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  1. Holy Crap. Sometimes Wiki has the answer.

    Chris Cornell death ruled suicide by hanging.
    It was in the song
    Cornell on "Fell on Black Days":
    "Fell on Black Days" was like this ongoing fear I've had for years...It's a feeling that everyone gets. You're happy with your life, everything's going well, things are exciting—when all of a sudden you realize you're unhappy in the extreme, to the point of being really, really scared. There's no particular event you can pin the feeling down to, it's just that you realize one day that everything in your life is FUCKED![3]
  2. Yup. It is a broken mechanism that cannot be fixed and needs to be removed. Otherwise it is a good patch.
  3. Arty sucks. The splash is huge. I got two tanks in one shot and wasn't even close to them. I wasn't even trying to hit anyone on purpose and still did a good amount of damage off the splash. Once arty players figure that out, it will go back to the same BS. Remove arty from the game please.
  4. Do I need to rebuy the T21? Will I get something out of it? Thanks
  5. Where did you see that? That would be crap. Why play the VK then?
  6. 'I play for fun.' tm. It's for the giggles. Almost as many giggles as a full pen in the T49. But it is a good tool if you are cornered by an autoloader and are between reloads.
  7. I am surprised no one has brought up the VK's ability to ram. It really adds another dimension to the game play and is a great weapon to use on other light tanks and arty. It really does damage beyond its weight.
  8. What does this mean to the M41GF? Will become a tier 9 and get similar stats to the RU or get nerfed and stay at 8?
  9. I have Controlled Impacted on my driver. The VK can ram like mad. I had one game with 3 ram kills. Used to get lots of chat msgs about hacking whenever I rammed a scout.
  10. Now you shoot the green tenks and you can't chat with the other team about their use of hax and Sprem ammo. Arty still sucks.
  11. GG Wargaming. Raised the price of the boxes from $5 to 7.50. WP. Happy New Year's WG.

    1. Errants


      Did they really raise the prices?  Everything I've seen about capturing the forecasted cost from the EULA showed odd formatting... And it isn't like they publicly released the info ASIDE from the EULA, and then changed things...

  12. I can second Tropico. Plus it is a real cheep pick up. You can get one of the older versions with all of the DLC for almost nothing. I normally don't make it far into a game as I turn too despotic and crack down on everything/everyone and end up being too corrupt.
  13. Bad map is bad. A Wide Park for higher than tier 5 map. GG WoT WP.
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