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  1. Hey scout, you do realize you're linking to an image but not the replay, right? Hit me up in game if you have trouble with the vbaddict thing and/or vbaddict replay thing, maybe I can help ya out.
  2. You didn't curb that this morning I think it's fine, everyone has a different way to manage that stress. I really need to do a T10 challenge for a week or something, but I really need to get a few more reasonable (and not slow as shit) tanks to do it. Also, holy fuck 5 skill crews batman. I have like...a few 3 skill crews but not a single 4 skill crew yet, even.
  3. More like this: "We nerfed the KV1S at tier 6. Just as strong, but slower. We created a KV-85 at tier *5, which is now strong as shit *and* as fast as the current KV1S". So basically take your KV1S crew and move em down to the tier 5, and enjoy OP-ness for a while. Which must make me wonder just how much more ridiculous they want tier 5 to be.
  4. This would be more interesting if the NYT article were honest or true. Again, NYT is not known for either one of those. I would not advise patronizing their site or giving them readership. In this case, Nate Silver's predictions have actually been 100% correct (fewer? lol). Unlike the statement quoted which focuses on his simple way of creating an index, there were actual predictions which were separate.
  5. So let me get this straight. You're calling them wallet warriors....while driving as a wallet warrior? While simultaneously acknowledging that it was the scout that basically enabled all of what you did? It sounds like the scout was the one who did the amazing job surviving. /facepalm
  6. Lol. Fair enough. I'd say Camo on a batchat and possibly a foch, but camo on a 50b or a T57 heavy or a waffle is useless or nearly so, and my comment still stands the same. Heavies have nearly nonexistent camo values.
  7. Camo barely matters on any arty (and most autoloaders at t10). BIA, maybe situational awareness and recon for extra view range, snap shot and driver skills can certainly still help. Aside from that I can't imagine much is going to make a difference.
  8. If I see them and have opportunity shots I will take them at higher priority than oranges/reds/yellows. Otherwise I'll deal with them when is appropriate which depends on what I'm trying to do. If we both jockey for the same spot then I'll be focusing on them but not exclusively. It has happened before where my platoon and an enemy platoon are reducing the other members around before dealing with eachother because it's simply a safer shot. This goes kinda hand in hand with shooting gold, though, as I will always make sure I shoot gold at good player platoons.
  9. Heh, got a Radleys in the shittiest of tanks recently - Super P. I almost had a pools, but made the wrong call vs an arty at the end. Was also a crucial for the platoon and so many medals it cut off on the vbaddict preview. Oh yeah, I got a 2nd one recently too from a solopub.
  10. You do get compensation for platoonmate damage and can be banned for doing it repeatedly in the same fashion as shooting a random teammate in a match. There is no difference between teammate and platoonmate as far as penalties anymore. If you shoot your platoonmate on the cap circle when capping you'll even be instabanned. I wouldn't think many CW groups would do that ever because an IS7 high roll could kill the tank. Who would take a risk of losing an arty in CW for a chance at a roll that leaves the tank within 10% hitpoints? Also arty that are in CW are usually well prepared for scouts
  11. Can you really do that reliably, Elek? Also sounds like bait for someone to ram you and that you won't get your first/easiest arty shot. Beyond that I'm not sure an extra 10% is going to make that much of a difference, and then you get into potentially killing your own crew. I would think most arty are pretty likely to kill themselves from a splash more often than get down to 10% left. I mean you're talking a 300-600 hitpoint arty that does 800-1800 splash.
  12. Hmm, should I put my 3 skill T-54 crew in my 140 or use my 89% (first skill) crew in my 140?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. assassinated


      Yeah, it's all hard decisions right now :P I do plan to keep T54/T62A and 140 forever. I'll swap the crew up as I was kinda considering.

    3. phlakisgay


      tbh I thought I loved my 54 but it now sits crew less since I prefer the 62a/140

    4. assassinated


      I just want a few tanks that remain viable at every tier to play with as I play with a lot of different folks.

  13. Here's my obs. I'm not a hardcore purple, so people may disagree. However, I see different issues. I see basic playstyle issues. Start of match: you went to an obvious unsupported flank where people always go, but you were zoomed in and got lucky to bounce the first shot. Being unsupported is your choice from a map perspective, but being zoomed in waiting for an enemy to arrive somewhere that they obviously didn't is a bad one. He got a free shot off because you weren't even looking or panning. You are really good at going from unzoomed -> fast zoom -> fire, which is not something ev
  14. Not easy dodging arty I need to play with some folks who can give me a little mentoring so I can break out of the 2k wn8 ish average I seem to be maintaining.
  15. T54E1 is a camo tank. T57 is simply not. Arguing about camo on 57 heavy is like arguing about camo on a maus. 1390's will outspot you, let alone actual scouts or tier 10s. Viewrange won't help much either because you will be spotted and spotting at the same time most of the time, anyway. Optics won't help you for shit on the tank and the vents are more for the reload and maneuverability. I wouldn't even plan on camo being fully trained as pointed out above. I'd probably consider swapping that for repairs as you will survive shots and may be tracked. However, for all autoloaders and anythin
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