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  1. Next one just came out Btw alexlockerr that one is even vs your clan Oh look what I just found, it's a NOXUS cheating video!
  2. check the frontline news thread again, i am getting more and more videos about NOXUS cheating on stream in the campaign

  3. A heartfelt thank you from my side Payment was me helping to deff your SH against NOXUS yesterday, mkay?
  4. More than anything, yes. I mean what effort would it be to just delete every post made in the last 7 days and just put it back. everyone would be happy.
  5. We even had a moderator go through the english section and delete all threads where the cheaters were shown because he was trying to cover up his mates. Also someone told me to swallow his 5kg of sperm but that was rather amusing since I told him that I do not lick goats butts unlike his Clancommander... all of that is now lost...
  6. Hello Fellow tankers. Since the WG-Forum is getting completely fucked heavily moderated by WG staff and I haven't found anything here I'm starting this topic to let the hate flow through us all. Some videos to get the discussion started: Btw Gl hf in the campaign to everyone playing fairly!
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