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  1. Thanks for your comment, @Archaic_One. We don't make these videos to substitute any of the aforementioned content providers, or really anyone in your Subscriptions list. This is our take on trying to add to the game in a different style and narrative. You either like our concept and stay with us, or stick with your everyday YouTubers -- your call. Also, just because a Unicum player creates videos, doesn't necessarily mean they're doing it right. Personal experience. In case you get to watch the video, I hope you can take something away from it.
  2. Hey guys, Let me introduce you to a collaboration with my dear friend @Alabastrom, where our goal is to create educational videos for games we think we can play better than a fuegian steamer duck. We call this endeavour The Bromato Project. Don't ask why. This first installment of our World of Tanks video series called Tips to Improve features an 8k damage battle in the Bat-Chat 25t on Abbey, where we showcase camo and bush mechanics... and a couple of memes to top it off. We're basing these videos off of TheRiisingSun's work, so if you've ever watched his videos, our ones will
  3. I'm just bumping this thread up in the sidebar. Anyway, thanks for all the positive comments, good luck to everyone!
  4. Hey Wotlabsians, I have a question I need assistance with. When my crew reaches 100% on their second skill, I almost always have BiA as 1st skill, and repairs (for heavies) or camouflage (for mediums and lights) as 2nd skill for everyone at that point. What I almost always do here is retrain my crew by keeping BiA and dropping repair/camo for things like Sixth Sense, Situational Awareness, Snapshot and Smooth Ride (on heavies let's say) or stuff that work from 100% proficiency. The main reason I'm doing this is because I want to churn out every last drop of my gun handling.
  5. Hey Wotlabsians! I created this handy little spreadsheet to monitor your daily progress in the up-and-coming T-44-100 Mission Marathon. Yeah, I love creating spreadsheets. Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1apwR5Y6YYJMcuVNCsZQ-CDd5uyWjlZXWGz01l23sy14/edit How it Works You input your current damage and kill count to the spreadsheet for all the nations, which adds them all up, and tells you whether you've fulfilled the required average for that day. It also tells you how many days of advantage you have, should you progress faster; or disadvantage, respe
  6. What's happening here is that when I install XVM (I tried vanilla XVM and QB's version), upon ending a battle, there's a chance that my screen will freeze for 10-60 seconds. I've also reinstalled the game just today to my SSD, fresh new, cleared cache and everything -- still happens. I guess XVM 6.3.0 might be buggy for now. Also noticed when I enable ATS and BRR in Active Dossier Uploader, the game will hang on the "Synchronozing whatever" screen upon entering the garage. Solution: Vanilla Tenks
  7. When you watch replays, things like aiming and zooming are smoothed out. It looks very cool, but it's just the replays afaik. The other day I found this Mouse Acceleration Fix which cancels out any mouse acceleration introduced by Windows. You might want to give it a try if you have mouse issues. I set my mouse to the lowest possible DPI value for WoT, and I tend to amp it up a bit for work.
  8. @ChaosGod I believe these camos should at some point be obtainable in one of the future Campaigns. So definitely go for it, they look absolutely lovely imo. They also give +50HP to your engine! Kappa. Shoutout to player MrMedvig for the T34 screens!
  9. All the tanks with the Creeper camo I've come accross so far looked amazing! I have it on a few of my tanks myself, I love 'em all. I just asked in my ex-clan for a screenshot of the T34, I will get back to you on that. Until then, here's my Creeper CDC for your viewing pleasure.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to write all this down! When Tilt hits the fan, it's very easy to lose control of my emotions. As a wanna-be-better player, I will certainly try out these methods. Thanks!
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