VIII vehicles get dropped into tier X matches: in the current brawling meta there is little room for long range support fire, thus these tanks have to challenge tanks that outclass them in every possible aspect at close range.  
    3. Solutions
     a) +1/-1 MM
    I believe the simplest, yet most effective way to improve balance in WoT is to change the tier spread: +1/-1 MM for normal tanks, +2/0 MM for most scouts (in some cases like the A-20 even +2/-1 MM). Don’t scream sacrilege yet! Just think about it: what is the downside? Two things come to mind: Firstly, waiting times in the MM cue would increase. But this blow could be softened if the MM returned to harsher +2/-2 MM if the server population is low or the cues get too long. Similar exceptions already apply for other MM rules as well. Secondly, people would feel a bit less almighty when they are top tier; tanks a tier lower tend to be able to hurt you a lot more reliably than those who are two tiers lower. In my book, closing the tier spread is a good thing: matches would become more interesting. Sure, it’s fun to bully a tank that simply cannot retaliate but it is also indefinitely more frustrating to be on the receiving end (getting oneshotted by a tier X monster TD in your tier VIII is so much fun!)
    On the other hand, this proposal would instantly solve a whole range of issues: tier III would be playable; there are only a few tier IV tanks that would remain problematic (Mathilda, B1). Tier IV would still be meh and oneshots would still occur but they would become a lot less frequent if tier IV tanks would no longer be served as cannon fodder to tier VI tanks. Tier VIII would become one of the most enjoyable tiers imho: sure tier IX tanks would still severely outclass many tier VIII (especially where meds are concerned) but the truly abysmal encounters with tier X tanks would no longer happen.
    Again, I don’t understand why the current MM spread is a holy cow for the developers. The only tangible gain from it are shorter waiting times. However, I am fairly sure these would not be increasing much on the more populated servers (RU, EU). Significantly, longer waiting times would only arrive during hours of low activity or on underpopulated servers like NA West. Again, this could be solved via exceptions allowing the matchmaker to return to a wider tier spread. Another possible counter-measure would be to allow players and their accounts to migrate freely between servers (e.g.: a player doesn’t find a match on NA West at 11 o’clock local time, he could log into EU2 with his account and play there at peak hour). Of course, this would give rise to some secondary issues: particularly concerning boni and special missions offered by each server cluster. The easiest way to deal with this would be that the boni from your home cluster apply regardless of the server on which you currently play. I think it would also help to offer players a chance to transfer between clusters completely (with a cooldown of one year before such a transfer could be done again).
    Of course, this wouldn’t help those people who don’t have an internet access fast enough to handle a more remote server. But that isn’t such a massive issue, either. WoT isn’t a particular fast-paced game (Just look at BarksInternally – he has proven that one can play at superunicum levels with >200ms ping).
    A troublesome issue would be how to adjust MM for those tanks that already enjoy preferential MM (like the FCM, IS-6 or the Type 59). WG is very reluctant to submit these tanks to nerfs and while the stats of these tanks would remain unchanged, this would definitively be a nerf by proxy: suddenly the CDC would have the same tier spread as the FCM. The IS-5 would outclass the IS-6, the T-54 proto would be a better Type 59, … There are two possible solutions for this: The first would be to lower their MM to +0/-1. However this seems massively over the top! Tanks like the FCM or Type 59 are fully capable of dealing with most tier IX tanks.
    I would much prefer individual buffs for those premiums that stand to lose their preferential MM: Perhaps a stronger engine or slightly improved gun-handling for the IS-6. The Type 59 could use a DPM buff, the KV-5 might get better pen, …
    In other words, preferential MM would disappear! This should actually have a positive effect on MM cues since the MM would have to deal with fewer exceptions.
    b) Light Tank rebalancing
    +2/0 MM would do the trick almost instantaneously. Obviously, lights would still struggle on some maps. On the other hand, some lights would dominate certain matchups. Sadly, this is unavoidable and can happen with virtually any tank in the game when map and match-making favour its strengths. But what if WG refuses to adjust the MM spread? Then the fighting and staying power of lights would need to be improved or alternatively, the maps would have to be completely overhauled yet again. Improved fighting power would signify massively improved gun handling on almost every single light. In order to make up for their weak alpha and lack of armour, lights would have to be able to snapshot as well as the very best tanks in the game (think gunhandling like the E-50M or T-62A!) Secondly, many lights would need a penetration buff. They still wouldn’t have the alpha but at least they should be able to pen every tank they see frontally. For example, the WZ-131 and WZ-132 would need 270-300mm pen on their HEAT rounds. The Bulldog would need a 250mm HEAT round, the MT-25 would need ~200mm APCR on its 57mm gun, … Similarly AP rounds would need a penetration buff of 10-30mm across the bord. Finally, lights would need their hp buffed in order to put them on equal footing with medium tanks of their own tier. Sadly, this solution comes with its own set of problems. In many forms of organized play lights would outclass mediums even more thoroughly than they do now (there is already no reason to pick a tier VIII med over a tier VIII light in skirmishes – imagine a hp, gun handling buff and penetration buff to light tanks and meds would become even more obsolete)! It is therefore painfully obvious that the best way to achieve balance for light tanks is to tighten the MM spread! In this case the easy solution (adjusted MM) is for once superior to complex tank-by-tank rebalancing.  
