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    Szaboka89 reacted to nabucodonsor in WG's EULA Changes NA   
    You bought the right of playing with such tank in wot. You did not buy the tank it is still theirs. Practically it is a sort of one time rent payment
    WG can go fuck themselves. I am so tired of them treating us as dog shit. We should organize a cross-server strike just to fuck with them and teach these cunts a lesson. And I am not talking about just this new policy, but also for their attempt to silence people and dissent (like Foch and now sites), and for how fucked up this game is. Especially after these last patches of Russian patriotism.
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    Szaboka89 reacted to kolni in Tips on playing heavies for a light tank driver   
    A few tips
    The slower your tank is the less you can solo play. With lower mobility the chances of you being overrun get a lot bigger because of your ability to actually get away in time. Basically with a slower platform your reactions need to be better, and you need to think ahead more than normal since it'll take longer for you to react to whatever happens around you. In a light tank you can basically run away from a flank after it's fallen and still get away, and in a medium while it falls. In a slow heavy you already need to be moving the instant you see it and think that you probably will lose the engagement as you're never going to get away otherwise.  Staying power - armour lets you hold positions much better than anything else. Combine it with your higher HP for the tier on average and you should get a rough idea of how to proceed. Can you hold the position, advance or do you need to retreat? This is pretty much something that should go through your head at every chokepoint.  What tanks are your armour most effective against? - Obviously bottom tiers, but predicting enemy deployments and just going where you have the biggest advantage instead of where you should go you're going to make that engagement win a lot more confidently and speed the engagement up for your team (aka winning). This is something mobile heavies do very well. The simplest example would be that they counter mediums very well. A 113 with its UFP and alpha will outtrade any medium when played well, pretty much regardless of how well the medium plays. Mobility sort of plays into this a bit. Yoloing a Maus down the north flank on Windstorm will probably make it a won flank but after that you're useless for very long until you can do something again.  Gimmick commitments. This is basically an IS-7 thing where you go way too aggressive and take a hulldown that will stop the enemy heavies before they can actually reach where they want to go. Great for winning games. Not so great for DPG  
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    Szaboka89 reacted to Rawkes in [Mega Resource] Everything I’ve learnt going from noob to unicum-recent   
    I recently hit purple stats on both my recent WN8 and WR so I thought it was about time to take stock of my progression and the things I've been doing to improve – I hope it helps someone. It's quite long and isn't intended for reading once; rather it's more a reference of tips to come back to when things go wrong. If people find it useful then I'll look at recompiling it and structuring the content in a way that's easier to digest.
    – Rawkes
    I use the term unicum as a literal definition for someone with WN8 over 2,450 My recent statistics at the time of writing put me within the purple spectrum, specifically my past 1,000+ solo games (WN8 2,487 – WR 60.16%), which is the measure WoTLabs uses an indication of current skill You can find out more about me on my WoT profile I do not claim to be a great player, nor do I claim to know better than others In fact, I make mistakes all the time (though hopefully less of them now) and I’m always looking to improve My aim is to give the advice that I wish I was given when I started out, in the hope that new players can have a smoother start All advice given is based on proven personal experience and doesn’t guarantee that you’ll reach unicum status – your mileage may vary I’ve provided links to further resources where I can This advice is live, meaning that it will be updated as I progress and learn new things  
    Advice (in no particular order)
    General things I wish I knew when I started
    You can hold down the mouse button to fire immediately when reloaded, rather than constatly clicking You can force a reload by pressing the C key – very useful in an auto-loader with half a clip remaining Enabling dynamic camera and horizontal stablisation make it much easier to aim while moving There’s less chance to be spotted if you make sure a bush stops being transparent before firing You can move crews between tanks (for a cost) Premium tanks can use any crew of the same nation and type without retraining That the xx/xx/xx penetration stats referred to shell types (eg. AP/Premium/HE) and not location on a tank (eg. Front/Sides/Back) You’re able to paint camoflague on your tanks for an added camo bonus Angling increases the chances of bouncing enemy shots That bouncing was even a thing that could happen! Accelerated crew training only applies to a single crew-member at a time You can right-click on tanks in the garage and set them as primary so they appear first in the list Key mods
    XVM (with predicted WR removed) – mainly for the minimap extras, damage log and spotted icons on the player list Autoaim Indicator + Snapping – prevents you having to frantically click around trying to auto-aim on an enemy tank ServerCross2 – gives you a much better idea on where your shots will actually go based on latency Overall, I’d recommend installing your mods using something like the Odem Mortis or Solo’s modpacks Pick the right tanks for your playstyle
    This requires a lot of experimentation Try out all the different tank types and see which ones feel the most enjoyable for you It’s impossible to get a true feel for a tank until you’ve played a good number of battles in it without playing other tanks in between For me, I find mediums and lights most enjoyable – particularly something with quick acceleration and the ability to flex (change position) at short notice I’m working on a tool that allows you to find other tanks that are similar to ones you already enjoy Focus one tank or type at a time
    Ideally, keep playing one particular tank over and over again until you’re comfortable with its nuances – become one with the tank If you split your time over multiple tanks then the differences in play style will throw you off and prevent you from learning This also makes the grind pass a lot sooner than if you split your time By doing this you’ll either become really good with the tank or you’ll learn why you hate it and never play it again It’s worth keeping a similar tank on stand-by for those moments when you die and have to wait for the tank to be available If you do want to play a few different tanks, at least stay within the same play style and ideally the same type – don’t switch from speedy medium to lumbering heavy (eg. I often flip between the Cromwell B, M7 and T-34) I noticed my stats increase dramatically after focussing on one tank for a week Categorise your tanks
    Have a selection of tanks to play from depending on how you’re feeling Credit-making tanks These are tanks you play predominantly for making credits or farming Free XP for other grinds For me, these are usually premium tanks like the T34, Jg.Tiger 88 and T-54 Mod. 1 Comfort tanks These are tanks you can effectively auto-pilot in and still play well in (good WR and WN8) You enjoy them even if you have a bad game These are your bread and butter tanks, consisting of most of your games For me, these include tanks like the T-34, M7 and Cromwell B Fun tanks These are for letting your hair down – something you enjoy and that doesn’t require effort You play these tanks not for stats and purely to let off a bit of steam For me, this is often the IS-2, Pz. II J or Churchill III Tanks you just don’t get on with but need to play Not everyone plays in the same way – some tanks just don’t seem to work out These tanks are often even more frustrating because you need to grind through them (or spend lots of precious Free XP) For me, I play horribly in popular tanks like the IS-3 and Comet – we just don’t get on right now It happens, just be aware of them and either improve in them or play them less often Only move up tiers when you’re ready – don’t try to run before you can walk
    When I started, all I wanted to do was get a tier 10 tank so I rushed as fast as I could I bought some tier 8 tanks to get the credits in and ignored the fact I didn’t play very well in them I got to tier 9 in about 1,000 games and proudly purchased a T-54 ready to cause trouble Boy was that a mistake; not because the T-54 is bad, rather I just wasn’t prepared for the change in gameplay at tier 9 I also wasn’t prepared more generally – my crews, my awareness, my mindset – I was still new to the game and making lots of mistakes After loss after loss, frustration after frustration, I decided to move back down all the way to tier 3 and work my way up once I felt comfortable at each tier What do I mean by comfortable? To me, being comfortable is when you feel like you can handle yourself in any situation; whether you are bottom tier, the best of a crappy team, alone against 5 enemies, whatever the game can throw at you Once you aren’t afraid to carry a game if needed, not only will your stats improve drastically, but you’ll start enjoying the game a lot more because you aren’t being punished so much for making simple mistakes It’s important to eventually move up the tiers though, otherwise you’ll stagnate and get bored – there’s only so many times you get Kolobanov’s and Radley Walter’s medals at tier 5 before it gets a bit boring Challenge yourself and try a higher tier every so often – I still use my tier 8 premiums every so often to test the water – just take it slowly and make sure you don’t overestimate your abilities Don’t do daily doubles on lots of different tanks
    When I started I always completed the daily doubles on every single tank before doing anything else This got incredibly time-consuming when I started owning more than 10 tanks – often I’d spend all evening doing the doubles and not doing anything else (eg. not grinding) You’ll enjoy the game a lot more if you only do the doubles on the tanks you are actively playing and grinding – I’d say 4 or 5 maximum in a session You’ll often find that doing the daily doubles on every tank doesn’t actually give you more XP over the evening than if you consistently played one or two tanks half-decently over the same amount of time – it’s easy to forget about all the low-XP losses involved in trying to get the doubles (likely between 40–50% of attempts) Turning off predicted win-rate
    Seriously, turn that shit off – it screws with your head I currently have it only display after the game on the post-battle results screen It’s a great feeling to have an awesome game and see afterward that you were only predicted a 30% WR You’d be surprised how many games I win now that have a sub-40% WR, compared to when I saw the stat pre-battle Tracking progress
    There are a number of websites out there that track your progress The main things to track are your individual tank stats, WN8 and WR WoTLabs is a great resource for tracking those three areas vBAddict tracks even more Your crew progress Your Marks of Excellence (MoE) progress Your aggregate performance on each map Detailed statistics and performance for each of your tanks Comparison with other players – eg. seeing what equipment most other people use Learn how tanks work
    I can’t stress how important it is to at least learn about the tank you’re driving Ideally, you also want to be learning about the tanks you’re up against too Get a general overview on the WoT Wiki Compare them using Tank Compare Study armour, penetration angles and soft-stats using Tanks.gg or Tank Inspector Learn general reload times – even the terms fast, not-so-fast and slow will do to start Learn the best general places to penetrate a tank – the lower-front plate, cupola, sides and rear Learn where not to shoot tanks, in general – upper-front plate, turret mantlet, tracks Do research when you come across a tank that you found hard to penetrate – don’t repeat the same mistakes Accept and use premium ammo
