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  1. Oh goodness that is amazing! I'm really happy for you and how quickly you were able to start full time. Most of us have moved beyond this thread to discord servers. *squeezes*
  2. It's a running thing that trans girls constantly eat pickles because spiro makes you crave salt.
  3. I had my one year anniversary of HRT about two weeks ago which was exciting benchmark. There have been a lot of changes which have been pretty nice. My skin is really soft and I don't feel super gross. I pass pretty well which is very nice. I definately have less body hair which is really awesome. Laser has been a bitch but I've lost a lot of facial hair from it and the difference is huge. I'm really happy with the progress I've made in the past year and am much happier and more comfortable than I was at this time last year. I finally got my name changed which is really exciting and it ha
  4. I have progesterone now and Ive been full time for about a month now which has been pretty great. The progesterone should help with the bewb growth which is definately a plus though even better it's supposed to have a calming effect which should help reduce my skittishness which would be really great. I as skittish as most lizards and startle between a couple dozen and hundreds of times per day; my family, my sister especially, make fun of me for it a lot.
  5. I don't know what it was specifically but it would at least address why an X wing could take down all the point defense on the dreadnought and seem to completely ignore shields since he wasnt firing torpedos.
  6. Looking back some more at the opening joke it looked like Po was loading something and may have been trying to buy a bit of time but it was left unexplained and barely noticeable. I think a little throwaway line at the start like Po: "okay BB8 we need to buy a bit of time before the virus (or bug or whatever) gets their shields down" BB8: beeping turn head back and forth, then pause for a moment and the open the hail. Then it turns from much less of a joke to something meaningful to whats going on and presents him as clever rather than an annoying idiot.
  7. It was sort of cute and amusing but that feels like what they were going for. R2 would go ahead and do his own thing as he saw it was needed. I think it would have been much better to have that codebreaker character be the one in the walker and then you do have an interesting chaotic neutral character that shows up later rather than probably a one off character.
  8. There were a lot of things I liked and didnt like about the movie. It was very pretty and exciting to watch but I dont think its a movie that will be good to watch over and over. I dont like the starting point. The republic rolled over so quickly, and I do understand that they were demilitarizing but they still have all those ship yards and things like Kuat and Corellia. I would have much rather seen the republic turn around and re-engage all its industrial power. Sure they should be on the back foot for a while rebuilding but even then broad strokes of the plot would have still worked an
  9. Well I've told pretty much everyone major at this point though I still have some other people to tell. The doctor was supposed to send me the letter to get my documents and markers changed. Fortunately I was born in Connecticut so I can amend my birth certificate at the same time as changing my markers in Florida. I have so many places I have to change my documents and will have to talk to school as well. I guess Im finally starting full time now and its really exciting and scary (even if I do pass pretty well). It felt like something that was always really far away and now its here. Also
  10. So Ive had some good things happen over the past week and a half or so. Thanksgiving wasnt terrible which was a nice change. I just stayed quiet and cooked in the kitchen and staying quiet and just giving short answers if I was spoken to. Sat down briefly to eat dinner with everyone before going back into the kitchen and cleaning for a few hours and then going to bed. Also found a lot of my old Pokemon games to play with the hybrid. The next morning I met with my grandfather to tell him about the transition stuff and I really wasnt looking forward to it and was expecting it was going to
  11. Probably in jail for drinking the blood of the innocent. Alternatively Arizona I think. I think Rexxie is the only one that really talks to bun right now. Im also down 30 pounds so far in weight loss and I've been making good progress on my voice (though I made my accent a lot worse and a lot cuter by accident >.>). I can fill out a 38B bra now which is pretty great (keep growing please). Also burned my hand bad which isnt good but I'm making really good progress on my thesis work which is super exciting since it should be publishable stuff when I done.
  12. I'm finally down to 175 pounds! Lost 27 pounds so far, still have like 40 to 50 to go. Also my chest felt like it hasnt had much growth but yesterday I noticed that there has been a decent amount of growth. When Im wearing my sports bra it pretty much obscures my stomach and you can see some ripples in the sports bra between the breasts as well as some of my shorts. Also my lips look fuller which is odd and something I wasnt expecting. Also I am terrified of my knives which really sucks because it makes it hard to cook. I nearly broke down crying when I tried using a knife I asked m
  13. Ive already talked to most of the people on discord I chat with about this but I figured I might as well post it here for the couple of others that read here and aren't chatting friends on discord. Right now I'm enjoying strep throat. Yesterday afternoon my fever got pretty high and my dysphoria particularly with regard to my genitals got really really bad. I really wanted to cut off my genitals and came as close as going into the kitchen to grab a knife before I stopped myself realizing it was a really terrible idea. Once I was a little calmer and felt better I took my knives and put them up
  14. 50/50 chance? You have some high opinions of the maps.
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