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  1. Hello wot-labs, unicums, and forum lurkers. I am an average WoT player (1650-1800 recent) and I'm looking to escape my mediocrity and blossom into a young little blunicum. If someone want's to help my with my journey I'd be deeply appreciative and might reward you with something given the circumstances and length of the mentor-ship. I have established a lengthy list of habits, both good and bad in this game. I'm seeking to find someone to scold me like a bad dog when I do wrong, or encourage me when I am doing right. I have a good understanding of the game mechanics, penetration, shells, v
  2. Yeah, if you can accept my stats, I'm happy to accompany you. I'm laid back and don't rage. Add me ingame if you wanna go.
  3. I'm very interested in joining PUPEH as a good clan to develop my skills and clanwars experience in. I'll be trying to pop into the teamspeak or finding a recruiter soon!
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