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  1. I dont claim to be a great player, although i am getting better as my recent shows! I had a different view on the German medium line leading to the E50M. All 4 tanks from the panther to the E50M are at the top of my list for best wn8. 1. E50- 2490wn8, 145 battles, 47.6%wnr, average damage 2121 2. Panther II- 2123wn8, 159 battles, 53.5%wnr, average damage 1346 3. E50M- 2004wn8, 76 battles, 59.2%wnr, average damage 1998 4. Panther- 1978wn8, 182 battles, 54.4%wnr, average damage 1039 these tanks are difficult to play stock but once they are loaded out i find them fun to play! the panther for tier 7 is quick and you can abuse the gun accuracy from a distance while moving around the map to support the best place when needed. the panther II i found to also be relatively good at distance flanking and mobile enough to relocate when needed. the other two speak for themselves, the E50 is a fun tank to be top tier in while the 50M can ram the shit out of just about anything it runs into!
  2. http://ftr.wot-news.com/ they will not stake by the sounds of it!
  3. Thank you that makes more sense, I wish they would add something into game to give you an idea of how many to alone assisted in damaging!
  4. If that were the case then why would i be getting the assisted damage, would it not then go to the tank that took over the light?
  5. So for the second time in two days i feel like i have been shaffted out of a Patrol Duty. Please help me explain my stupidity or confirm my frustration! The parameters for a Patrol duty are -Help your team damage at least 6 enemy vehicles by spotting them. stipulation 1: The player must be the only one who spotted the enemy vehicles at the moment when they were damaged. stipulation 2: If two or more players have equal number of enemy vehicles damaged upon their spotting, the achievement is granted to the player who has earned more XP in the battle. below is my SS of my after battle report. As you can see i got the scout by lighting up 9, i also assisted in damaging 7 which by my math is one more than the needed 6 for a patrol duty. Please help me understand this as this is the second day in a row were i assisted in damaging 7 in my T37 and failed to get the PD.
  6. You will want to make sure that your sata controlers are set to run on AHCI in your bios, If they are set to run on the IDE controlers you will get system stutter and freeze. Had that problem with my kingston hyperX. If this is your issue you will need to make the changes in the bios and then make the changes in your registry so that your pc recognizes the change and auto updates the drivers for the AHCI controlers.There are some forums on the web that explain how to do this. If you are not already running on AHCI controllers i would try this! whoops didnt see somone else already asked about the AHCI Noticed also that you are running the hyperX aswell if you have made the changes for the AHCI and are still having stutter, confirm that you have made the appropriate changes in the registry other wise the AHCI changes in the bios are usless! http://www.sevenforums.com/hardware-devices/17876-enable-ahci-windows-7-a.html http://forums.pcper.com/showthread.php?444831-HOWTO-enable-AHCI-mode-after-installing-Windows
  7. My recenets are listed below in my sig, I play a lot of prefered tier 8's and tier 10's have multiple prefereds and tens so that waiting to play matches is not draged out! If interested send me a PM!
  8. You should proably understand how to play before you start giving other players bad tips on how to play their tanks! Just Saying!
  9. Its funny the 183 line has not been dropped here yet! I mean almost every td on that line was realitivly easy to play!
  10. gonna attempt to bring this post back from the dead without starting a whole new post. went like this Com- Six Gun- repair Driver- repair radio- repair loader- safe stow My question was more alone the lines of what after these, i want to put pre mat on my my driver as the two things i have the most trouble with with P II is that i get ammo racked a fair ammount and i get lit on fire more often than i would like. Would it make sense to do that or is ephasis placed more on something else?
  11. Looking for a mentor to help game improvment, my recents speak for themselves. Dont claim to be Great, but im not bad and i want to improve my game! Looking for somone who is willing to help by platooning, and pointing out tips and tricks ect.
  12. so is the wn8 that vbaddict is reporting for my furry the correct wn8 for right now? call me a stat wh#e but seeing my recent wn8 take a hit becuase im playing my fury make me sad
  13. Does anyone have an idea of when we can expect the expected values for the fury???
  14. played a battle yesterday in mine and today my wn8 reports as 0, Will this hurt wn8 numbers?
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