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  1. Of course, could you please tell me how should i send them? Should i just upload them to wotreplays? Or is some different method used?
  2. For some reason, i just don't do well in my t62a, where as i did pretty well with all the russian mediums (even the hated t43). I have games where i do really well (6k+ dmg), but then there are games where i absolutely suck. I don't brawl much with my t62a, as its armor isn't as strong as the t54's, i try to flank in order to be able to use the fantastic DPM, but yet i have horrible stats in it (about 590 avg exp now). I am not a great player (1750 wn8 according to noobmeter), but i think i should be competent enough for the t62a. Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated
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