    People will use premium ammo against you, fact It’s a game mechanic just like any other, so use it to your advantage If you don’t like the idea of using premium ammo then you’re giving yourself a significant handicap Learn when you need to use premium ammo and when you don’t so you can make it last longer Spamming premium ammo will not gaurantee better stats, in fact it will likely just make you broke It is entirely possible to play without using premium ammo (eg. like Taugrim), though you will have a hard and frustrating time in many matches Don’t chastise other players for using premium ammo Keep a little HE for key moments
    It’s worth keeping a small amount of HE shells (at least 3) to gaurantee a cap reset – it’s not worth the risk with 5 seconds remaining Remember that HE almost always does damage, so use it against tanks with really low health – it’s not worth risking a non-penetration This generally isn’t practical for auto-loaders as it’s too much effort to load a HE clip for just one or 2 shots Consistency is key
    Having a few good games is far less important than having consistent results External factors and RNG will deliver the occasional game with amazing stats – it doesn’t mean you’re good Once you start seeing consistent results then you have a baseline for improvement Only use your consistent results as an indication of progress (eg. WoTLabs uses your previous 1,000 matches) On the flip-side, don’t get demotivated when you have (and you will most definitely have) the occasional game from hell – they feel like the end of the world but actually have little effect on your overall results If you find that your results are fluctuating dramatically then you need to think about what might be the cause – use my advice on noticing mistakes as a starting point Solo vs. platoon
    I found platooning detrimental to finding my own playstyle and working through my own mistakes Going solo allowed me the time and space to make mistakes and experiment without the added pressure of factoring in the potentially-conflicting playstyles of other people Going solo also allowed me to play more games in a shorter time as I didn’t need to wait on anyone when I died Bear in mind that platooning is known to artificially inflate statistics – chance are you’ll play worse solo Don’t get me wrong, platooning has a place, but don’t get too used to it if you want to improve yourself as an individual player Finding the best time to play
    Something I realised recently was that the time I play makes a big difference on both my performance and my enjoyment The best time for me to play seems to be between early evening to about 10pm on weekdays The worst times seem to be late night (after 10pm) and weekends Some days won’t fit these expectations, though I’ve found it to be fairly consistent over time What I’ve seen is that, on the whole, teams seem to be far more predictable during normal after-work hours More experienced players who know about team-work and have a rough idea of what to do Even though you shouldn’t, you can rely on them a little more to hold or push a flank It’s a lot easier to get a consistent WR and WN8 during these times Once you get into late night or weekends you delve into the world of unpredictability Mostly due to the seemingly larger proportion of inexperienced players and bots You absolutely cannot rely on them in any way to shoot the enemy, let alone hold a flank You’ll often end up being the last one alive if you’re half-decent While WN8 will probably not fluctuate much (it may even increase!), it’s unlikely to get a consistent WR during these times without platooning Make sure you change your tactics if you decide to play outside of the best times Accept that you cannot rely on your team in any way during these times Be on guard for bizarre moves – it’s easy to get taken out due to the unpredictability of inexperienced players Assume that might become the only player left on your team so have a plan of action for when that happens Abuse advanced tactics that inexperienced players won’t consider (eg. strict bushwork, angling, etc) Blaming matchmaking or your team
    Yes, matchmaking can suck at times Yes, sometimes your team is full of complete idiots No, matchmaking wasn’t the reason you did badly No, your team isn’t the sole reason why you lost There’s only one constant in every single game – that's you You are the only thing you can control and improve upon If you had a bad game, you definitely had something to do with it – blame others and you’ll never improve yourself Focus on your game, not other peoples – I’ve made this mistake many times Instead of blaming someone else, think about what you did wrong and how you can avoid it again Did you place too much trust in your team? Did you blindly follow your heavies assuming they weren’t going to panic at the sight of a single enemy light tank? Did you sit still while berating your team in chat, giving the enemy arty an easy one-shot on you? Did you play too passively and let your team melt away around you? Did you play too agressively and ultimately end up dying alone? Worry about who to blame (you) after the game, not during – stay focussed Reviewing replays
    Keep copies of replays from all parts of the spectrum; good games, bad games and mediocre games Review them to look for things you missed mid-game – I haven’t been doing this, but I should I’m currently working on a tool to take all my replays and aggregate my movement, actions as well as the places I shot people from and the places where others shot me from Learning from others
    Learn from experienced players – they’re often happy to give advice Everyone plays differently so don’t expect to get the same results even if you follow advice from a unicum The grass is always greener on the other side – you usually don’t see the bad results from other players Don’t be afraid to come up with your own approach using a hybrid of personal experience and advice from others Recommendations QuickyBaby Zeven 4TankersAndDog Taugrim WoTLabs guides and forums /r/WorldofTanks Simply Googling “WoT …” Game settings and controls
    Enable Dynamic Camera This prevents camera movement while moving in sniper mode You’ll notice that it’s a lot easier to aim while moving with this enabled Enable Horizontal Stabilisation (requires Dynamic Camera) This keeps the camera on target whilst traversing the hull of your tank in sniper mode (rather than moving the gun with the hull) It ultimately makes it a lot easier to keep your sights on a tank whilst wriggle your hull, even turning a full 180 if needs be Experiment with disabling some of the game modes for a week or so I’ve found that disabling the Assault mode had increased the consistency of my WR I still have Encounter enabled Use the reticle penetration indicator This is the little coloured marker in the middle of your reticle It tells you the chance of penetrating the tank in a specific location Red = no chance, orange = possibly, green = probably It doesn’t take angle into account so only use it as a rough guide Learn the highlight target key (default: T) and use it to communicate priority targets to your team Press the C key to manually reload This is super useful when you’re in an auto-loader and you want a full clip for the next fight Use crews to their full potential
    Learning how to manage crews makes a huge difference to performance at higher tiers Don’t train a new crew for each tank, at least not to start with and never unless you plan to keep the tank forever Take the same crew with you as you move up the tiers Use Tanknumbers.com to calculate how long it’ll take to train up each crew skill for specific tanks Select the right skills and perks for the tank type and your play style Select skills first, then reset once you get to 100% on the first skill and select a perk instead You don’t benefit from perks until they reach 100%, which can take a long time This means you can benefit from a skill during the journey from 0 to 100% You will have to spend some Gold (ideally) or Credits to change the skills into perks Whatever you do, make sure you focus sixth sense on every new crew – it’s such an important skill and it’s easy to forget you don’t have it on new crews I usually train the commander in Repairs or Camoflague and immediately retrain to Sixth Sense once they get to 100% Use premium tanks to train up crews Premium tanks don’t require a special crew – you can put the crew of any tank of the same nation and type in them without retraining Premium tanks give you an XP boost which the crew will benefit from Premium tanks have the option of Accelerated Crew training, giving a further XP boost to the crew-member with the lowest XP each game If you make a mistake, or want to change your skills, I prefer to use Gold over Credits and keep all my Crew XP – it takes ages to earn Crew XP so don’t throw it away if you can afford not to Crew retraining discounts occur every so often so it’s worth waiting to retrain if you’re tight on Gold and it’s not urgent Use consumables and equipment
    They make a huge difference to how a tank plays Look on vBAddict to see what most people use for each tank Use your experience to tweak what you use – eg. switch out the extinguisher if you rarely set on fire Don’t underestimate the power of provisions (eg. food, cola, tea) – they’re expensive but can mean the difference between life and death Apply camoflague – it makes a difference, plus it looks cool Gameplay and technique
    In general, understand and abuse every game mechanic and tactic at your disposal to outplay the opposing players If you don’t, someone else will – don’t be stubborn, otherwise you will be the one who gets outplayed Learn map positioning This is something that’s easy to research but hard to put into practice My advice would be to look at positioning from other people and combine that with your own experience Remember places that worked really well, as well as those which didn’t work at all Remember places that give you solid cover, even if you don’t need them right now – these are useful for fallback positions when you need them Experiment with new places when you get a chance Before you know it, you’ll have played all the maps enough to feel comfortable with where you need to go QuickyBaby and 4TankersAndDog have great videos on this The micro-positioning thread by Kolni is also a good resource for specific locations Make sure you understand the general game mechanics Read the wiki post from start to finish, then read it again How matchmaking works Penetration mechanics (eg. shell normalisation, over-penetration, etc) Accelerated training XP and Credit calculations Use Premium benefits If you’re clever with Premium then you can save a whole bunch of time with grinding and crew training Generally, a Premium account gives you 1.5x XP and 1.5x Credits Understand visibility and spotting mechanics Particularly how bushes work At the least, make sure you pull back 15m behind a bush (so it stops being transparent) before firing so you’re less likely to be spotted Learn about view ranges and render distances Angling and vehicle positioning (hull down, etc) I knew about this early on but I never deliberately did it in-game Angling doesn’t always work but it’s worth doing for the occasional bounce that’ll save your arse Going hull down is incredibly powerful, particularly in tanks with strong turrets like the T34 As with most of the advice here, practice makes perfect Flanking, peek-a-boom, etc Again, something I knew about but rarely implemented deliberately early on Learning when to pull back and flank can often result in easy, free damage at absolutely zero risk to your own tank Peek-a-boom takes time to get right so you don’t take a shot every time you show yourself Keep moving so you’re hard to predict and pin down – especially if you fire your gun or get spotted Don’t suicide to save a team-mate, unless they’re really worth it Don’t show yourself unless you’re ready to fire – hide when you’re reloading Choose a weakpoint over taking a random shot – wasted shots won’t kill things any faster Don’t panic – you’ll make mistakes and get yourself killed You are not a one-man-army – work with your team, even if they aren’t doing what you want I often make the mistake of charging off on my own, thinking I know better Before I know it, I’m surrounded, outgunned and my team are no where to be seen (because I left them behind) Learn when to stick with your team and when to do a hero run If anything, staying nearby others in the early stages of a game will lower the chances of you being singled out and killed You can start making bold moves once you know where everyone is and how the game is flowing Awareness of surroundings and game flow Keeping an eye on what’s going on around you Predicting when a flank