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  1. Did ur dad play too? ^^ Success guys!
  2. Well, good idea. East of the the Netherlands, 24, M.A lot of wot players here
  3. Dont forget about tanks like the T40 and the Dickermax; TD's with a very high mounted gun and good depression. Those tanks are not about armour but about a very small profile when hulldown.
  4. Doesn't this data differ greatly between tanks because of hugely varying ground resistance values? Nonetheless thanks for testing, it gives a nice insight.
  5. Viewrange nerf from 370 to 340. Thanks for the gud times my friend, bb.
  6. If you allow me to be a shitty human for a second, isn't light always colored? Paintball in a forrest is great. Paintball on a field with some blown up obstacles, not so much. One of the annual events of our student union (Mechanical Engineering) is paintball against another student union. I carry a Leatherman Wave with bitkit. Nobody on our team shoots with the 'default' muzzle velocity... I don't really care about hitting somebody harder, but the extra range and accuracy helps a lot! Fast ammo OP, pls nerf fast ammo!
  7. First, @NCC81701, great post. OP, the T29 was my first T7 and I learned a lot in it. T7 was the first tier where I regularly encountered tanks I could not pen. Remembering the weakspots of tanks I could not even recognize on sight was a tall order. What I did was searching for weakspot pictures of tanks i had problems with, and dumping them in one MS Word doc. At the start of the battle i watch the enemy team comp, take my printed document and search for the most likely hard to pen target. 30% of the time you encounter the tank, and you can casually glance at the picture for some hitzo
  8. Hi Shoe! you faced a competent IS3 driver, he was using overmatch mechanics to pen your turret. moving your turret while reloading will make it a lot harder for him. You can find more information here; Arty is a good counter to to hulldown play. Your reload is quite long. Try to use it to get off radar and pop up a few meters to the side by the time you are almost reloaded.
  9. Thanks Garbad. The KV-4 and the Type 59 at the closing of the second game... how can they be greenish?!
  10. Kewei, Thanks for the replays, I liked them. What where your conclusions after trying the Binoculars? In the 18th battle, Sand River, you took position at square F7 to wreck face. Some tanks at J3 or G1 had shots on you, and damaged you a few times. What made you choose to stay in that spot, and what kept you alive?
  11. Beunsoldaat


    As a player with 5K games, most in US Med and Heavy lines, I am used to good pen in tier. The T32 has sub par pen for the tier, and I struggle a bit because my shooting is 'lazy'; I am not used to target a specific hatch. I recently bought the T14, and I noticed that targeting those hatches pays off a lot, which helps me with higher tier games where weak spots are getting smaller. Angling is the same; in the US heavy's, staying hulldown and wiggling is generally enough. This tank helps me with that too because that small bump in the road makes such a difference. I am more aware of all th
  12. Good job resetting and relocating, it really shows the strengths of the T67!
  13. Great tread, thanks Garbad. But why the fuck do we have a usefull poll? Never saw such a good poll above a Garbad tread...
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