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  1. If this is in the wrong topic, do move it Thanks http://wotreplays.com/site/1475332#westfield-serene_potato-centurion_mk_7_1
  2. Does Centurion 7/1 platooned up with an E75 and an E50 count as carry tanks? Though we lost 5 games straight that night...Admittedly, they were tier 10 games... :3
  3. Ok, I'll be sure to send some in when I have material. I usually turn replay recording off because of low frame rates since 9.0. Extra note: The losing started as soon as I started power grinding the Centurion 7/1. (tier 10 game noobs? They're common on SEA server, people in IS-7s with 46% win rates...)
  4. I play on the SEA server. My friends and clanmates always ask me to platoon, but as soon as I do, we start losing like mad, like almost every game we play. It's not as if we played badly...We regularly do over 2000 damage each (We're all better than average players), but it just feels as if our team sees us, and think that they can yolo and/or die like pancakes. How should we deal with this situation? Several of my friends (and me) now suffer from platoon-phobia. If you can win consistently in a platoon, plz tell me how, as some of the people that I regularly platoon with have 55% win rates an
  5. For the past few days, I've been playing well, with my win rate going up to 77% at the highest. However, no matter what I do, how I carry, by the end of the gaming session my win rate goes back down to 50%. I thought it was because I was tired and playing badly, but that didn't seem to be the case. My WN8 was consistently around 1600-4000 in every game I played. Sometimes it is higher near the end of the gaming session. How do you unicums keep on winning? I just cant seem to keep the win rate up. My WN8 is rocketing since last week, yet my win rate remains unchanged. Is it because it is the su
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