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  1. He tried, on US and EU. He didn't.
  2. https://developers.wargaming.net/reference/all/wot/account/list/?application_id=demo&r_realm=eu I have to hand it to WG this time: their API info is great
  3. No, as Tadoo87 says, it's not players getting worse, that's far too big a change to be players with many thousands of battles. Instead, it is more an indication of the changing player base. Graph: The first big dip co-incides with the "100 years of the tank" celebration. The big drop following this is post 9.18 (and the reason I want to find more data is to refine the graph around that point) The first drop is indicative of a large number of players picking up the game for a short period, either unpracticed players or those who are playing for the first time. There is a large spike in the playerbase at this time that confirms this. The second drop however is not due to an influx of poor players - though player numbers do go up in the winter. Instead, it indicates that the relatively small amount of good players are playing less - or at least, not enough to count as active players. So yes, the playerbase is getting worse, but it's not that individuall players are getting worse, instead we are losing good players. Apologies by the way of taking so long to reply. The site decided that my login details were not correct (despite using a password manager), and would not send me a password reset email... Now fixed
  4. Because while it does expose lots of very useful stats, it doesn't show the stats I want?
  5. I've been trying to get some past data for the active player stats as per the front page of http://wotlabs.net/eu but I can't see any way to see past stats through the site. I have been trying to use the internet archive to get past values, which has been moderately successful (https://web.archive.org/web/*/wotlabs.net/eu) but there is... not much data there for this year, whereas it was previously fetching data monthly. This is what I have so far: Raw data: Date Average Recent 17/11/2017 50.28 51.13 06/10/2017 50.31 51.21 29/09/2017 50.34 51.24 21/09/2017 50.37 51.27 06/06/2017 51.12 52.22 30/12/2016 51.63 52.86 25/11/2016 51.15 52.17 18/11/2016 51.32 52.35 14/11/2016 51.36 52.39 13/11/2016 51.38 52.42 11/11/2016 51.39 52.43 06/10/2016 51.03 51.95 05/09/2016 51.85 53.09 05/08/2016 52.6 54.26 02/07/2016 52.58 54.26 31/05/2016 52.65 54.33 28/04/2016 52.42 54.15 26/03/2016 52.56 54.35 23/02/2016 52.61 54.44 15/01/2016 52.65 54.46 10/12/2015 52.64 54.44 08/11/2015 52.74 54.5 03/10/2015 52.7 54.4 25/08/2015 52.68 54.36 17/07/2015 52.67 54.37 Does anyone have any additional values to add, or a way to get past data? There is a big hole for this year, and I wouldn't mind having a higher resolution of data if possible. actives.xlsx
  6. Thanks for fixing the stats site. It now no longer says "no player 'Baldrickk' found, closest match: 'Baldrickk'" Any news on adoption of WN9?
  7. I think I lean the other way on this. Having a session stats mod for example let's me see when I'm not playing particularly well, and I can then either decide to call it a night, or stop and think about what I'm doing. Winning is fun and provides good stats, sometimes, I'm just so out of it that I don't even notice when I'm having a bad session, I'm just playing on auto pilot, and not even enjoying myself. Seeing that my last 5 games were terrible with sub 500 WN8 is the kick I need to get my head in gear or to take a break.
  8. This is interesting, is this globally, across all skill levels? Because I could see the very best players possibly 'stealing' each others potential damage, but only for the very best. It seems like "platooning makes your DMG go down" is 'common wisdom' around here.
  9. Er. Hi guys. That forumite over on the EU forum would be me. Sorry. I am aware of my skill level, WG pegs me as just inside the top 5% last time I checked, and I think I'm in about the same place when you look at WN8. Certainly, at least when playing mid-tiers, it's not common to be outside the top two or three players on both teams according to XVM, until I run into a three man uni platoon or two. So you would expect that I could go up against 20 random players 1v1 and win all but one battle? Possibly. One thing I do know, is that I am not yet good enough to be properly consistent, which is what I'm working on. I've all but eliminated my mediocre games, unfortunately, that's left me with either really good (for me so 4k +) or really bad (even for a scrub) games where everything goes wrong and I get really bad wn8 games, approaching 0 . And these are happening about equally hence my roughly 2k recent wn8. I'd most likely lose a few more than just that one game but dominate others to make up for it. Forgetting about player distribution, I would say that I am, on a linear scale through bot, bad, poor, middling, good, very good, awesome and amazing, in the very good category. I'd probably rate myself higher if I would stop screwing up all the time. If I am able to make my gameplay more consistently good, I will happily up a skill bound. Following a"traffic light" system, I would place middling as yellow, bad as red and very good as green. Poor therefore becomes orange and good becomes that yellow/green colour I don't really have a name for. What would I call a middling skill level? I would say that someone is middling if they have a half decent knowledge of the game and are able to put it to use, such as knowing the typical places on the map that tanks are effective, knowing general weak spot areas, etc. Take one of my old clan leaders for example; he knew general scouting locations, and through experience, the sort of ranges he could spot things, but no idea of the actual spotting mechanics. He knew not to drive round corners exposing his side, and where the general weaknesses of tanks are. He lacked situational awareness though. He would always use the same positions on a map regardless of team composition or his place in it, so if in a heavy tank, he would always go to his spot, whether alone or not, top tier or bottom. When facing an enemy heavy with enough armour, or positioned such that he couldn't penetrate the usual spots, he would struggle. He would always keep pushing forwards, and rarely turn back to switch flanks etc. So a player with some skill, and will (just about) help rather than hinder in most games. Now, instead of explicitly trying to work rankings based on player skill levels, which is relatively arbitrary. WOTlabs rank based on the deviation from the average player, which is just a different representation of the data, essentially comparing a player based on the skill level of an average player, and not a skill level. And I am okay with that. I really am. It makes sense on multiple levels. The only issue is that the vast majority of players, even excluding bots, are poor players, and you find that this means that the average player level is therefore quite poor. Quite a while ago now, after the original change to the WOTlabs scale, I began using a custom colour config. It has changed since, but at the time, the 900+ WN8 band was called intermediate, (I.e. average) and this had the current light green colour that the band has today. As I was not using and updating the WOTlabs scale, I had not noticed that a new band had been added and the sections renamed to add the new 'average' band slotted into the top end of the old below average band. That the average WN8 has apparently fallen is a little worrying. But as it currently stands, green is at least above average now, which makes me happy. I would still prefer to class myself as 'green' (dark or otherwise) but I'm going to be happy to class myself as higher once I can cut out some more of my terrible games. I feel that once I have done so, I will have reached some sort of milestone. All in all though, the colours chosen are essentially arbitrary, the distributions that are chosen are what matters, not the colour assigned to them. And I am happy with those for the purpose of comparing players against the player base.