is going to fail Predicting enemy movement based on experience and flow Listening to your natural sixth-sense (your gut) for a few extra seconds reaction-time when spotted Retreating and re-evaluating the situation if you’re not being effective Often I would find myself in a head-to-head battle with another tank I always looked at these as a fight to a death – I couldn’t comprehend leaving without that tank being destroyed, or mine Many times this resulted in me flinging shots harmlessly at the front of a heavily armoured tank and doing nothing to improve the situation until I eventually, predictable got annihilated I still struggle with this one, though I’m getting better at learning when I’m not being effective and re-positioning until I am, or retreating somewhere safe Don’t trade shots unless you can afford to It’s tempting to keep taking easy shots at an enemy without realising quite how much health you’re losing in return Before you know it, you’ve killed the enemy tank (yay) but you now only have 10 HP left over (crap) This is particularly important to remember in a lightly armoured or bottom-tier tank An ideal engagement is one where you take absolutely no damage in return (eg. through positioning or bushwork) In heated situations you should aim to give no more than 25% of your HP for each kill Whatever you do, never trade shots with non-priority tanks (eg. bottom-tiers or lights) when you have the opportunity to trade with a priority target (eg. top-tiers, auto-loaders, heavies or TDs) I’m much better at this now but I still find myself trading health when I don't need to Take out an enemy gun when you have the chance An enemy left on 1 HP is just as dangerous as an enemy on full health If you see an easy kill, take it if it’s safe to do so You may not get as much damage but you’ll greatly increase your chances of winning the game Accept your role in the game and do something about it When you’re a bottom-tier light, or arguably any light, you should focus on staying alive and spotting for your team When you’re a top-tier heavy you should focus on taking out other top-tier heavies and generally defending other tanks around you When you’re an arty you should focus on taking out high-priority targets over easy kills (eg. anything that’s an immediate threat to your team) Of course, you can deviate from these roles when you want (eg. rampaging in your light tank at the end) but always keep your purpose in the back of your mind Patience and calculated aggression If an enemy sees that you’re eager to push, they’ll let you and punish you – people aren’t as stupid as you think You should be controlling the pace of an engagement, not someone else This is arguably the most important skill to hone (I’m still bad at this one) Instead of seeing their turret turning toward you yet you still attempting an extra shot, getting yourself hit and perhaps killed, hold back and ensure that you have the HP to spare later on More often than not, you’ll get many more opportunities later on in the game if you’re patient and careful about your plays Patience does not mean camping, it means biding your time and knowing when not to make a move This is by far one of the most common traits I’ve noticed when watching good players – they aren’t afraid to wait things out Always having a plan At least know what you’re planning to do and where you’re going to fall back if things turn bad Chances are, things won’t go to plan when you’re starting out so it’s incredibly important to know where you’re going to fall back to – there’s no humiliation in retreating to consider your next move Willingness to learn and actively improve
    If you don’t want to learn and improve then you can forget about getting good stats, it’s as simple as that You have to have the right mindset if you’re going to accept the hard truths before getting better (eg. you’re not as good as you think you are) Progress takes time and you shouldn’t expect immediate results, especially if you already have a lot of battles – this is just how averages work You’ll often feel like you're banging your head against a wall – persevere and you will most definitely see improvement eventually Noticing mistakes and keeping a record of their frequency
    I write down my most common mistakes on a piece of paper I add a tick every time I make that mistake in-game After a while it’s clear to see which are the areas I need to improve on the most Never stop doing this Listening to your gut
    Your gut is cleverer than you and can see into the future – ignore it at your peril Seriously, get the hell out of there if you suddenly get a feeling that what you’re doing doesn’t feel right You can work out if that was the right or wrong call later – from my experience it's the right call more often than not Dealing with and expecting failure
    No one is perfect – even the best players have crappy games You will have bad games You will lose 10 games in a row for what feels like no apparent reason (there is always a reason) Shit happens and it’s easy to blame something or someone else in those situations People tend to remember the bad moments more than they remember the good – you remember when you lost multiple games in a row but not when you won 10 in a row Accept that you have bad moments and either move on or take a break Hot and cold anger
    Cold anger is when you control the anger and direct it into something constructive Whether that’s giving you focus for annihilating the enemy, or simply taking that anger and applying it to personal improvement (eg. by writing notes on what went wrong, why, etc) For example, the enemy arty might be taking potshots at you – use that frustration to focus clearly on what you need to do to remove that threat Hot anger is when the anger controls you This is the type of anger that results in outbursts and a deep-seated feeling that takes a while to subside This is never good as it ultimately leads you to making more mistakes and getting even more frustrated When this happens (and it will), it’s usually time to take a break and take stock of what went wrong if you keep playing when you’re experiencing hot anger then you’ll likely drive your enjoyment and stats into the ground, frustrating you even further Never play “just one more game” under the illusion that things will get better – they might, but your mind will still be in the wrong place for thinking clearly and you’ll make more mistakes eventually I’m still working out how to handle hot-anger situations, though I have a much better idea on common causes now – it’s almost always frustration at my own mistakes when I went against my gut instinct In both situations, make sure you take note of what caused the anger so you can avoid it or use it next time Making the most of your time and money
    Use Premium vehicles for the reasons mentioned previously (XP boosts, etc) Use a Premium account for the reasons mentioned previously (XP boosts, etc) Capitalising on specials and missions Buy equipment, consumables and camoflague in bulk during discounts Use the personal missions to gain relatively easy credits Use personal reserves to milk extra XP from your games Wait for conversion specials before converting your Free XP in bulk Use Free XP to Crew XP specials to your advantage (eg. quickly training up sixth sense on new crews) Learn which Gold deals are best value for money – this changes every week Your stats mean nothing when you first start out
    Your stats will flucuate widely during your first month or two This is because each game can have a big impact on your average results when you’ve played so few games This is why you may see new players with incredible statistics – they’ve either re-rolled (they created a new account after becoming experienced) or they just got lucky with their first few matches Your stats will stabilise as you play more games – for me this was around the 1,000 games mark This is also why places like WoTLabs use 1,000 games as an indicator of recent progress – it’s a large-enough sample to average out fluctuations Don’t sacrifice win-rate for WN8
    Just don’t, there’s nothing worse than a player who’s purely interested in damage and not helping the team If you have a chance to win and the game could go either way, or relies too much on you carrying, take it WN8 alone only tells you that a player is efficient at causing damage WN8 and WR combined tell you that a player is both efficient and a good team player (or really lucky) Don’t pad your stats for the sake of getting better stats
    This is a controversial one as it’s hard to define what is and isn’t padding – everyone looks at it differently My definition is as follows… If you only play low-tiers (4 and below) because they’re easy then you’re padding If you only play one tank because you get good stats in it then you’re padding (eg. over 50% of your games) – it’s ok to have a favourite tank, but you’re not a good player if you can’t do well in anything else If you only play platoons then you’re padding, even if it’s not deliberate – it’s fact that platooning gives you a higher WR on average All in all, you should appreciate being challenged and stop being afraid of not being so amazing in a new tank or new tier Genuinely good players will adapt and find a way to improve while padders will flounder out of their comfort zone Your stats don’t give you privilege
    So you’ve got better stats than the other players in your game? Awesome, but don’t be an arsehole about it In fact, your stats are arguably a badge of experience and you should be setting a good example to other players Don’t take things out on other players Don’t insult new players If you want respect then you need to earn it If you’re polite then people will likely listen to you and follow your requests We all make mistakes at times (I find it hard not to make a comment in chat sometimes), but try and bear this in mind when you next think about taking things out in chat or venting on Reddit Set your expectations at the right level
    Don’t set your expectations too high – aim for reasonable goals and re-evaluate once you reach them When I was yellow (WN8 ~800) I aimed to turn green (+100 WN8) When I was green I aimed to be dark green (+300 WN8) When I was dark green I aimed to be blue (+400 WN8) And so on… It’s much easier to aim for +400 WN8 each time than it is to be a yellow player and think in terms of needing +1,700 WN8 to get all the way to purple – you’ll paralyse yourself with the pressure Be realistic about how much you can change your WR – you can improve it but it relies on more than your personal skill so it’s hard to control Take a moment to appreciate the occasion after you meet each goal General enjoyment vs. focussing on stats
    At the end of the day, you’re started playing World of Tanks to enjoy yourself and have fun – don’t forget that Often it can feel like the constant fight to improve stats can negatively affect your enjoyment Try and find a balance where you’re enjoying the tanks you play but also get good stats in them Take a break if you feel like you’re only playing for stats, otherwise you’ll likely burn out and end up hating the game
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    Szaboka89 reacted to brumbarr in The maths of aiming mechanics explored.   
    After a thread on the forums about  aimtime and how it works. I decided I wanted to figure it out exactly. All we know for now is that aim time is the time it take to reduce the aimcircle to 40% its size, dispersion is something that  say show much the circle gets bigger and accuracy is the size of the aimingcircle when fully aimed. However, we do not know  the exact relations between these 2 and how exactly they  influence the size of the aiming circle at all times.
    So thats what I set out to do, finding a mathmatical description of the size of the aimingcircle. The method is simple: measure the size of the aimingcircle for different tanks and speeds in a trainingroom.   Thanks for uglycousin for giving me a second person to set up the trainingroom.
    To measure the size of the circle, first I  did the test driving in the room. Then I watched the replays and paused at certain moments. I then took a screenshot of  my whole screen, makign sure I was always in 8x zoom. Then I took those screenshots into paint and measured the circle diameter in pixels.
    I will now describe the process and results of my investigation. But if you dont want to read that, scroll down tot he conclusion on the bottom.
    Disclaimer: the following formulas are NOT what WG uses, I made a linear  model that describes the size of the aimingcircle as close as possible. 
    Aiming circle bloom

