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  1. In the 2015 era I had loads of fun, playing the camo&flanking meta. The playerbase was worse, with less tryhards, and after the arty nerf the number of skypigs was so small that most games were arty free. But then, things changed. Map changed, many creative/camo spots were removed, forcing eventually most players into the W-shoot-S-repeat cycle 50m ahead of each other, and that thing always bored me to tears. The number of artillery units increased, and one could never be sure of his tanks. FOTM and broken, expensive must-have prems were just too much. I tried getting back to WoT a couple times, but around a year ago I gave up and sold my account. Ever since that day, I never had any urge to play this game again. I do read the forums from time to time, though. Mostly to giggle at how bad WG is at managing this game.
  2. Holy. And here I thought WG can't fuck this game up harder. Yes, yes they can! Here's a new, brilliant business model: 1. take a shitter tank, overbuff it to extreme to make people jump on the FOTM wagon, then nerf it to shit and repeat with another underplayed line. GENIOUS, eh? But wait, that's not all! 2. In addition to the above, include stupidly OP gold ammo and gold consumables that are pretty much a must to even make stuff work, so even the best players burn sick amount of silver per game. Sounds gut? well, here's the final step: 3. Introduce stupidly overpowered + overpriced premtanks like Defender or Patriot so that people drool over them and stomp on regular tier 8 tanks while playing them, earning money for gold derp shells for type5 at the same time! And everyone's happy. $$$$ flows right into SerB's pocket just like Vodka flows into his talkhole. Great job WG, this time you've outdone yourself. Tiers 6-10 ruined. 6-7 meet defender/patriot/libtard (or was it liberte? ) and get shat upon. 9 meets the new derpwagon and maus. I mean, I hated paying Type 61, and now I pictured myself facing derpwagon with it frontally in a all-out corridor map... sounds like so much FUN! And to think there's still Sandbox coming to buff Type5 and Maus further and shit on meds. ^_____^
  3. You know, shit like that makes me giggle a bit and - at the same time - be happy that I quit this game a good while ago. The game basically heads into world of 50m brawls for several patches, and "sandbox server" has shown that WG absolutely will not stop until this goal is reached. At the same time, WG releases gimped mediums with horrible gun stats/penetration (and 18 hp/t on some... ummm...) and still acts like "camo value" is a balancing factor for high tier vehicles. Lol. It's totally worth to trade your gun, armor and HP to get some +20 sight range (very useful on the 95% of the map pool which is strictly corridor brawling), and less than a tank's length on range at which enemies spot you (which is insignificant anyway when you can only engage in 50-100m range fights) Instead of giving people small, crazy tanks to wreak havoc with (akin to old T-50-2), you get gimped, sluggish, shitty medium wannabes with absolutely no role whatsoever GJ WG, like always!
  4. 2 years ago, seeing the first changes, I said that WG intends this game to simply be World of Heavy Tanks, because that's what works best for their business model. People said that I'm overreacting, that I'm a HT hater, etc. And here we are, seing the server that ultimately turns this game into World of Heavy Tanks. I wonder what those people think now? I simply $ my acc on the very sight of this nonsense because I already was frustrated enough with the never-ending catering towards HTs. And it's not that HT meta is bad, but butchering EVERYTHING that doesn't lead to 50m brawls is fucking terrible for the health of this game. Half of the maps in this game simply fuck you up instantly if you're not in a heavy. Scratching my head, thinking "ok, where the fuck do I go on this map" <-- me in glass TDs or support MTs in my last months of WoT career. Quitting after several games of struggling to even carry my weight on shit maps like Stalingrad, Abbey or Windstorm, where I'm basically presented with three corridors and asked to pick one, inevitably forced into fighting frontally with HTs, because all non-dead zone paths on the map end with a HT fighting zone. Was it enjoyable? fuck no. I just quit. Couldn't stand it any longer. I enjoyed flanking the most, but I couldn't do it. Everywhere I went, I was forced to fight HTs frontally. Every other place, I'd be blown to pieces by TDs that were simply out of place on those maps, useless, bound to guard whatever little open space that was left, making flanking a dead tactic. I couldn't snipe, I couldn't flank, and playing meds was simply going to the same brawling zone as HTs and trying to outplay them based on the fact that my shots aim a bit faster and are a bit more accurate in a MT. Basically doing the same fucking shit every game. BRAWLING. TL;DR - WG ruined it for me. If you dislike brawling, you have nothing to do in this game. It's all about 50m pekaboo and will forever be about 50m pekaboo, because that's what the dev team considers proper for their business model.
