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  1. I swear the main forums are dead. I've been hanging around like a vulture to pick up on some banter but meh. May have to migrate back here. Also fuck IS-6es. I prefered it when the turret mantlet had a weakspot that I could pent with 170mm+ guns. Now that idiot in the IS-6 is taunting me for using gold and still bouncing. Well at least those days are over now that Wargaming killed all the banter by removing all-chat. How the hell are we going to get laughs out of stronks with no funny semi-racist comments to start off the match? If anybody needs me I will be on Overwatch.
  2. Small reminder that it is currently school holidays in Singapore as well.
  3. Why'd you go skip one of the best tanks in the line? The A-44 is a glorious ram machine.
  4. I kinda enjoy being a thorn in Tan's side. To do that I need my poasting privileges.
  5. I think I may need to start being active in WoTLabs once again seeing as the refugee camp is up again. Wonder who else would get purged. Though I doubt I rank highly on the shitlist.
  6. We got really lucky with this deal. No frills or unnecessary gold bundled up with it, just the tank and a garage slot for that money.
  7. This thing went on sale in Asia just today. I am tempted to purchase but I want to know the gun's soft stats first. Anybody got some information? (Tanksgg shows the outdated stats with the lower penetration)
  8. I also don't understand it. I run my VK 2801 with a spall liner AND controlled impact.
  9. I don't mind helping, just be mindful I'm more cannon fodder than actual material. I make the cut for recent WN8 but not WR though. I only appear every other week (I have some job that involves staying in for 7 days and then having a 7 day holiday afterwards) and I have a grand total of one tier 10 tank. I'm a fucking casual hue.
  10. Shadow ain't the only one rocking scouts and out damaging tier 10s. Yep, that's 8k exp in one game due to the multipliers.
  11. I went through the Panther mainly as a support tank, though I tend to be more aggressive than most. I usually used the somewhat decent gun depression to go peek-a-boom support in the second line. Move up with more capable tanks and keep up the support fire. Your low alpha sometimes means that enemies ignore you while you chip away at their HP. The decent rate of fire also occasionally suppresses them, allowing your heavier brethren to move in closer. As with any support tank, positioning above all. Find locations where you can gain flanking shots fron safety and support a forward push without
  12. I'm fine with the SP. 1C. However, its image is tainted with the bitterness, rage and disappointment of losing my Aufklarungspanzer. The fact that the SP. 1C replaced a tank I so dearly loved means some of my hatred is channelled towards it. It is probably way better than I feel it is, but I can't seem to enjoy it as much. From a less emotional standpoint, it isn't bad at all. It is ridiculously easy to hide and can fit in the smallest of bushes, allowing for nice ambushes. Plus, dat viewrange. The autoloading 90mm is my gun of choice, not for close quarters clipping but more of a "3 round f
  13. It wasn't so bad. Mastered it on my first try with a Top Gun and High Calibre. Anyways, I'm taking refuge in Planetside 2 for a while. If you guys need me to stop camping spawn points in my infiltrator, knock me up on teamspeak for tanks.
  14. I found a bot in a BT-7 art. It followed me around so I decided to adopt it as a pet and have nice drives around the countryside with it.
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