    I assumed there where 3 variables that had an influence on bloom: speed, dispersion and accuray. I tried to do test in which I held 2 variables constant to  see the influence of 1.

     I started  with gathering data of 2 different dispersion numbers for which I picked 4 tanks with different accuracy and measured the size at each speedincrease of 10 untill 50 kph.
    These are the raw results:


    From that I made a graph of the dispersion in function of speed , and calculated the gradient  of the graph assuming linear increase.  Then obviously  the  aiming circle size = C*v+accuracy.

    With V=speed and C being the gradient, which consist of unknown  factors. To check the linear approach was decent I plotted the model and experiment:

    As you can see the linear approach to the speed factor isnt perfect but not massivly different, only in the middle it differs.  I am happy enough with this.

    Now we need to determine what the C factor consist off. Since there are only 2 variables left, it has to consist dispersion or/and accuracy components.

    As you can see in the data, with the same dispersion numbers, the aiming circle fort he same speed is bigger when the accuracy is bigger.  So there has to be an accuracy factor in C,  which is proportional to accuracy.   
    Here you can see accuracy vs circle size:

    As you can see, the increase isnt marginal. We can now rewrite our formula as:


    With D an unknown factor containing dispersion in some form.  As we can see, size of aiming circle is directly proportional to accuracy. So an increase in accuracy of 25% will results in 25% better gun handling.  This is why the E50/E50M have such amazing gun handling , their dispersion isnt great , but good, but due to the very good accuracy their gun handling is much better than at first glance.  The WZ-132-1 has the exact same dispersion values, so you would think the gun handling would bet he same, but no, since it has 33% worse accuracy is will have 33% worse gun handling, which is massive! Thats more than a vstab! 

