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  1. I can't understand how some of you actually can enjoy Vk 28.01, I looked forward for this tank, because, you know, derp and shit- but wow, no fking way. 1k wn8 averange first 10 game, blargh
  2. The recently founded German speaking clan WORKS is a project to establish a clan of top level players who can compete in the top 10 of EU clanwars. What do we offer? the most ambitious clan project of the German speaking community for long timehigh activity in strongholds and CW 2.0a community of unicum level players with experience in many different international clansgreat atmosphere for playing and having an awesome time togetherGerman alternative to international clansWhat do we require? +15k games+2500 WN8 overall+3000 WN8 recent 1k games+58% WR overallat least eight T10 + not less than f
  3. Just unlocked the JT today, I really enjoyed the JP2 and the JT offers a godlike gun and workable armor. What I can't handle yet is the mobility. I'm usually not playing TDs and in particular slow tanks. How do I get like 2,7k DPG as some of you mentioned in this threat? The poor mobility hinders me from keeping up with the speed when the enemy get's stomped, being too aggressive on the other hand leads to getting outmaneuvered or getting clicked (balanced)
  4. I'd recomment to call the technical support since they can probably do remote maintanance to see what's wrong with the router. Alternatively unplug it for five minutes, if this isn't enough, do a reset to delievery status, this should do the job.
  5. No doubt, the autoloader is superior. I only used the autoloader even before the nerf of the other gun. I can't imagine situations where I need more than 10 shots and don't have the time to reload the magazine. In addition the autoloader allows me to murder most isolated tanks before they can recieve any assistance or help themselves.
  6. I hated the M103 a lot and couldn't stand it. Nice gun, but freaking big turrent with lolarmor. But since I had a four month break from WoT and expected to suck even more at this tank, I got suddenly able to manage this tank. Don't ask me why, probably magic or something like that. I guess I just was spoiled from my IS-7 and IS-6 which have actually armor contrary to M103 (and Tiger II which I couldn't handle also). Currently I just farm WN8 with both of them, ride the hype train and don't think of playing any other tank until I unlocked its successors. I'm really looking forward to E5 and E75
  7. Not at last the SU-122-44 has the godlike Kaliber of 122mm which allows it to overmatch a lot of stuff and offers you a huge number of additional hitzones. Man, I cant even imagine how many millions of credits this mechanic has saved me on my IS-6.
  8. It was my first premium tank back then. Bought it over IS-6, biggest mistake ever. The extremely bad mobility, lack of armor and disgusting gun handling killed it for me. So I sold it because I needed credits. Much time went by and several patches occurred. I wonder if it benefited somehow of it and consider to buy it back and giving it another chance to give me some variety at credit grinding. So is it worth to consider to buy it back or does it still get shit on?
  9. Thx for your answers guys, I just purchased the AMX 50 120 and although it seems to receive a lot of hate, I really dont feel like it's so bad. When the event will start I will take this opportunity to grind for E100, let's see how far I will get I read it on http://ftr.wot-news.com/ Just google "top of the tree october 2014"
  10. Hi! E100 is going to be the next top of the tree. I never had the luck to be able to profif from this event, now might be my chance. I have already unlocked the KT, but am pretty damn broken, not even 1mio. My dilemma is, I'm working to get more stronk CW tankus and currently I'm on the way to 50B, 40k xp to go for the 50 120. Is it realistic to get the E100 before the event ends? KT for example appears quite XP intensive and my gold reserves are limited (5k) and I usually retrain crews with gold, so there is not super much room for converting. Or would you head on for 50B and ignore the
  11. Well damn, I just forgot when tanks are on sale, I receive less in return also! However, just purchased it as well and I must say this tank is pretty awesome! First game right away +5k dmg (and lost, yeah I suck) I'm pretty sure this will become my very favorite tank besides my big love T-62A. What equip/ crewskills would purples recommand? My current setup: 6th/Camo/??? Camo/Snapshot/??? Camo/Smoothride/Clutchbraking Vert. Stab / Optics / Vents (increased accuracy) I think BIA is worth as 4th (retrained), so I dont know what to do with the two open slots yet.
  12. What does "Die Alterung Maus" mean? German for "The Old Mouse"? Actually It would mean "Die alte Maus". It just confuses me everytime I browse the forum^^
  13. I have to say, I was always a bit scared of going for the BC 25 because I knew after the nice 13 90 there will be the Lorraine. I really feared it and expected it to be very big shit but now after I bought it, I must say, I had no idea what I was thinking, this tank is just exceeding my expectations easily, it's way more worse than I could ever expect. The combination of shell reload time and clipsize requires a lot of time to put the whole mag into the enemy and the alpha-dmg isnt really fearsome at all. So you have to expose yourself for a time to deal actually dmg which is noticeable. N
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