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  1. I have found that AP is the best round long rang and for leading targets. HEAT is really good once you are close.
  2. AFV are the best! DPM, speed. I seem to really suck in PVP though. Anyone wanna do some coaching.
  3. Things I have found from Googling during my Lunch Hour: Coldwar was not a 'War' but a period of tension. Its like saying the Medival age or the Renascence it was a period of history. It was a period where multiple wars were held, but divided by years in some cases. Russia and USA were not once during that period officially at war. Russia was busy taking on the Balkans (might be slightly wrong there) and Afganistan and USA was busy with Korea (another Draw) and Vietam (which they lost), (they also lost in Cuba). There was plenty of sabre rattling and such, and very close calls, but n
  4. I only carry 10-12 heat shells, 2 HE if possible and the rest AP. (in Pubs, in PVE I run mostly Heat just for the damage since the AI is less likely to do smart things)
  5. I have found that in heavy urban environments you are better off to use AP rather than HEAT as the terrain is not as friendly to HEAT if you clip something. AP goes through most of the time and HEAT can get blocked.
  6. Ah like a mascot! Good on him! Was having a cheaky thought about applying to G but they would never take a shitter like me (and I am never available for those times for clan wars).
  7. The M46 (but its a M47 with top turret) is my favourite padder!
  8. I had all the engine unlocked due to other grinds. I loved the T-43. Was a bit sad to sell it.
  9. What a twit! Although in fairness I saw a G member that was ~ the 1500 resent. I was like WTF!
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