    Next task is determining the factor D. The only  variable left is dispersion, so I tested different tanks with differnt dispersion at the same speed, their accuracy was different, but thats fine, sicne we can normalise for that.    These numbers showed that the factor D was proportional to the dispersion values, so D=c*dispersion, with c an unknow constant.

    Now the formula looks like this:


    Determining c was done by plottign the experminetal result and  trying some numbers until the model best fits the experiment. I took c=0.68.

    The influence of dispersion can be see in this graph:

    Now we have a formula that gives a perfect description of aiming circle size in function of all variables.  Next up is determing a  the time it takes fort he circle to shrink, or the actuall aiming time for the tank.

    Aiming time:

    We know aiming time is the time it takes fort he circle to shrink by 60% its startign size.

     So we can write:
    S1=S2*(4/10)^(t/T) with T=aiming time, S1 size after time t, S2= starting size.

    Solving this for t we get: t=T*(log(S1/S2)/log(4/10)).

      We can now determine the time it take from any speed to reach any size we want.

    To determe the time it takes to fully aim, jsut replace S1 by the accuracy of the gun. Note this time is independant of accuracy! ( which is logical, since it needs to go to  a smaller circle but also does it faster, these 2 cancel out)
    Plotting this for 3 different tank in fucntion of time comming to a stop from a speed of 50 (40 for conway) we get:

    Influence of equipment/skills etc.

    Now that we have every formula we need we can quantify the influence of equipment/skills/directives/modules. To do so simply multiply the variable that gets influenced by (1-0,01*improvement in %). Dispersion values only get influenced by vstabs and the smooth ride skill.Other equipment only influences the accuracy value.

     Note that the same improvement to acc or dispersion results in a bigger improvement in size for what improves acc than what improves dispersion. Vstabs for example do not make the size of the circle shrink by 20%, they make the increase in size  less by 20%.
    Lets take a look at a common dillema:vstabs vs gun laying drive, lets try this on 2 different tanks:

    We can clearly see what the difference in vstab and gld is, vstab makes the circle smaller, so you start smaller but the decrease is still the same, gld starts at a bigger size but then starts to decrease faster, catching up tot the vstabs. In the BCs case, the time to fully aim is actually lower when equiping gld than when equiping vstabs.

    Mathmaticly, gld decrease the total time to aim by 10%,  whereas vstabs decrease the total time to aim by subtracting 20% *initial size. To know wether vstabs or gld is better depends on the tank and how much you want to aim, you can determine this by pluggin in the numbers and plotting it for each vehicle, sicne i twill be different for each.
    As general rules however, these apply:

    ·      - Bad dispersion + bad aimtime:

     Vstab better, unless you  fully aim from full speed.
    ·     -  Bad dispersion + good aimtime

    :Vstab better, unless at high speed when fully aiming.
    ·       -Good dispersion + bad aimtime

    :Vstabs always superior
    ·       -Good aimtime + good dispersion

    :Vstabs always superior


    Conclusion and TLDR:

    ·      - Accuracy has a massive  influence on aiming circle size on the move, they are proportional.

    ·      - Aiming circle size is proportional to speed/dispersion.

    ·       -To determine what gun has better actual gun handling: multply accuracy with dispersion, the lower the numbers the better the gun handling.

    ·     -  Size of aiming circle= Acc(0.68*d*v+1)

    ·      - Time to fully aim = Aiming time*(-log(0.68*d*v+1)/log(4/10))

    ·      - Vstabs is superior to gld in most situations.

    ·     -  Influencing accuracy gives a better boost than influencing dispersion values.

    Whats next?

    Next up I need to investigate how turning the turret and hull   effect dipsersion and work with the above formulas.

     I wil also try to combine this with  my previous thread where I determined shot distribution in the aiming circle, then I can plot change to hit a target vs time and determine the optimal time to shoot.

