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  1. I do platoon almost exclusively with lower skill players, it is nice to have a way do see someones platooning affect stat wise.
  2. My data for the platoon ratio seems pretty far off for me. On VBaddict a little over half of my uploaded games are in a platoon, but my 2 way ratio is 12% and 3 way is 0%.
  3. I found that when I was getting better at the game it was mostly due to self learning because I didn't really play with any players significantly better than me; I did this by constantly watching games after I died and determining what I personally could have done better as well as what other players should have been doing to help the team win and tried to learn from my mistakes. After a while of that I started reading guides and watching streams of players that were much better than me as well as my self education of what i could improve upon. P.S. As other people have stated getting better is playing in a way to win more, wn8 is just a metric of things that people do to win games. Also: Learn the game mechanics.
  4. This is from 9.4 but it is probably the best game I had in it. If it had better pen it would easily be the best tier 6 light. http://wotreplays.com/site/1317738#self
  5. Feel free to invite me, maybe we can even china tanks.
  6. Its hard to put into words how well the bulldog's single shot guns works for me, its going to be sad to have to switch to the autoloader in 9.6 even though the bulldog might still be the best tier 7 light afterwords. So here are two replays from 9.6, the second one was especially gratifying. http://wotreplays.com/site/1637122#self http://wotreplays.com/site/1637147#self
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