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  1. >score tied at 12-12

    >watching 3 artas per side duke it out

    I gotta admit it was fun.  WG should totally do a 15v15 arta exclusive mode:trump:

  2. >3rd pilsen in 6 games


    >another pilsen 3 games later

    >more desertions

    i love these gameus interruptus:doge:

  3. >mfw i found out WutFace is not Red Forman


  4. >14 tanks went to Da Beach including artas

    >me went midfield crater

    >world of 3 minutes :wut:


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    2. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      If 14 people go one way, you go with them. There's no point in making a "last stand" in "the right spot".

      Perhaps you could chai snipe from the furthest-back slope leading down to the beach before running, but other than than, you should have stayed with them. Stupid may be stupid, but numbers talk.

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      chai snipe on the redline is the best way to go about it imo

    4. Greatspank


      thanks fam, Partly shaming myself for being a hardhead because of some stupid honorable code.



  5. >"academician" provided minimal information on an invention

    >expected to file a patent by month end

    >not my fault if it is rejected due to ambiguousness and lack of inventive steps

    how the hell these people even get a doctorate?:nmad:


  6. >tracked

    >turret swung faster than normal

    >rasha fizik:serb:

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