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  1. I feel the Comet is a better Panther than the Panther is. But that may be for my slightly heavier playing style. When I first started to play it, even not fully kitted out yet, it felt like the panther to me. With better acceleration, a more manageable height and profile, etc.
  2. Oh don't worry, despite being Belgian (Van Aantwoareppe, joeng) I'm a NA player, so on the NA forums I got to sample plenty of Garbad's anti-artillery bile. It's all in good fun!
  3. Your post is hard2reed. Also, hello. I only started to split my attention between this forum and the badforum today (I'm still there though, because it's something to reply to)!
  4. And, you know, long time squeaky wheel on the regular NA forums. Yes, now the Wotlabs forum can be graced with my utter averageness as well. No matter how hard I try to improve I can't consistently embrace the blue, but that doesn't mean I've gotta' stop keeping my sights on it, right? I'm here to be an artillery shill (I don't play it, but I believe in it's merits. Unpopular opinion, I know) and being fairly inconsistent when it comes to dependability as a player. Don't spare me your harsh words because I know you're itching. On a serious note? Yeah, I'm just here for easier access
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