    c) TD rebalance
    Currently the TDs that suffer most are those without a turret; low alpha guns and weak armour are other factors that make a TD unsuited to the current meta. As the buffs to the Ferdinand and T95 show, WG already has already found a viable solution for this issue: increase the hp of the weakest TDs to something closer to a heavy tank. The double trade-off (no turret and much less hp) than becomes a much more even trade: you trade away a turret for a better gun (higher alpha and/or better pen). In other words, you pack a more potent punch but are more limited in the ways you can get that gun to bear. Hp rebalancing across the entire class: Some TDs get more hp some keep their current hp pool (Rheinmetal is doing fine for example). This would only leave a small number of completely broken TDs (WT E-100, the two British tier X TDs and possibly the tier X Foch) that are almost impossible to balance in the first place. I think the way to adjust the FVs is to reduce their maximum alpha in favour of better gun handling and reload (bringing them closer to the JP E-100). The WT already has a potential replacement and the Foch could be viable if it regained its armour and mobility but lost the autoloader; either for a high DPM gun with excellent gun handling – which would transform it into another Obj. 263 – or it could keep the 750 alpha gun but without an autoloader and would occupy its own niche as a more mobile but less armoured T110E3.  
    d) Artillery rebalance:
    Artillery is the toughest class to rebalance since it is at the same time overpowered and underpowered – mostly depending on the map and the tier. In my opinion, there are two steps that combined would remove many of the grievances against artillery in its current form: 1.      Hide player names and clantags during battle:
    These should only ever become visible in the postgame results. This would instantly kill XVM stats and thus XVM focus. Currently the best 10% of the playerbase suffer from 50% of the artillery fire in high tier games (an estimate but I would be surprised if those numbers were far off). XVM focus is a very real thing – and it makes high tiers a living hell for the very best WoT players. Spread the artillery hits evenly across all players and suddenly the entire class becomes a lot less toxic.
    2.      Flexible Hardcap for artilleries dependant on the map:
    I don’t advocate a static hardcap but rather a cap that is different for every single map. For example, open maps like Prokorovkha and Malinovka should never have more than 2 artilleries per team (and even that is high). Similarly many city maps would need a low hardcap (arty is almost useless on a map like Kharkov why force players to play it more than absolutely necessary?). Maps that are semi-open (Pilsen, Mines, Karelia) would see a hardcap of 3 artilleries per match (which is very high but otherwise cues get too long).
    Obviously, this comes with a severe disadvantage: suddenly there would be too many clickers in the cue and not enough battles for every one of them. Waiting times for artillery players would sharply increase. It sucks but I think it is better than the alternative.
    Many low tier artilleries on the other hand need a buff: better accuracy, more splash. Honestly, those things are simply painful to play. A select few on the other hand, need nerves: M44 needs its HEAT round nerfed hard (less alpha, less pen). The other main grievance with artillery is that it can hurt you with impunity. I think AW has a good system in that regard: in this WoT clone, you reveal your approximate location if you fire in an artillery. If the map quadrant from which an artillery fired was displayed on the minimap and tracers were made a lot more visible, counter-artillery would instantly become viable again. And if arty click each other, nobody complains (except the monkeys too lazy to move after they shot).  
    P.s.: I am repeating myself, but the Editing tools in this forum make me cry every time!
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    breeeze got a reaction from Birkovic in Highlander: rhm vs wt4, which is better?   
    Hard to say, they are both quite strong (for TDs anyway) in their own right.
    Borsig still has retarded camo and can use the 150mm effectively, but is definitely not the most flexible tank. It's a "kemp bush or just shoot people in the face for 750 in corridor maps" tank.
    WT4 profits from the really good 128mm, is quite flexible, has 600 more HP and has a back mounted turret. While still good the camo is not as crazy as the Borsig though, so it can't pull off some stuff the Borsig can, and the 150mm really isn't viable. It does better at being a pseudo-medium and accurate sniping, but will struggle a bit more on corridor maps, assuming you play the Borsig with the 150.
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    breeeze got a reaction from SpearFisher in fv207 meh club   
    Actually, now that I'm 3/4 done with the grind I have to say it is the best Arty I've played so far, the damage is fairly reasonable for T8, >600 per shot is rare, so are full pens, splash is quite reasonable as well, not the bullshit splashes of bigger arties, but in turn it is fairly accurate and reloads quickly. Yes, it's still an arty, but definitely less frustrating for both sides than S-51/M4043/GW Tiger and the likes. Hovering around 2k recent average damage and getting close to the third mark (ugh).
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    breeeze got a reaction from mort_CZ in G W Panther   
    Should be easy to get minimum 1300 in this even as an arty noob, >1700 if you're good. 
    General rules of thumb:
    - Use food
    - Train BiA
    - Use Gold HE (less useful on this one since accurate and no splash)
    - Left click to shit on people
    - Use Battle Assistant to shit even easier
    - Get your lead timing right to shit on people while moving
    - Use minimap to know what flank to shit on
    - You have tracks too, use them (GW Panther is pretty quick for an arty)
    On a more serious note, the bulk of being a "good arty player" consists of knowing the right spots, reading the game to support the correct flank and being able to accurately lead shots. Oh, and don't be an ass and XVM snipe, it's probably best to just switch off XVM completely while clicking, you don't need it anyway.
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    breeeze got a reaction from mort_CZ in G W Panther   
    Probably the best german arty, reasonably hard-hitting with a good reload (just below 28s with BiA and food), very wide gun arc, just enough speed, pretty damn accurate and it can even splash to some degree. Shell arc is ok too, not great, but far from Crusader SP levels. Some might argue it's OP, I can't judge that since the only other T7 arty I've played is the Crusader SP and that's just a big pile of crap and is better compared to t5 and t6 arty.
    I've only played 30ish games in it so far, but already at almost 1500dpg, compared to 1050 in the Crusader SP.
    T8 and onwards they become huge slow boxes with a massive RNG boomstick and negligible gun arc, haven't tried them and I don't plan to either.
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