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  1. Yuffy

    T34 boomstick

    I get better DPG in a tier 6
  2. most damage in a tier 10 game... in a lowe...

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    2. Yuffy


      i didnt bother lol... it was more unusual than it was a great feat of internet tanking 2800 dmg

    3. robosapieo


      Oh lol. So you meant you were just top of the team in that particular game? I thought it was your overall damage record or something xD

      2.8k damage when bottom tier is so ez, even a pleb like me can do it. Especially with all the retards playing after 9.18 :minidoge:

    4. Yuffy


      Yeah one game. was top on either team tho.

  3. How balanced is the game? Should I come back? Haven't played in awhile.

    1. Graf-Eisen


      New matchmaking is interesting but WG keeps releasing retarded premium tanks that you can only buy for real money and they take forever to buff bad tanks. And some times when they do buff they make them sickeningly OP and meta defining. Oh I guess arties wont oneshot you as much anymore.

      Up to you fam, personally I've also recently returned and I'm enjoying my time.

  4. Can someone link me a download for tank inspector?

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    2. Yuffy


      wow thanks friends <3

    3. Yuffy


      Was trying to look at the Lowe and find out why it feels so crap. Result - the lowe is crap.

    4. Medjed


      and you needed tank inspector to tell you that

  5. For starters, learn that passive isn't a playstyle. Cautious maybe, primarily reactive, but not passive.
  6. I have a habit of accidentally driving/sliding/falling into the numerous bodies of water periodically. Every couple hundred battles, I'll be focused on the minimap and just drive right into the canals on Windstorm. Or Erlenberg, or Lakeville...
  7. 99th percentile... what is that? diamond? d1? I bet you main support or top ^.^ The least ragey roles.
  8. An undiscussed factor is the pub-perception, or what pubs think when they see you driving X tank. The pub perception of an IS-6 is likely one of fear, and fear is a very powerful tool. What's the pub perception of a 50t? Shoot it, you can't miss and you can't bounce - both of which are actually pretty true. Garbad's terms of ranking specified pure combat power, so he didn't include pub perception, but one way or the other, what the uneducated masses think when they see your tank is a very real factor. Since we're roasting his rankings, I'll go ahead and say I think the Type 62 is bett
  9. Yes, but there are quite a lot of people that think that the best way to damage pad is to sit in the back and snipe, ergo the term "Chai sniping" Any way you look at it, metrics are metrics and can all be gamed. this one seems to be better than wn8 beause of no reliance on expected values, but it still fails to take into account the changing nature of the game. For instance, server top DPG in the T69 is higher than can realistically be attained now. Because Kewei set the bar so high before HEAT69 was nerfed.
  10. this looks purfect. was hooked at "no bullshit/screenclutter" edit: installed and enjoying
  11. Boxy gray tank master race! I'll shoot you if you disagree. I'll probably pick up a panther 8.8cm, (not jt88 because I need to run free on the open plains) thanks for the input friends.
  12. Is there a sister/sub clan that would accept recent blues like me? I assumed that was an RU tank... I'll give it a look ^.^ I'm also still on the stug mission as I really am not going out of my way for it.
  13. For crew training and pocket padding, Lowe, Panther 8.8cm, or JT 8.8cm? Of the three I only have the Lowe, and it's... well it's a lowe. I do however have a panther II, and i really don't mind it. Looking at the stats in the tech tree, the premium panther seems to be significantly slower, but equal or better in every other way. Apart from the fact that the CDC outclasses it in every way, is there something I'm missing about the premium panther that makes it suck? bad gun handling maybe? I'm not expecting a great tank, I realize not everyone can be a 122-44. Just wondering what you thin
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