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  1. Well as QuickyBaby revealed in his new video on the Minotauro, it's just a switch of flavour of the year. Because that thing is a Kranvagn crossed with an E3. Seems my rarely playing WoT anymore was a very sensible decision after all.
  2. The tier 8 was pretty bad for me, the Tier 9 was quite decent, not OP by any means but workable. Then I bought the Rinoceronte... ... ...I've finally run into a tank I rate as worse than no-APCR T110E4. Similar napkin hull... that occasionally bounces JPEs. Similar unreliable turret Similar problematic gun depression (because the turret is so short and hull is so bad) Similar stupidly tedious reload times 18.9/16.1/14.9 on 490 per shell with a 110% crew is absolutely disgustingly bad when it doesn't have extremely reliable turret armor (see Kran). I know IS-7
  3. The design of wheelies as they are now is awful, but they could easily have a different role: Suppressive fire TDs. They wouldn't do much per hit, somewhere around 240-280 probably (tops out around 90mm guns), but they'll chip away at you over time if you keep on being vulnerable. I wrote a Reddit post about the possibility and figured posting here would be appropriate. I also have a replay of my Ace Tanker match in EBR Hotchkiss to demonstrate how I think the gameplay would be like: https://wot-record.com/replay/207906/guardian54_ebr_hotchkiss_as_a_fast_td
  4. I'm grinding Progetto 66 with only AP on the 120mm gun--242 pen is enough to get the job done on a Tier 9 if you know how to shoot and have better gun handling than the E4 (had to full APCR on that to not feel it was total flaming trash) with even vaguely usable armor and gundep (unlike WZ-132-1). The kran is just as absurdly obnoxious as when I was grinding for T110E4 field mods and couldn't get through its turret most of the time with APCR. Now that's its gimmick which is acceptable, BUT... why 3x440? Why not 3x400? If it was 3x400 it would be a lot less sick to face in Progetto 66
  5. Been a while since I last played WoT, came back to find this garbage. Not amused. The Cockerill 90mm is listed as the upgrade for iether the Tier 8 or 9 British LT already. So it's not too new a gun. All WG needs to do is accept APDS ammunition which has very large angles needed for autobounce, less normalization than APCR, and of course very high velocity with very low pen drop. Scorpion with say a 4 second reload (3600 DPM on a 90mm gun) would be a roach at Tier 10. We could also get the COMRES 75 of 1968, with a three-shot autoloader on a 20pdr (which is a perfectly a
  6. More Tier 10 buffs, ugh. More proof that WG has no idea what it's actually doing and doesn't play the game.
  7. Trying to get the 20K bonus XP on this turd for this weekend event. Playing heavies is to pad out 5K+ slabs of damage each game Playing the mid-tier TDs in lines I have yet to grind out is 2K+ slabs. Tries to get last bits with SP I C: Goes at most 600 up per game. Perhaps I should not have come back to this game for the event. Oh well, at least it's a useful way to negative stat pad.
  8. Pfft... Silver pennable... so 240 after normalization i.e. total troll?
  9. By the time you finish turning around so you can poke without getting lol snapshotted while the hideous reverse speed is failing, or need the gun depression, the battle has often relocated already. 263 has enough armour to survive being spotted for a couple seconds if the worst should come to pass (and the worst ALWAYS comes to pass...).
  10. Given how badly the new physics shat on most vehicles? Yes, that is WG's way.
  11. Finally tried playing. Holy fuck they killed a lot of hull down spots and JT apparently gets tracked if you sneeze on it. Should have remembered the old rule of "play a med or heavium after a big patch"... EDIT: 13 90 now accelerates vastly slower and only gets up to 55 KPH instead of 60. Thus new physics are shit too. Yeah no that mission for an Italian T8 premium is too long to bother with considering all the crap 1.0 brought.
  12. You mean the average SCRUB camo rating. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shrubland "Shrubland, scrubland, scrub, brush, or bush..." Inb4 infracted for terribad puns.
  13. Back when I was grinding through this tank, it completely exceeded my expectations. Then again, it did it in the same sense Trump exceeded all my expectations to an astronomical degree by not managing to start a nuclear war yet. I expected a 0/10 tank, instead SP I C got that title and the Type 61 was at least a 3/10.
  14. Reinstalled, logged in, saw nothing significant had changed as far as I cared, no daily mission... logged out.
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