    I hope you enjoyed the read and that i twill help you  determinign how a tank will perform. I hope that youtubers do become aware that accuracy has a massive influence over dispersion, as  currently reviews are misleading since they dont know what actually effects gun handling. Spread the word!
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    Szaboka89 reacted to Razavn in How do you aim with arty?   
    All right, let me throw my hat in the ring.
    First off let me preface, I play arty, but mainly the "higher splash" arty pieces. As such I don't really care about direct hits, only about doing as much damage with HE as possible (I never really use AP/HEAT all that much so these tips might not apply for you). Secondly, I do have all of the Tier 10 arty, so I am a least a bit knowledgeable. I'm going to try to list some tips for arty in general below.
    1. Don't use battle assistant (well I don't anyways as I can't get the hang of it) unless you are actually trying to thread a shot between houses, holes, bridges, etc. I've found that BA really throws off my perspective and makes it much harder to lead targets. With experience I could probably find it useful, but for right now I don't and I don't recommend it.
    2. At the start of the game, look at the mini-map, tank composition (both teams) and where your team, in particular your fast tanks are going. I highly recommend noting a tank that is, in particular, appears to be going very far forwards and has a high chance of lighting the enemy. Once you see that start to happen, immediately pre-aim where you think that person will get spots. This is a good way to whack someone early in the game, especially as they are not yet in any type of safe position and are most likely driving in a straight line to get to their destination.
    3. Be patient. I know in my T92 it takes approximately 20 seconds to adjust and re-aim at a new location. Just because your target when dark, don't immediately shift to a different one. If there is an ally nearby who can potentially spot them, I would recommend waiting several seconds to see if that happens, if you don't want to do this, then I would recommend doing a blind-fire and then re-positioning for a new target as you reload.
    4. Always keep your gun firing! This also leads to another point, don't xvm snipe! Your main goal is to put as much damage on the target as possible. Holding your shot for a specific person, or constantly readjusting, lowers the number of shells you are lobbing downfield. I've been in multiple games where my T92 gets off 6-7 shots while an arty with a much faster reload (such a Lorr 155 50, 261, etc) only fires 3-4 shots. Additionally, know how long it takes to aim in and be prepared with a target the instant you are loaded. I mentioned that the T92 takes about 20 sec to aim right (45 ish sec reload). What I do on maps likes Steppes, is I drive for 20-25 sec at the beginning and then rotate towards where I believe my team will light the enemy first. That way, the instant my shell is loaded, I'm aimed, have a target, and the enemy is down 800-2000 HP. This differs from arty to arty, but always try to be aimed on a target whenever you finish loading.
    5. People like to be consistent. The hardest people to hit sometimes in arty are the 41-44% players. Why? Well because they are so erratic, you can't predict exactly how they will move. Most people when they go to shoot, roll forwards, aim briefly and then roll immediately back. As an arty player you can account for this. If you are nearly aimed on someone and you see them roll forwards to take a shot, aim slightly behind them. By the time they take their shot and begin to roll backwards, they should reverse right into your shell. Likewise, if you see someone start to roll forwards to take their shot, aim at the point they typically stop to aim, as they begin to aim in the shell could hit (and possibly track them) greatly disrupting them. Keep in mind, that if the person's target dies, instead of rolling back, the enemy tank might continue to roll forwards, especially if that was the only tank they were engaged with.
    6. A DAR sight can be helpful in leading moving targets. With my T92 I really like engaging moving targets, mainly as the splash is so large I can hit nearby and still do 600-700 damage and track an enemy on a miss. DAR sights have a series of concentric "rings" that are clocked for 15/35/etc km/hr. If you know the approximate speed of a tank and the size of the rings, it allows you to fairly easily lead your target.
    7. Be cognizant of popular cover spots. If you see an enemy in the open, dodging and juking, and slowly working their way to an area, especially one with a good camo/sniper position. You can preaim that area and wait till they area  few seconds away before firing. Chances are, the last few meters they will try to beeline for that spot and your shell has a good chance of whapping them as they get into cover.
    8. For TD mode, your arty might not have the best depression which can greatly limit your ability to defend yourself. One neat trick is to actually reverse your SPG up a small incline, this allows you to use your significant elevation instead of your, usually, shitty depression, to try and hit a tank.
    9. Equipment/shells. Arty is very RNG dependent (but it does take a bit of skill), to hopefully reduce the chance of RNG fucking you over I highly recommend the following setup. GLD, Rammer and either Vents/Camo Net/Binocs. This equipment is set up to reduce your awful aim time with the last piece helping to give you a better chance to either hide from the enemy or spot them first to get off that critical first strike in TD mode. For shells I would highly recommend the gold HE shells if your arty has it. The increased splash radius helps immensely for those times you miss your target and need to rely on splash. It can easily increase your DPG. Lastly for consumables I use repair/medical/food. The food is a given as it helps your reload and aim time, the repair kit is in case a LT manages to track you but you can still shotgun if you repair fast enough, and the medical kit is in case an enemy arty splashes and kills the gunner/loader. I know some players swap out the medical kit for gasoline to improve mobility, this isn't a bad idea as well. This setup is incredibly expensive, I hardly EVER break even in my T92 and routinely lose 30,000-100,000 depending on the damage dealt and if it is a win or loss. Make sure you bank a lot of credits (and patience) before trying the arty missions.
    10. Although it is kind of buggy at the moment (or was at least), "x" is your friend. In arty, traversing the hull gives you a shitton of bloom. To try and counteract this, hit "x" to lock your SPG from accidentally rotating when focusing on a target. When initially zooming in on an area, I highly recommend you first adjust so that your gun traverse can cover the majority of the area you think enemy tanks will be, or will be moving to. Nothing worse than tracking a tank only for you to have to readjust your hull as it left your gun traverse range. I highly recommend if this happens and you don't HAVE to shoot that particular target that you instead look for another that still remains in your arc. Another tip about re-positioning, granted I haven't used it in a while is this. If you hold the RMB you lock your gun in place, if you then traverse your hull, find out where your gun is placed and then release your RMB after your center reticule is very close to your closed-in pips, than you will only suffer the bloom related to your hull traverse, not hull + gun. This can be very effective if you rotate and the reticule ends up very close to an enemy tank (takes quite a bit of practice) it can, theoretically, cut your aim time when re-positioning by about 1/2 but is fairly tricky to do.
    I don't have really any replays (as no one really likes to watch arty), but I do have a couple in my T92 on wotreplays.
    Whelp nevermind, they are all at least a version out of date. This is one of my more impressive T92 games but you can't exactly watch it :/
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    Szaboka89 reacted to CraBeatOff in Has anyone tried to study lower to medium skillsets?   
    @Android25 wrote it out perfectly. Kudos!
    @OneSlopoke uninstall your xvm and don't make assumptions based on those colors. I'm serious, you need to learn to "play it as it lies" each and every match. Learn from your experiences, but treat each situation as a novel puzzle. That's a huge and relatively less discussed aspect of processing the game's information. There is a time and place for xvm, but to use it predictively is an error, and adds unnecessary complication to an already daunting stream of information. Ultimately the specific intention can only be reliably observed at each battle moment, and tank positions, numbers and matchups matter as much or more than supposed differences in player quality. Put another way, treat every enemy as purple, every teammate as red and then revise only based on direct observations or interaction.
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    Szaboka89 reacted to Android25 in Has anyone tried to study lower to medium skillsets?   
    The lowest 20% of the server (WN8 < 450) are either using a bot to play, are playing only for the fun of driving and shooting a tank(this is a big one), or have a disability hindering their performance.
    The 20% to 50% band (450 < WN8 < 750) are just learning where to pen tanks, what to NEVER do, and what the rolls of each class are.
    The 50 to 65% band (750 < WN8 < 900) understand the basic mechanics, understand the important parts of the map (but not usually where their tank would be best suited based on the enemy team), and generally know which tanks they should attack and which they should avoid if they can.
    The 65% to 85% band (900 < WN8 < 1250) are very similar to the above band but are starting to gain more map awareness and understand some of the more obscure mechanics. They generally know the armor layout of most tanks, and are starting to get an idea of where and how to position their tanks to be more effective.
    The 85% to 95% band (1250 < WN8 < 1600) are beginning to understand when they should pull back from a flank before it's too late, know some of the more optimal locations to position their tank, have a good understanding of the spotting and vision mechanics through experience more than just reading the wiki. Are starting to notice more opportunities to push or take a shot that lower skill levels would have been oblivious to.
    95% to 99% band (1600 < WN8 < 2000) Starts to become obvious that players know not only how vision mechanics work but how to use them to their advantage. They identify opportunities to push and are starting to be able to effectively flex to different flanks depending on their tank. Starting to pick up simple but effective skills that keep other players from hitting them, like wiggling or hugging with certain tanks.
    99% to 99.9% band (2000 < WN8 < 2450) Starting to be able to abuse vision mechanics on major flanks and across open areas. Begins to be able to expect what other players will do based on their tank type and location. Starts to understand not only true strengths and weakness of each tank they encounter, but exactly where that tank would be best located and is able to take advantage of the poor positioning of other players. Is far more map aware and can usually effectively flex to another major flank depending on the tank. Are able to focus on shooting while the driving and armor positioning of their own tank is done more through muscle memory.
    Upper levels 99.9%+ (WN8 > 2450) Not only are able to abuse vision mechanics on major flanks, but can usually do so from any point during transition to another flank. Greatly understand what damage trades are good trades and which they should avoid. Fully understand exactly where each tank on the enemy team should go and can easily take advantage of those not using their tank to its full potential. Are able to understand what a team will likely do based on their known positions and their own teams positions and can set up in unusual but strong locations based on that assumption. Are almost never just waiting for something to happen. If tanks are dark they're either getting themselves to a better position or actively finding the enemy. Understands how to keep calm in total loss situations and can slowly pick off the other team, even in some cases winning the game alone against what would otherwise be a loss.
    EDIT:  I tried to all-encompass the unicum group in a single block that would give a general understanding of how they play better. I should have mentioned that it wasn't all or nothing, lots of people can play purple (and pull the WR for it) while utilizing lots of different playstyles. When I was writing it I was thinking more of unicums I've seen in batchats and the like that tend to abuse vision early and then use speed, timing and several other skills to take other opponents out when the time is right. I agree that the ability to abuse terrain and understand your tank enough to do so, as well as the ability to abuse armor and quite possibly other players lack of understanding of it, are all traits of different styles of unicum that aren't mutually exclusive.
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    Szaboka89 reacted to arthurwellsley in What light tanks to rebuy to prepare for 9.18 changes   
    Logged onto the Common Test client to look at the light tanks, got this message;
    Inscriptions changed
    Emblems changed
    Camouflage changed
    Gold received: 2,040
    So all the gold camo and inscriptions removed form four of my five tier VIII light tanks has been re-funded to me.
    The only one to have retained it's permanent gold camo is the wz-132 which has remained at tier VIII. The 39k odd exp has remained on the wz-132 (and it requires 133k exp to open the tier IX) The second gun for the wz-132A is 57,900 exp to research. 244,000 exp from the tier IX wz-132A to get to the tier X wz-132-1.
    So ingame I have a T54 ltwt (tier VIII) in the garage with a crew on fifth perk, and sold the LTTB and have a crew for that in barracks with two perks.
    On CT
    in garage T54ltwt (tier IX) no crew
    in garage LTTB (tier VIII) no crew
    in barracks an LTTB crew two perks, and a second LTTB crew five perks! What the actual hell, no crew for the tier IX ......
    Bear in mind all my tier VIII light tanks are elite at the moment.
    The new tier IX T54 ltwt has the top gun already researched (but then it is only 18,500 exp). To research the tier X T-100 LT requires 279,800 exp.
    The new tier IX Ru 251 only has one gun. To research the tier X Rhm. Pzw requires 298,000 experience.
    The new tier IX T49 comes with the top turret (25,200exp) and top gun (52,000exp) already researched. To research the new tier X Sheridan requires 229,000.
    The top gun on the Sheridan is shown as requiring 52,000exp to research. It has the same name as the one on the tier IX tank. However, on the tier X it has a better rate of fire. the stock gun on the Sheridan looks somewhat anaemic.
    The new tier IX AMX 13 90 has the top gun already researched (48,200). The new tier X, AMX 13 105 requires 261,000 experience to unlock. There is only one gun on it.
    All equipment on USSR, German, USA, & French that was on the tier VIII is now on the tier IX ie optics etc.
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    Szaboka89 reacted to dualmaster333 in The mental game   
    Hey that was me last week!
    To give an example of what Crab is talking about: I recently spammed about 1k+ battles which were brain-off-grind-fast types of games. This came after a month or two of minimal play. So last week I decided to start being good at the game again. But when I started playing I was actually pretty garbage. I was doing retarded things, making pubbie-level moves, and generally being a bad player.
    The first thing was to think about what specific stupid things I was doing. For example, I was poking at dumb times and taking completely unnecessary damage. So I focused on not poking stupidly for a series of games (not getting upset at the other dumb things I was doing). My brain fairly quickly retrained itself to get rid of that bad habit. Next I focused on paying attention to the minimap and the tanks around me. If I made it through a game and didn't tunnel vision while getting flanked, it was a successful game.
    Pick something specific to work on and work on it until it becomes a habit. Then move on to the next thing. I find replay reviews to be particularly helpful for this. I can take my time going through the battle and ask "where did it go wrong? What dumb thing am I doing now?" Over time if I see a repeated pattern of stupidity then I can play a set of games focusing on eliminating that problem.
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    Szaboka89 reacted to Steel_Butt in The mental game   
    Hi mate,
    I understand where you are coming from as I too find myself in this situation. I think a lot of players do, though perhaps some are not aware of it or will not readily admit to it. I personally think there are a number factors involved, typically:
    Overconfidence from your previous session, which in my case leads to overextending - a definite flaw of mine Tiredness, leading to poor decisions Lack of planning prior to battle commencement Your general mindset, which in my case can vary day to day, due to external factors  Idiot teams which leads to frustration in your gameplay so you become reactive not proactive And a lack of objective thinking Basically, I have a number of approaches to dealing with this:
    Walk away for an hour or two, play another game, clean the house, whatever. You'll recommence with a different mindset. Clarify why I'm playing, establish my objectives. If I choose to stay and persevere, I will choose my favourite tanks only, and play with a definite goal in mind, say to grind credits or I'll stick to certain types of tanks for a few hours, say TD's for example, keeping my distance or Maybe just heavies, so I don't have to plan too much Or just stick to a certain tier I think you need to clarify your goals every time you play, have clear absolute objectives and plan accordingly to achieve those objectives at every battle outset. Ask yourself, 'why am I playing?' and 'what do I want to achieve?'.
    Works for me.
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    Szaboka89 reacted to Joyrider216 in What do you do to maintain excellent (top 0.1%) dpgs?   
    From my experience and in all the games I have played in WoT, I can think of one time that I raged out and got angry. But otherwise, nothing ever phases me. No matter how many shots RNG makes me miss, no matter how much damage I take from artillery, I never rage or get upset at it. Part of the reason I can never be a good streamer is that I am so boring to watch, nothing lol fancy, no  fits. Another thing I would suggest is turning off comparisons in your mind and becoming zen-like. Once you have attained this level of indifference and flow. Don't compare the game you are in with any other games, don't compare your failures with your successes, play as if the game you are in is the only thing and will be the only thing that matters. Focus and control mentally is the first step to excellent DPGs.
    Now I have nothing high tier to showcase as "super duper excellent" to validate all this seemingly hocus pocus claiming. But I do tolerate the likes of the ARL V39/Tiger P/ Church GC/A44, so I must be onto something.
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    Szaboka89 reacted to zapyoug in The Bromato Project - [Tips to Improve] Series   
    Its certainly well presented but the amount of reading really would be better suited to a voice commentary and the actual gameplay makes me feel like your going to leave people with bad habits. Like autoaiming instead of manually aiming(when not driving away), using 25x zoom, being far to passive, going to just like the wrong places to set up defensibly(like at 3:30, that is not where you should be at all).
    Also, isn't autoaim+ illegal now? You seem to be using it when in third person before you zoom in.
    Sorry If I'm mostly criticism and little praise, all the power to you for actually trying to make videos n' stuff 
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    Szaboka89 reacted to Wanderjar in The Bromato Project - [Tips to Improve] Series   
    at least the video was well done. Thanks for the vid!
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    Szaboka89 reacted to TheLovePanda in The Bromato Project - [Tips to Improve] Series   
    I'm really into the concept here...I think the more educational channels out there the better, and clearly you are more skilled/knowledgeable than the average player. Best of luck.
    Quick pros and cons list for your match:
    - solid initial positioning
    - good knowledge of bushes
    - lost the match
    - boring, campy batchat gameplay
    - left teammates to fend for themselves on more than one occasion
    - the amount of time spent sitting still in a tank that goes 65 km/h is fucking ridiculous
    Conclusion: High damage losses are a dime-a-dozen. Educate your viewers on how to win. Try to camp less in your T10 light tank...maybe you'll have a teammate alive at the end to help you carry.
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    Szaboka89 reacted to OperatorError in The Bromato Project - [Tips to Improve] Series   
    All those text-musicals, and you didn't even explain why you hard camped some random spot next to the abbey for nearly a minute.