  10. I didn't see it the first time, watching on mobile yadda yadda. Watching it again it is pretty obvious. I use mods, they are not inherently a bad thing; I use XVM to give info that (most of it) should be in the vanilla client, like the actual stats of vehicles when crew skills are factored in. I use a carousel mod to show more of ny tanks at once and provide a better tank filter I have Binocs and cammo autoequipped on tanks that use them so I'm not always hunting through my 65 tanks looking for them when platooning I use the server reticule mod... To me though, this is crossing the line. But I'm not purple. Maybe using this would get me there quicker, how much WN8 do you think it adds? I wonder if it leads shots too... Aimbots are banned in most games for a reason.
  11. What happened is pretty simple. Imagine a clock with you at the centre. The enemy is at 12:00. You have some lag leading to a small desync, the server thinks you have the turret pointed at 5:00, your client shows it at 7:00. To get to 12:00, the client rotates clockwise, the server rotates anticlockwise. Now this isn't too bad most of the time, as although the client and server guns are rotating in the opposite direction, they will get there (to 12:00) at roughly the same time, throw in some aim-time and no-one is any wiser. But then you turned your hull clockwise too. The speed that your client thinks your turret turns is increased so nearly double. But this decreases the gun rotation on the server to 0 as the hull and turret are rotating contrary to each other, so when you fire, the shot goes backwards. Solution: As said before; Server Reticule. Problem: This leads to things like this happening: Solution #2: Server reticule mod. This gives you both the client reticule and the server reticule at once. You get the smooth client reticule, and know when the server is being slow or stupid.
  12. Yeah, it is n×1÷e iirc. Either way, I don't find that I need to hold my shots to aim when sniping, unlike other tanks. The aim-time is stupidly quick.
  13. Yes, but it aims quickly when you stop to shoot. With GLD it aims faster than it shoots with rammer. Personally I find 2% less bloom to be less worth than ~20m more leeway on not being spotted & shot at.
  14. I'm no Unicum, but I do most if not all of what is on the list, with varying degrees of competence and active thought required. I'm currently away from home, so booted up the (borrowed) laptop patched game and started to play. No reticule... Well $h!t€k@k! ...Ace Tanker. Granted, I decided that after the WZ grind I would play my more neglected tanks, so I started by taking out my T-28 (which doesn't yet have 100% crew - I'm not a statpadder, just a collector), but that felt good - which is the point of this post: If you don't feel it, don't force it, you'll just go on tilt. If you don't feel warm inside after the first couple of battles, take a break, go do something else. No matter if you have 'a system', rafts of mods to give you the "biggest advantage evar!" or are the most attentive player, we are not wired to operate on a high level 100% of the time. If you are not feeling it, you're going to play badly, even if you are super-Unicum and 'badly' would still be almost godlike to someone like me. Just to drive the point home here http://wotreplays.eu/site/1538330#mines-baldrickk-t49is a replay I watched last night with freecam to see exactly what was happening elsewhere. Note the 113 on my team: -Driving out side-on to take shots at the E100 -Diving over the cliff to 'try' and engage the enemy from flank/behind and just getting himself trapped on his side next to the E-100 who gratefully took the kill.
  15. Aim time is fast too. As long as you have gld, those skills are not essential and improvement is v. minor imho. I went camo first. I found that the tank works best brawling only against same or lower tiers, and you can dpm them to death before they can exploit your track, plus you have a repair kit if needed. Camo lets you do silly things like running around in the open while dpm-ing the flanks of enemy tanks @ 300m. - the number of games where I have yolo'd, been reduced to ~2% hp, and had to resort to this, and carried because of it is stupidly high in my T-34. My setup: 57mm zis, rammer, gld, vents. <= DPM FTW
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