  5. but they have already nerfed shot dispersion and added the idiotic 50m pen drop rule. If you give tanks "bad pen" on top of that, it will be frustration on top of frustration. I wouldn't want to play this. Heck, I can't stand modern WoT, this thing looks way worse. just a slab of RNG to make bads happy.
  6. Westfield - 33 In memory of the map before they ruined it with remake, a map where you could snipe, brawl, spot and get clicked, every class had something to do here. Pearl River - 31 Karelia - 31 Komarin - 15 Live Oaks - 30 Siegfried Line 24 Lakeville - 27 Malinovka - 36 Mittengard - 24 Abbey - 15 Shitty corridor map with a useless center that makes you think it's important but it really isn't. Murovanka - 30 Mountain Pass - 27 Port - 30 Province - 31 Prokhorovka - 21 Redshire - 33 Mines - 27 Ruinberg - 27 Fisherman's Bay - 25 Northwest - 31 Hidden Village - 27 Steppes - 31 Serene Coast - 27 Swamp - 24 Tundra - 27 Widepark - 30 Cliff - 30 Fjords - 27 Highway - 27. Himmelsdorf - 31 Dragon Ridge - 28 Ensk - 24 South Coast - 31 Overlord - 27 Stalingrad - 6 PACMANgrad. Never had a good game on this POS. Just YOLO 24/7, 3-min game nightmare. Windstorm - 3 Fuck this map with a porcupine. How can you make a map where ALL classes suck except artillery? Arctic Region - 30 Sacred Valley Severogorsk - 18 Kharkov - 27 Erlenberg - 31 Airfield - 21 Sand River - 31 El Halluf - 25 Pilsen - 27
  7. There is a difference between making HTs better for average Joe and making all other classes obsolete for players of every skill level. Let's take lower tiers for the lulz. Remember T67, once a pretty uber tier 5 tank? Well, with the proposed changes, the T67 will struggle to hit a KV-1 at any distance other than "brawling distance" due to sigma change, and will struggle to pen it unless <100m. Which means you're forced to brawl in a clumsy unarmored 300hp tank, asking yourself WTF are you doing. Why not play a KV-1 instead? or even better, OI-Exp? Same thing can be said basically about every tank in this game that isn't a frontally tough HT. This even screws up many HTs because tanks like Tiger 1 took a hit as well. If I were still in WoT, I'd literally sell all my non-Heavy Tanks and proceed on seal clubbing with OI-exp 24/7.
  8. After reading Taj's post I'm somewhat stunned that after God knows how many patches that buffed HTs directly and indirectly they are still going forward with turning the game into "World of Heavy Tanks". The changes are completely terrible, if they are kept the way WG described. Pretty much every each of them screams "PLAY HTs". I'm so glad I got rid of my account - before shit hit the fan...
  9. That's why the ranking needs an update. One can pad only so much. Padding 2500 recent is really easy, padding 4500 recent is not. There, problem solved
  10. I always thought that purple was way too fuckin easy to get. if 300 - avg tier X performance, and 350 is purple (or something like that)... well, people are pretty close to purple now, aren't they? on AVERAGE? And the metric should reflect the hardest tier IMHO. Purple should be the 99 percentile. If that means 500 WN9, so be it. Less "fake cums" around = good. Makes the true ones rewarded better
  11. T-10 = 19 Skoda T50 = 58 When pushed, you still have the autoloader to scare people away M46 Patton = 23 If you don't have pubbies distracting the opponent (sometimes you don't), this tank is way harder to play than the two remaining ones.
  12. You know people vastly differ regarding sex drive, don't you? We're getting reaaaally off-topic here, tho
  13. Not being 18yo anymore makes once a day overkill already. Being old sucks (for me)
  14. By the way guys, going back to the VKB argument, I hope you do take into consideration that 1 steel wall + 2 meds is generally better for carrying than 3 meds, thus, ST-I and VKB may actually be a better idea than a third M46 for a toon? For M46s to shoot distracted opponents, someone has to distract them. I'd rather trust a toon mate with a HT than hope for pubsters to facetank anything without dying ten times over.
  15. ah hell, E50 should be 9 not 6. I somewhat copied the score with a screw-edup mark. >_>
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