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  1. I've had it on my Kindle for awhile and I do enjoy it quite a bit
  2. I tried it finally after the suckasscraptasticpingspikes/lag I've had all week on the NA server (from Nebraska of all places) and the difference in ping from NA to EU is about 40 (90 NA to 132 EU) and the EU is more stable in the early going. The founders pack transferred just fine. Only thing I bought that didn't transfer was some gold I bought through the premium shop for NA server. Not sure if its supposed to roll over too or not? edit: its not supposed to roll over
  3. Helped carry in a tier 4 arty of all things.... other three components of the "team" pretty much died on initial contact... Kept the TD covered and we worked well together to pull it out.
  4. I haven't been playing all that long but I can say the server is far from dead. I'm still learning and mostly playing PVE and in that mode I never have problems with waiting in queue at pretty much anytime of the day.
  5. This was exactly the question I came here looking to find out about. Did you ever get a chance to test this out?
  6. definitely subscribing. Thanks for doing these
  7. Turned 51 less than a month ago and I've not played as much as many of you but here's mine The 65% W/R in cruisers is by far my highest per class and cruisers are my most played ships. My IJN cruisers are driving the W/R atm as I had a 90% in Tenryu (10 games) 85% in Furutaka (13g) 75% so far in Aoba and Kuma was 50% with better overall damage numbers than either Furutaka or Aoba. CVs have my highest damage numbers at 37k but CA and BB at 33k and DD at 29K aren't far back KDR is cruisers again at 1.19 with DDs chipping in at 1.14. I want
  8. I've been using the HP recovery one and the zulu. Kind of fun when the enemy BB thinks you're almost dead and then ...lolnope...
  9. Thought about that after the fact so I'm glad you raised it. With WoT and WoWS going that direction, you can still manually override it by editing the launcher file. I don't know enough about the my.com setup to know if that's possible without crashing the whole download. Got a few days yet to decide whether to give this thing another go. I like that apparently AW isn't moddable. That was one of the appeals of WT for me back in the day before I completely wrote gayjin off.
  10. Coincidence on the phone call? yeah probably. Was the AW launcher trying to connect to IPs flagged by malwarebytes? Yes, repeatedly so.
  11. Oh I've already followed that advice which is why this thread was originally put up. AW is apparently a good game with enough respect and supporters (including you apparently) to have its own area here among other places I know quite well. I felt like it was a safe bet. Malwarebytes has a good rep and so when it acts up, I notice. I double checked and found what I needed to. Apparently AW works for a lot of folks but I'm not going to be one of them
  12. Thanks folks! downloading now We'll see how it goes stopped the download after malwarebytes went nuts on the attempted p2p connections etc. Checked with MB forum and they verified that these are not false positives. Got a phone call from Mumbai India within minutes of my blocking those connections asking how my "network" was doing and if there were "any problems" .... idiot claimed to be from "windows".... yeah...lolnope.... totally digging deep into my system now to clean out any crap left behind. Coincidence? ... maybe/probably but I'm not chancing it
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