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  1. The little scorp at VII is excellent. Great gun, great camo, good speed. (Almost) NO ARMOR at all. Let it be a challenge to you.
  2. 1. Extremely fast. 2. An excellent moneymaker. 3. The Hesh can be handy for some unusual situations. The Conway sucks swamp water, but the Charioteer is a good tank.
  3. The huge pen increase with T20 prem is so, so seductive.
  4. Augh, Never, you crush my career stats. You Swine!
  5. No, I was showing no sympathy for rationalizations. I will aspire to reach your level of discourse.
  6. Sure, stealing is fine if you just WANT something badly enough. Of course.
  7. As terrible as I am, I have twice been accused of cheating and told I would lose my account. In reality, one of the times I was kinda cheating. I was using the pre-nerf Hellcat. Ha. You MUST be cheating to be only at 60% with that WN8. Cheating yourself, ha.
  8. Autoaim+ is NOT illegal. However, all reload timers ARE. I will miss that reload timer.
  9. Well, I have always been able to pay through a grind, so I have missed some tough sledding. On the other hand, if I love the map I do well no matter what, and if I love the tank it does not need a good crew. The great players in this game can adjust to the limits of bad modules or bad crew. I can't. My only truly purple tank, my beloved M7, does well even when training a new crew, which I have done a couple of times.
  10. Wherefore art thou, CBO?

    1. sr360


      Good luck getting an answer...

  11. This is how you maintain middle of the road suckage. You get to know good spots on maps, sometimes make great use of them, but do not react to the movements of your team. That is why so many of you are so much better than me.
  12. Yeah, you have a good point. It happens about once in 5k games, ha.
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