    (no bulli)
    On a serious note, there's almost never a good reason to pause a WOT replay for commentary. The pace of combat is pretty slow, so 99.9% of times you can say everything you need to say as it happens. Heck, you even sped up this replay: no need for pauses! You may as well have left the explaining text under the screen while the game progressed.
    Also, I suspect that if you're really from Hungary, that's why you chose to subtitle this rather than do voice commentary. Unfortunately, I can guarantee you that this method will not get you many subscribers. All the popular WOT guys on youtube got where they are by A) posting a tonne of videos, and B) making enjoyable voice-overs. Since you aren't a super-unicum player, you really need another way to get viewers if you don't want these videos to get swallowed in the sea of obscure youtube content. (Unless you like making videos just because)
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    Szaboka89 reacted to Gr1nch_1 in The Bromato Project - [Tips to Improve] Series   
    Dont want to be hater or anything like that and congratulations on the effort. However i have a few tips for you.
    1. This was a good dmg game mainly becouse enemies made mistakes and ran into you camping 1 by 1.
    2. You say in the beggining that you will go on the flank where you have advantage on. And then you go to the flank where you have the least advantage going by the team setup.
    3. You aproach mid from the lower side and then get up. That means that you didnt spot 2 line before you actually got up. You could have easily been yoloed by grille going to their side of the bush or any other tank for that matter.
    4. You say 8 line has fallen and then stay on the 2 line. Fact was that Your line has fallen 1 min ago and 2 line could have used your help.
    5. In the end you go to 8 line to get some sort of advantage over t57 i suppose. Do you know why people rush abbey in the beggining? Map control. What you should have done was shoot t57 at least 1 more time with the first clip to make sure that second clip will be enough to kill him. Then go the abbey and camo snipe him to death.
    6. In the end you did good bushwork however you shouldnt have let him get usnpotted. If you went back into the bush and respoted him you wouldn lose vision and you could have sneaked 1 or 2 more fully aimed shots without him juking you.
    7. You say yourself that he knows where you are. And then you come from that exact angle....
    8. If you want to improve dont wait for enemy to make mistake, create oportunites yourself.
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    Szaboka89 reacted to Valachio in The Bromato Project - [Tips to Improve] Series   
    Good luck.  Looking forward to the day you get 200k subscribers!
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    Szaboka89 reacted to Pompous_Magnus in The Batchat 25t.   
    Bat Chat is the best tier 10 med hands down

