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  1. Oh this too. Not what is was, but still kinda fun.
  2. In 255 games I'm at 65% with 3,971 combined. I started out with a 3 skill crew, optics, rammer, vstab. I enjoyed the tank so I switched to my beast mode crew with 6 skills. Before my Obj. 140, they were in my T-50-2 (and T-50 before that), seemed appropriate. Vstab was nice for snap-shoting a skorpion from 250m away while going 72kmph over bumpy terrain (yeah that happened). But switching to vents was a noticeable improvement. Having clutch breaking fully trained is also quite nice. Now I have 494m view range, 42% Camo, 70.68 traverse, 6.8s reload, and .4 dispersion. The ta
  3. You missed something great. I was lucky to have started playing right after it's introduction. The T-50 and -2 were my first tier 4 and 5 tanks, respectively. They were amazing before physics. I used the speed governor on them because they were basically one shot kills in most games anyway (they saw tier 9 and 10 battles for those that don't know). These days I only use it in arty, and the only arty I have is a 261, and I don't play it. So yeah, I never use it anymore.
  4. If you like it then play it. Personally, I value the penetration and alpha on the WZ and the armor and small profile on the LTTB higher than the gun depression and marginally better DPM that you get with the bulldog. Plus, I have a Blackdog with HEP so... Go Me! Seriously though, my Blackdog shits on Bulldogs thanks to the HEP, especially if i can control the pace of the encounter. The extra view range is not a factor for me either since I use very well trained crews and food.
  5. When I play4fun I play LTs and I like having at least one LT from each tier so these are what I'm keeping so far: 3. Locust, pz 1c 4. Luchs (might buy it back) 5. T-50 (might buy it back, but I don't want to ruin my fond memories of long ago, so maybe Leopard instead) 6. Type 64, 59-16(3 marks so can't sell it, going to move the crew up) 7. T71 (holy fuck I already loved it and now it is better) 8. Blackdog (increased my HEP shell count for shitting on tier 6s and 7s), WZ-132, LTTB, Bulldog(3 marks so can't sell it, no crew) 9. T49, 13 90 10. T-100
  6. Whenever I get hate-mail it makes me smile. And then I send a polite thank you to the player for making my day a little better. "lol I really needed a good laugh. Thanks!"
  7. Now that Windows 10 is activated with your hardware, you may want to consider doing a fresh install. Upgrade versions of Windows never seem to be as stable as straight up fresh installs, but I am sort of a purist like that.
  8. I personally would do Option A. Put Windows on the small SSD and just keep programs and some small files on it. Then put your games library on the 480GB. It's seems like not only the easiest method, but also the one that allows you to use your HDD space best.
  9. APCR Spam at the begining is real. Such a waste. Song is Lindsey Sterling? If so, mad props. Video quality is pretty poor. Frame rate wasn't an issue since your system was pumping out plenty, it was just a smoothness problem --> temporal aliasing. When I was making videos I found that locking the frame rate in game with vsync (or in my case half vsync) and then encoding at that frame rate delivered the smoothest video. Here is one of mine on Siegfried line. Also this: Got it with the 85mm and without gold spam.
  10. Tiger 2 was buffed? I still think it's shit... Over-matchable turret roof, paper turret sides, butter lower front plate. There is always a place you can shoot to pen it, so the armor is useless, and yet it is slow with poor DPM... Yeah I don't care for it much.
  11. Only 2.3k games and you are already better than most players. Plus you are here on the wotlabs forum. I'd say you are definitely on the right track
  12. Could be that the stress from installing the patch is the last straw yadayada. One more thing. Did you check to make sure nothing was running in the background and hogging your system's resources? If it is an older computer, then something like svchost or msmpeng running in the background can have a huge impact on your system's performance.
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