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  1. We Are the 99%! Down with the haxxors!
  2. Come check out _-W-_ some time during your search. We do a TON of SH's and while the CW map is kind of cancer atm, we do get some gud fights in there too from time to time. Feel free to hop on our TS some time this week, we're gearing up for the up-coming mini campaign and would like to have you along with us for it! GL with the search. TS = ts30.gameservers.com:9442
  3. Not very many spots left! Come get um while they're here. :o
  4. 5 hours straight of SH tonight... I'm pooped. GG's!
  5. Ahhh, the infamous Dragon_Tyrant, I wonder where he lurks these days...
  6. _-W-_ does all sorts of team play friend... We have a strong presence on the global map, weekly tournament teams where we always place in the top 25% group stage, fun relaxed group of people and climbing the ranks daily. Check us out!
  7. The Wardens of the North.. to be continued
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