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  1. How does one get involved in these organized battles? I did a little google-fu and just found WG press releases on old seasons but it isn't very clear. I assume when a new season begins the mode will unlock for solo-queue only? Or do players form teams and take their pre-made team into the ranked mode against other teams?
  2. Don't go south on Westfield. Start recognizing the recurrent WOT phenomenon of pubbies sitting in the corner of maps regardless of how the game unfolds. 121 is fast enough to have gone all the way back to cap and saved your arty and the match on Arctic Region. But then again you should have been dead to that triple GWE100 platoon the instant you were spotted so it's a miracle you got to go anywhere.
  3. Well, ninja mods deleted the best bits. Interested people can read the T-22 missions thread to see a half dozen other Purple Poasters admit to rigging and offer clues to the process as far back as the very day the patch dropped.
  4. In your opinion, which arguments justifying rigging are solid, on point, and logical? As lead administrator how do you feel about a Purple Poaster using this forum to publicly invite visitors to the Wotlabs in-game chat channel for purposes of mission-rigging? Who is responsible for determining if a given thread has been created contrary to Wotlabs' rules and must be deleted?
  5. How is it interesting? Nobody will address the obvious hypocrisy. Unless you mean the entertainment value at watching your community cannibalize itself while criticizing onlookers for their judgment? Otherwise this thread is a melancholy recreation of KingAlphyn's pubbies' logic: 1) cheating is not wrong if you don't get caught. Good work Wotlabs (oops there goes my pretentious dipshit alarm.) 2) cheating is wrong, but "fuck you all" (Carbon;) 2a) cheating is wrong, but the relevant issue is whether cheating is only analogous to a minor crime, because committing minor offen
  6. See the OP: "Wargaming owes me easier missions!" In as simple English as is possible: - The difficulty of the missions is not relevant. - Whether Wargaming's past or present actions have made you upset is not relevant. - The abilities of the T-22 are not relevant. - You do not have a license to cheat or ruin an entire game mode simply because you and your internet friends decided following the clearly-understood rules of the competition was impossible. Garbad was banned for trolling pubbies and these Purple Poasters approve of mission rigging. This website gets b
  7. As many players have commented, non-riggers no longer have the possibility to play the new mode. Both because the mode has lost what little competitive appeal it had and because rigging platoons will literally ESC-->Exit to garage. Non-rigging players are losers. Wargaming's business model also relies in large part on creating a demand for statistical performance. If players want to do better they will buy premium consumables and shoot premium shells. Every mission that has ever been in this game has been a (perhaps misguided) attempt to create demand for statistical performance. Warga
  8. The last two weeks have seen the rise and fall of what is undoubtedly the largest cheating scandal in the history of WOT. Across clan, language, skill, and any other player divides, the tanks players have united to plunge themselves into a massive and shameless conspiracy to rig T-22 missions. The point of this thread will be to examine the factors that contributed to the precipitous decay of respect for the rules and for each other in the vain quest for a somewhat average pixeltank. This thread is not for praising those who abstained from cheating, as though that were an accomplishment,
  9. Whenever I read this forum people always say they don't know what they did wrong. But what did you do well? What was your plan? Is the problem with your plan or your execution? Every good player has refined their own winning hypothesis and tested it thousands of times in the crucible of battle, and here you are sitting in a bush. Your bush plan was not great: Losing the majority of your team in the north did not bode well, but in the game you are still just sniping from a bush. Bush sniping very rarely is the best plan. You executed the bush plan poorly as well: stop auto-aiming moving scout t
  10. What do you expect people to say? You kemped bush as a top tier Cent. Just pick a direction and go.
  11. Perhaps I am off-topic, but this is a disappointing thread. What a drastic drop-off from the professional-style RBS/Garbad's articles that were the hallmark of Wotlabs content in the past and irreplaceable to me as I learned the game. So I feel a little obligated to write something. There is a typo or grammatical error in almost every single sentence. There are obfuscations about the tank that can basically be classified as lies: 173 AP pen "isn't stellar in tier 10?" It's both "fairly mobile" and has "sluggish acceleration?" 7.5/10 for what is the latest in a trend of increasingly useless pre
  12. Right from the start: Enemy team's 7s are a Tiger and some casemate TDs that are not great at fighting around corners. No scary lower tiers. Lots of arty. 14' You are setting up to get 1 shot off before being forced to hide. Go somewhere more useful. Try working center on the 0 or 5 line. Or the E/F8 courtyard area. Even Field is viable as a top tier Panther because of tomato low tiers + better overall vision. Anywhere you will be able to put in more than 1 shot around a corner will be better than this. 13' You're still kind of just driving around and also seem to trust your pubbies to keep
  13. 0.3 spots / game is really poor. Your armor use efficiency is not great either. One could estimate you are camping until the game is already over and then being flanked. Sooner or late you'll get the hang of how aggressive you're allowed to be at 18 kph. No slow tank is that complicated- it's basically about micro'ing on corners to score a bounce and then return 2+ shots.
  14. What makes it better at dogfighting than the tier 5? On paper it seems fatter, slower, and 11k or 19k, one torpedo will kill any DD you've already been shooting at. So the torpedo alpha really seems to only be an advantage against cruisers with a lot of HP. Probably ought to avoid those in the first place. Besides all that Nicholas gets more torps (12>10) that reload quicker. I understand there is value in having long range torpedoes but I'm just not interested in spinning in circles behind a smoke screen for 20 minutes hoping my torpedoes hit something. Are all of the DDs getting the AA
  15. USN DDs were the last ship line I tried because I had read they were not very powerful, but I instantly fell in love with their knife-fight style and am really enjoying the t5 Nicholas. No other ships have the thrill of high speed gun duels at close range amidst smoke and rocks and (friendly) torpedoes incoming from every angle. However, when I look through the tech tree, the t5 Nicholas and its successors seem fairly identical. For example, compared to the tier 9 Fletcher: Using identical 5" guns, Fletcher has ~10% more DPM (Nicholas 4x1 @ 15 RPM = 60 RPM / Fletcher 5x1 @ 13.3 RPM = 66.5 RP
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