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  1. Fishrokk

    RIP FTR Blog

    For a guy who has white knighted for better treatment of women in video gaming, I find your last line very revealing. Although, while you were spewing the word "mr. sexii" to brow beat anyone who disagreed with you, it isn't like your hypocrisy hasn't been on full display the whole time. Neverwish, this thread is the straw that has broken the camel's back for your site for me. Have fun writing more "and nothing of value was lost" posts.
  2. Watch in amazement as none other than Major_Rampage[WGA-A] drives away from cap, turning a sure win into a sure loss. I stunk it up myself, getting cratered rather early on, but still.
  3. Just haven't gotten off my butt and repurchased the Tiger I yet. Still on my shopping list, though! Meantime, the Tiger (P) is just rolling for me since I got it. I get that it might not be the best tier 7 heavy (my repurchase of the T29 has been paying even better dividends than the Tiger (P)), but I can't argue with something that's working well.
  4. Follow on question: Since there is an inherent disadvantage to pushing for vision (the advantage often goes to the stationary tank who is most likely using bush cover to boost their camo value), is there a way to go about it which mitigates the risk somewhat? Specifically when you are not driving a scout light.
  5. This might help. https://www.youtube.com/embed/uN_sSXKbzHk" (Barney Stinson's Crazy-Hot scale) Confirmed, I will never need this. https://www.youtube.com/embed/Tjkf4huaBQI" (SNL 'Swiftamine' commercial parody) And, lastly: He said 'wood'. Heheh. heh.
  6. This just in: crappy tank still refusing to be crappy. "The Tiger P was the first tank I wanted in the game, mainly because "I wants tiger, hurr durr double armor = better tank" I got to it just after the buff to the Tiger H, and in hindsight felt like an idiot. After a ton of battles in it, I think it's limitations outweigh it's dubious strengths. Rexxie is absolutely right, the dpm is low, the alpha doesn't scare anyone, and unless you can hide the headlight against a wall while you angle anyone with half a brain just shoots there. A slow, low alpha, low dpm tank with a poor armor profile? No thanks. A fight between a H and a P Tiger will usually end with the Tiger P driver back in his garage raging at Ferdinand Porsche, and the Tiger H driver driving off to go punch things in the face. Just my two cents." Oddly, the tank I have killed most of with it? The Tiger I, at six enemy tanks destroyed.
  7. Respectfully disagree. The autoloader gives you a shade quicker intradrum reload, but then you gotta wait 12 seconds every sixth shot (or however many the drum holds). I don't experience the ammo racks that you mention, nor the interdrum reload. It's a matter of personal preference, but for me the preference is clear - stick with that pew-pew gun.
  8. Consider, though - you've mentioned that puzzle/strategic gaming maintains and improves IQ. Which, to my mind, is productive in and of itself. The game - no matter what game it is you choose to play - will always be inconsequential. No matter how long it lasts. Chess and golf have been around a very long time, and those are only two examples. (If you reach the level of professional, and your game has become your living, that applies more to the next paragraph.) How much of your time can you spend on being "productive"? Shoving aside the necessities of maintaining your corporeal existince (eating, sleeping, shitting, etc.) the longer you spend at any one single endeavor, the worse you will get at it, regardless of where you started. I tried to cram four years of college into three years without breaks. Two years and six months in, I couldn't do it anymore, and I burned a whole term learning that lesson. The more intelligent you are, the more quickly you will succumb to boredom regardless of the challenge presented by the task. We need some diversity in our activities. We have to do things which do not have the stress of survival attached to them. For these reasons, you will necessarily be engaged in recreational activities for the rest of your life that by these criteria you can consider a 'waste of time'. For these reasons, I do not consider playing WoT (or any recreation) a waste of my time. But my point is, if you're going to end up in this trap anyway, why not WoT?
  9. Thanks Marine! I did notice the sauce in my read-through of the thread.
  10. Meanwhile, a question from page 1 of this thread on the Karelia portion of the article goes unanswered...
  11. Fishrokk

    The M103

    Thanks! Food for thought. I'll keep these things in mind driving it in the future, thanks prolix! Also, for sgtschulz - For me, the US heavies require an extended time playing them before I get good at them. I moved up to the T32, leaving my T29 on a losing record with poor WN8 for the tank as well. After picking up the M103, I went back and grabbed the T29 to fix it's win rate. Even with a brand new crew for it (though I do have the T34 for a trainer), it has been like night and day. It is now a lot rarer that I have a poor game in my T29, win or lose - and I've been doing a lot more winning. I have my M103 fully upgraded now, and with my premier US heavy crew, but my w/r is toilet level. Post flush toilet level. I left my T32 in similar condition as my T29. Thinking about picking it back up again.
  12. Thank you for the warning. I'm pleading American Ignorance, and asking for a pass, Argentina! From now on, I'll get my South American soccer jokes straight, I promise.
  13. On a serious note, when Cunicularis' stat block has a positive number of arty games played, and Tman450's, as does mine, who are you writing about? It seems to me that you have to invent a fictional character to fill this role of a World of Tanks player who plays either nothing but, or little other than arty. Yes, some arty drivers are crap, but that's true of every other class of tank you run into in random pubs. If you look at win rates alone, I'm dead black in my M103 and E-50 (I'm working on it) but nobody makes posts about "heavy drivers" or "medium drivers" as if to suggest that there are players who play nothing but these classes. I'm fully willing to be wrong here, but to my knowledge I have yet to see any evidence presented either here or in the official forums that there is a measurable segment of the WoT population that does this. I think this idea, the 'arty player', has little basis in reality. This forum being what it is, it should be discarded right alongside 'winrate is luck'.
  14. Aw, c'mon - of course not! It's actually "GOOOOOAAAOOOAAAOAOOOAAAAOOOOAAOOOOAOOALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! golgolgolgolgolgolgolgolgolgolgolgolGOLGOLGOL!!!!"
  15. Fishrokk

    The M103

    Care to link them, please? I play my 103 much worse than I should...
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