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  1. Oh my god, what have they done to the T-71? It looks absolutely disgusting, pure filth. Like a confused IS-6, but they forgot to make the turret into a Russian clone. One of the interesting aspect of american tanks were their unique shapes, but that is gone now. How does it play? Still the same? I'm asking because I haven't played much tanks the last two months, and I find myself struggling to enjoy the game again. So I won't torture myself with the challenging playstyle of lights.
  2. The stock grind is not fun. Figured anything would be fun after the challenger, but bloom and weak alpha is killing me.
  3. I am keeping the 13 90, it's a strong tier 8 light i think.
  4. After 10 games in the Lorraine I quite like it. It's very fast, the gun has decent alpha and the drum reload is manageable. It sucks not to have sixth sense yet, but that is something I can live with. For equipment I'm running GLD, V.stab and vents. But it's unfortunate not to have the viewrange of optics. Considering how bad the aimtime is, I feel as if the aim-equipment is necessary, but changing vents for optics may be a good idea. Thoughts? Overall I think the grind to the Batchat will be pleasant, and going down the T57 line has helped me with the autoloader-mentality.
  5. This thing is reasonably mobile for an arty piece. Gun traverse is good and allows for easy aiming. The backwards thing is fairly simple to learn, and can be used to kite slower tanks in a 1v1. (a fairly rare occurrence) Here is a 7 kill carry on mines if anyone are interested.
  6. Thanks for the input. I may go down to the Charioteer, but I'm in no hurry to get there.
  7. Is it worth continuing down this line? The tier 7 is terrible as far as i can tell, and from there on out everything is mediocre. This tank is not great, but it works, and it's aesthetically pleasing.
  8. I may have been a bit too enthusiastic here. It is a good tank, no doubt, but as others here have pointed out; lights are in a bad place. Most maps seem much devoid of shrubbery and concealment, and with no armor I find myself playing the start of any battle terribly passive. I blame my self to a certain extent for not knowing the maps better, but trying to get early passive spots seems ike a surefire way to get killed. So I find myself in a confused situation as to the role of lights in the current meta. My current playstyle has devolved to camping behind the front line, taking potshots at whatever I can damage, and trying to move up a flank to get side shots on enemy tanks for the first half. Depending on my hitpoints, I start too look for openings in the enemy lines as the teams start to thin out. This works great in some games, but in other my team can play exceedingly poorly, leaving me helpless. So I have yet to find any way to really carry on any map in this thing.
  9. Last post on 5th of december.. Have people forgotten this gem? I unlocked it recently after completing avklaringspanther and it's a joy. It was very sluggish before researching the tracks and second engine, but moves just fine now. Scouting is not something I do that much. Having played some 40 games in the AMX 13 90, the mindset of ''scaut assasin'' translates quite well to this machine, and because it's not an autoloader it fares better in poking in the early game. I am at a mere 9 battles so far, so any stats are meaningless, but it farms WN8 very well. Sixth sense will be a blessing when I get there. It's almost as good as the 416.
  10. The first games I did with this tank I hated it because it had no armor and poor gun depression. After 140 games the second barrel-star was handed out for the glorious performance of this machine. Thanks to camo and binocs, armor and gun depression are irrelevant since it can just park on top of a dune or hill or whatever and destroy with its great DPM. This is definitely a tank to keep until it's nerfed. The Obj. 430 II I am skeptical of. T-54 may be the better choice.
  11. Yuri_Yslin: It has been established that with 3° of gun depression, rear turret and no functioning armor, this tank is a terrible hillfighter. If you try to play to it's weakness, the game will treat it accordingly. Legedi provided a reasonable solution I beleive.
  12. You don't? Pick engagements according to the strengths of the tank. Shoot down the 1 or 8 line. In the end game the tank can trade hitpoints in the middle if necessary.
  13. The last 30 games I've managed to pull 2,4k avg dmg in this machine. It has help me understand how to abuse the vision and camo system. Learning how to farm damage without taking return fire was a big epiphany for me. This is definitely my current favorite tank, along with the 50M.
  14. Repair and sixth sense are the most importaint in my opinion. V.stab and rammer is no question. I run optics for more spotting power, but vents are viable.
  15. I get it now. Sixth sense and this tank is soo good. OP camo and great dpm, this tank is for keepings.
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