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  1. What's the lowest battle count you've seen for unicum overall WN8 on a first account (non-reroll)? Assume post-8.6.

    This information may be used to set the WN9 scale.

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    2. Luna


      Magenta is the only player I know of to be able to get purple that fast. I honestly think he is so far of an outlier of skill progression he shouldnt be considered (still <3 u doe)

    3. Gandaran


      @TaylorSwift it helped that he basically had everyone here from like, 1000 battles in xD.

    4. kolni


      EJ was purple before the metrics even existed so not sure... 

      unknwn on EU was purple at 4-5k battles I think

  2. Anyone want to switch their WN9 scale vote to base 650 and save a third poll? It's currently just over 50% but @MissNurki wanted to switch in the other direction.

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    2. Animactus


      Any idea when we can expect this to roll out?

    3. FreddBoy


      I'll change my vote to 650 as well Richard. With a 4 figure end point, it gives a better range of advancement and saves a Fuck load if xvm editing to reduce it to 3 figures Max.

    4. RichardNixon


      > Any idea when we can expect this to roll out

      Probably beta within a few days.

  3. WN9 pages are nearly ready. Might actually complete it before everyone here quits WoT.

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    2. hallo1994


      How many percent complete?

    3. RichardNixon


      >Will it hurt or help my stats while I 3 mark awful tanks?

      Probably help for most of them, but the track-padding isn't counted.

      > is the number 420 intended?

      Not originally. I picked 300 for avg tier 10 performance and the unicum level worked out that way.

    4. Acumen


      Just to confirm the platoon padding has been taken out of WN9?

  4. Anyone still playing low tiers occasionally? Need to check whether the T3 HMC (tier 2 TD, T18 replacement) is as spectacularly useless as my statistics suggest.

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    2. Kuroialty


      Facing them isn't scary.  Facing them is like feeling the pity of experiencing the before-and-after of a neutered dog.

    3. RichardNixon


      Well, that's good enough for me. Can't be bothered to poke GD.

      Not sure how it got through supertest though. Looks like they swapped the armour for engine power and forgot to fix the gun stats, so it's just a derpy suicide wagon.

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      All TDs at tier 2-3 are mostly worthless now, the map rotation has made them pointless. It's all Mittenguard and Himmelsdorf autocannon yolofest, plus 3s get to see tiers 5s like crazy. I don't play much 2-3 anyway but I definitely sold my tier 2-3 TDs and I keep damn near everything.

  5. Was the E-50 ever significantly buffed or tier-shifted? I don't recall anything, but I'm a noob and the numbers suggest it was.

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    2. _EXODUZ_
    3. RichardNixon


      Ok, thanks everyone. Does anyone remember whether the E-50 retained the old Panther II stats?

    4. Folterknecht
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