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  1. This is a remake of the arcade game Tokyo Wars:
  2. As an aside, I'm pretty sure this isn't a position for balancing WoT, but a new game WG Seattle is dev'ing.
  3. I came across this vacancy for Wargaming.net. Check out the desirables: http://wargaming.com/en/careers/vacancies/#!vacancy=23419 NO REROLLS!
  4. Can you make pubbie versions so we can know where to find the bads? I hate nothing more than turning a corner to find myself face to face with a TD in a position it shouldn't be. WHY ARE YOU HERE? WHAT MAP GUIDE ARE YOU USING?
  5. @RichardNixonThanks for pushing this forward, btw. Keep up the good work.
  6. T-34-2 - 20110 - 20AMX 50 100 - 23 Rhm B WT - 20Jagdpanther II - 25 Ferdinand - 20VK 45.02A - 15Tiger II - 23 - I found this tank to be surprisingly enjoyable. As long as you understand you have little armor and abuse the gun, it can do work.Panther II - 5Indien Panzer - 17STA-1 - 21O-Ho - 21Centurion I - 5 - I struggled through this tank. Required too much exposure to deal damage given the meh armor.AT-15 - 20Caernarvon - 5 Charioteer - 17 T69 - 18 Pershing - 26T32 - 27 ISU-152 - 20SU-101 - 17Obj416 - 25 T-44 - 20IS-3 - 34 KV-4 - 21
  7. Let the new things be new. As for coloring account/recent, having them not match might be a bit confusing.
  8. I might try Filmora first. Free trial has no limitations other than a watermark and I'm not sure I'm high speed enough for the prem platforms. Thanks for the idea. If that doesn't work, I might spring for a month of Premiere.
  9. I'm experimenting with a youtube channel for tanks stuff. Up until now I have just recorded segments in OBS and pieced them together in YT's video editor. That has worked fine for recording replay commentary so far. But I was thinking of making a channel trailer/intro and I don't think YT's video editor is up to the challenge. I was wondering what peoples' opinions were on video editing software. Are the big boys (Vegas, Premiere, Final Cut, etc) the only way to go? Are the basic ones (Essentials, Movie Maker, etc) worth the time? Are there any decent open source options?
  10. Ah yes, the ole' turn the corner and bam! WHY ARE YOU HERE?
  11. This is some official forums level shit... Although I agree there is some analogs between the IRL 1% and Unica as far as perception by the 99% goes, I don't believe it's so black and white. There is a vocal, whiny minority in the 99% that I sense you are incorrectly thinking represents the 99%. Then yall started talking about what it takes to be successful IRL and things went off the rails...
  12. shutupshake


    I have a persistent push/slice on my long shots, I duff every other chip, but I'm an ace in the trap (mostly through hard experience). I don't play much lately, but I did play PGA West's Stadium course a few weeks ago. That course is brutal.
  13. The problem is that the metric has warped what people consider fun. It has informed their gameplay and thus tainted it, which in turn undermines the validity of the metric. When I see a full gold M46 be like "I just like this tank" I can't help but think, at the very best, they are lying to themselves. It's sad. Want to end the anti-stat padding? Help the community stop being fixated on an arbitrary number. Unfortunately this community revolves around that number. It's in our comment sidebars, in our signatures, in our clan reqs, and in our XVMs. It isn't going anywhere and thus people w
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