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    Szaboka89 reacted to FavreFan4ever in Crew Training Decisions (2nd Skill)   
    Repairs are uber important for most tanks. I was permatracking some noob on the Common Test in my Maus. (~12.8s rld IIRC)
    I used to overlook repairs in favor of gunnery skills but now I'm having second thoughts, being able to get your tracks back up quickly (without using a rep. kit) can be a lifesaver.  In general, RU heavies take and give out a lot of punishment, so stuff's going to break on your tank. Having a good repair skill can help you save your repair kit for things like ammoracks and guns.
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    Szaboka89 reacted to Sipher351 in Repair Skill   
    This reminds me of this time in a BT8 battle on Ensk, it came down to a 1v1 with an enemy IS-3 having about 800 HP and my team had a E2 Sherman with the 105 derp, absolutely blood red player at 200 HP. I thought to myself, oh great a loss because I died to something stupid. So this IS-3 tries to side scrape the E2 for some tard ass reason, and the E2 proceeds to unload about 15 HE shells into the side of his tracks, keeping him perma'd there where he couldn't return fire and doing 50-75 damage a shot to finally kill him.
    Don't be that guy. 
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    Szaboka89 reacted to Folterknecht in Crew Training Decisions (2nd Skill)   
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    Szaboka89 reacted to kolni in Crew Training Decisions (2nd Skill)   
    Crew skills are better off taken on a tank-per-tank basis. 
    I've got so many crews now that they're all 3+ skills pretty much but the few I needed to train (third US med crew/second chinese med crew etc...) I never even let them see random battle daylight until I got sixth sense and repairs. Unless you're really redlining a lot repairs will help you more than camo and I usually put it 3rd. 
    I was playing T20 with a vanilla crew that only had BiA and a commander with sixth sense as well. I trained rep for the 4 of them and recon on the commander since I was running optics and it gave me maxed VR as a T7. Then I ran camo + situational awareness and all other things are just comfort things really. My comfort thing is firefighting, while others want gun related stuff 
    in general i go for rep first but i always train it and BiA before randoms anyway since permatracks from IS3s get annoying...fast
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    Szaboka89 reacted to NThirtyTwo in How does one not rage and contribute to a horrific team?   
    I was in the same boat as you guys.
    It wasn't until my 8000th game that I finally hit 50% overall win ratio.
    At that time, I already had 1850 WN8 overall, and 725 average exp.
    These are the main reasons I was able to up my win rate drastically, in order of importance:
    1: Stop platooning with toxic shitters. I was probably platooning about 40% of my games then, and at least 90% of those included one extremely toxic shitter who's behavior and gameplay was bad enough to actually make me loose a lot more games than I would solo. I won't name him...
    2: Embrace this simple truth: your HP and your life is the most important asset you have. Don't try to act honorable and save a teammate in trouble if it seems dangerous. Don't try to push a flank by yourself, fully knowing you'll encounter superior force. Don't make moves before you know where everyone is, or at least have a good idea. Don't stay in a fight if you know it's a lost cause.
    3: Improve your target prioritization. Contrary to what you can read in a lot of places, there are no "rules" that are true for all situations. Target priority is completely dependent on the exact individual situation you find yourself into. Most of the time, shooting a tank that's a one shot is the best options, but sometimes it isn't. Most of the time, shooting a tank that is a bigger threat is the best option, but sometimes it isn't... This will come to you with practice and self examination. It helps if you actually ask yourself why you are going to do this, or why you did that. Try and imagine the outcome if you had made a different choice.
    For example, that half health T30 you could have hit for 400, but didn't because there was a 100 HP Löwe next to him... Well he ended up almost dying and killing 3 of your teammates afterwards and with only 200HP left. Had you shot him, he would not have been able to do that, the Löwe would have been easy to kill for you or someone else, and you might have won that game. I'm sure you get the idea...
    4: Deal as much damage as you can as early as possible. There are 2 reasons for this. One is that obviously, the earlier you damage someone, the quicker his threat level will drop. The second is about the psychological impact of doing it. The game is filled with shitters such as that turd a few posts above who will totally loose it when they see their team being screwed up before they even reach the front line. They'll panic and do stupid things, suicide even, because they are convinced they are going to loose no matter what. Which leads me to...
    5: The game isn't over until it's over. Keep your eyes open, change your approach on the go, try and get on cap to split the enemy forces and create gaps in their defense, etc. Games are turned around all the time because of smart plays by smart players. Become one.
    As to what to do when you find yourself in a team of turds, against seemingly impossible odds...
    Disable XVM. Treat every player and every match the same exact way. Don't rely on your teammates, and don't expect your opponents to play smart, or stupid.
    Just do what you have to do and your odds will improve drastically. Plus, chances are the enemy team will act over-confident, which you can use to your advantage.
    Just my 2 cents, I hope it helps. Good luck!
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    Szaboka89 got a reaction from H4NI in Completion Spreadsheet for T-44-100 Mission Marathon   
    Hey Wotlabsians!
    I created this handy little spreadsheet to monitor your daily progress in the up-and-coming T-44-100 Mission Marathon. Yeah, I love creating spreadsheets.
    Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1apwR5Y6YYJMcuVNCsZQ-CDd5uyWjlZXWGz01l23sy14/edit
    How it Works
    You input your current damage and kill count to the spreadsheet for all the nations, which adds them all up, and tells you whether you've fulfilled the required average for that day. It also tells you how many days of advantage you have, should you progress faster; or disadvantage, respectively.

    How to Use
    1.) Create a Copy of the Spreadsheet by going into the File menu and choosing Make a Copy. (You'll need to be logged in to your Google account to do this.)
    2.) At the end of each day, go to your Missions panel in-game and input your current Damage and Kills into the spreadsheet by nation.  
    +.) If you're buying a token, you can input 150.000 damage and 150 kills to the appropriate nation's column.
    This is a tool for those who like numbers and would like to visualize their progress with the Mission Marathon.
    I hope some of you guys will find it useful.
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    Szaboka89 got a reaction from dolfiegol in Completion Spreadsheet for T-44-100 Mission Marathon   
    Hey Wotlabsians!
    I created this handy little spreadsheet to monitor your daily progress in the up-and-coming T-44-100 Mission Marathon. Yeah, I love creating spreadsheets.
    Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1apwR5Y6YYJMcuVNCsZQ-CDd5uyWjlZXWGz01l23sy14/edit
    How it Works
    You input your current damage and kill count to the spreadsheet for all the nations, which adds them all up, and tells you whether you've fulfilled the required average for that day. It also tells you how many days of advantage you have, should you progress faster; or disadvantage, respectively.

    How to Use
    1.) Create a Copy of the Spreadsheet by going into the File menu and choosing Make a Copy. (You'll need to be logged in to your Google account to do this.)
    2.) At the end of each day, go to your Missions panel in-game and input your current Damage and Kills into the spreadsheet by nation.  
    +.) If you're buying a token, you can input 150.000 damage and 150 kills to the appropriate nation's column.
    This is a tool for those who like numbers and would like to visualize their progress with the Mission Marathon.
    I hope some of you guys will find it useful.
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