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    Giving arty players roofies and trading them to large black men for 12k gold to be molested and drowned.

    Fuck Arty... srsly.
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  1. And so, here lays the unknown...

  2. No tanks for awhile. Computer took a crap.

  3. T-62A: -Hull down monster -Great fire on the move -RoF -Pubstar -Stat padder Object 140: -Speed demon -RoF -Flanker -Decent padder -Depression RU med -CW star There you go. Simple as that. They're both great tanks that can decimate pubs with the right play. Both are worth getting and there is literally no point to not get both. Both are used in CW depending on the map, and will work on pretty much any map they face. Personally I'm a bigger fan of my 62A, because I seem to make it work much more than my 140 (see my 2500 dpg vs the shit 2200 in my 140).
  4. I think... I just took a world record status worthy shit. Seriously.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. OnboardG1
    3. ArmorAndCavalryAFB


      i think every dude says that at least once a week

    4. Angry_Ray


      It had to be at least forearm length.

  5. Can't believe nobodies asked this (used the search function and found nothing). But.... When can we expect to see Campaign #3 pop up? End-2014, early-2015, mid-2015, late 2015? And... Which tank will we see as a reward for #3? Edit: That is, if you have any idea as you have stated you don't do CW stuff. But I'm sure rumors flutter around the office
  6. You're employed by a chubby nerfhappy madman that cannot stand to see Russian tanks nerfed and is bad@tonks. Had to get that off my chest. Sorry. Dun't tell SerB I blasphemed his naem.Plzzzzz
  7. ArcheAge download: started.

    1. alostserendipity
    2. Angry_Ray


      Planning on it being something I play when I get uber-pissed @ tanks.

    3. Angry_Ray


      Which lately, has been a common occurrence.

  8. PLease holy mother of God, anyone reading this.... NEVER watch "A Serbian Film"... Just... don't.

    1. Siimcy


      I watched it, fapped to it... just kidding its just fucked up

  9. Just started Hellsing Ultimate.

  10. For so long now I've been sitting between 2300 and 2400 recent Wn8. It has been my goal for the better part of a month to get this to 2450+ but it seems every time I come close (around 2400) I go full fucking potato and then drop back down (around 2330). I don't get it guys. I feel like I'm not plateaued, but that I'm just getting overconfident combined with bad RNG. For example, last week I was hitting 3k-3.4k nightly all week and this week I'm struggling to go above 2200. I know that I'm a blue player. I've proven it to myself. I'm just striving to break through that barrier that separates t
  11. I'm seriously getting sick of Conq GCs. The thing is so blatantly broken and OP it's not even funny, yet WG ignores it because #artypreventscamping. Fuck arty.

    1. jon4179
    2. Nekommando


      ConGC is fucking cancer. Good gun arc+ cancer catapult+practically highest alpha= end stage cancer. Fuck arty.

  12. Geting pissface drunk becuase fuck this game.

  13. FUCK PUBBIES. Think I'm gonna take a 2 week break from this craptastic bullshit.

    1. ZXrage


      It's the weekend!

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