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  1. Seems like you'd be a good fit for NICO
  2. They are also my friends, and they don't need to be in the new F0XEY just because they were in FOXEY once before. Don't get me wrong, I have an insane level of respect for what FOXEY was and what it is, but they are all tightly knit within this community.
  3. Yup! Just don't take my Tjerry, Dincus, Ken, or Besieger from me D:
  4. We are [YOUJO] [NICO]! A pair of competitive and tightly knit clans full of your favorite anime cliches along with normies who still wonder why they joined. We focus on tier X battles and thoroughly enjoy getting good fights on both the global map and in advances. In addition to that, we like to do community nights that go well beyond just this game. If any of that interests you, please read below! As a guideline we are looking for players who can meet or exceed the following: - 2700 Recent WN8 - 60% Recent Winrate - ~5+ Clanwars Viable tier Xs, and maintain
  5. We got the living foxeys! :3
  6. But tjerry is still alive!
  7. Oh please. I remember when you wanted to join SHOJO, and the salt that emanated from you afterwards after you were apparently denied. Was I even there for that? I don't remember, but it looks like the grudge remains nonetheless. We aren't :^)
  8. At least you can make use of the shojo discord for something :^)
  9. New anime studio. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't :^)
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