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  1. LMAO - GSOR 1008 gets Ace Tanker for a mere 1086 base XP...

  2. My shells just explode right when I fire... even in vanilla mode. Not even hitting anything beyond. Just a big cloud of smoke and explosion outside my barrel. This is insane. Anyone else with issues?

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    2. H4NI


      I have some hits, but i dont know reliably if all shots that disappeared were missed ones. It's probably something with the server and packet loss...

      After reading the EU forums, i've seen that there are others with the same problem, but no solution. Someone said that it happens only in 64bit client, but no solid info that 32bit client solves the problem.

    3. DrWeb7_1


      That bug is known, developers promised to fix it.

    4. graukatze


      @Snoregasm2 That is actually a nice exploit! Thanks all for restoring my sanity.

  3. Why does my IS-5 have 1500HP but someone else has 1710HP?

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    2. DrWeb7_1


      32 minutes ago, Balthazars said:

      I don't think there's any other way to buff HP so those numbers do seem strange, but I don't know much as I don't have an IS5.

      I own IS-5, so I can check that on my own. But it'd be better if OP gives a replay with that strange IS-5.

    3. Assassin7


      My IS-5 has 1550hp so thats probably it. 1550*1.1 is 1705

    4. graukatze


      Yeah. I asked the guy and he runs hardening.


  4. 4.4k spot damage, 6 spots, stayed alive half the game. LT. Ranked. 40XP for role compliance...BS

  5. Any pointers how to play T100-LT?

    1. king_spaniel


      the answer highly depends on what other light tanks are in the match with you.  a couple years back, T100 was the best of all light tanks, now it's a distant 2nd cause of the ebr. you can still do some things in it - cause of it's low profile and good gun handling, but have to understand it's limitations given what else is out on the battlefield

      if you're playing against ebr's, you should be trying to counter/ambush them and trying to get in your 2 shots to their 1 (if you get into a true fight)

      if you're playing against other tier 10 tanks, you can generally outplay all the other types, just need to know their attributes

  6. After 1 year hiatus back...not for long. This game is outrageously bad. Not sure if skill-based MM would fix it, but these lop-sided games are frustrating enough to quit for good (again).

  7. Does anyone know of a WoTlabs-esque progress tracker for Hearthstone?

  8. Always the same story - WTFE100, Grille,... OP, slight nerf, more nerf,...might be ok a year later. Until players converted enough XP with Gold to get the tank.
  9. Problem with 'cheap' RX480 or 580 is they might have been used in Mining rigs and might fail as well soon.
  10. As long as a T28 TD becomes invisible ~80m away from Type 64 I could not care less about those bushes. There is something funky going on with spotting atm.
  11. Got my swedish tier II going and OMG those fucking seal clubbing platoons... 8k battles in a Cruiser III and highest tier are prem-8s??? WTF

    1. NightmareMk9


      No way to win against dicks like this either. 

      If you play against them, the best you can hope for is a win.  You can't actively farm them in any way.  One loss doesn't effect them

      If they are on your side, you could TK them or throw the game, but it is still only 1 loss.  They will hit the Battle button 10 seconds later and continue to ruin the game for new players.

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      Hold ma beer


      Literally like 1-2 of em in every game on average at tier 2. Can't imagine why WoT doesn't retain new players.

    3. Darvek


      But WG won't extend Marks of Excellence below tier 5 because they don't want to encourage seal clubbing. Because somehow a unicum spending 50 games at tier 3 marking some tank is bad, but dudes like this spending 25k battles at tier 2 is ok.

  12. So many bushes in WoT 1.0. Feels like vintage p0rn :P

    1. SaintLaurentius


      I hope the maps are unfinished for now and there will be more bushes before release

  13. If ranked taught me one thing it is that players are just not capable of pushing together. So scared to lose a little HP, they either hide or freeze when an enemy is in sight. So depressing when your team mates have the numbers and just won’t go...

    1. TAdoo87


      They are not afraid of losing hp. They are afraid no one else will push and they will die alone for nothing. 

      It is maybe surprising, but using the command signals can be very effective. If you spam the combination of "attack"  and "follow me" then often they will respond and if even one guy says yes then the rest will follow. It works sometimes even in randoms. 

    2. king_spaniel



      Players not capable of pushing together is FAR FAR worse in nonranked matches.  You will see concerted pushes happen (quite frequently) in ranked if you're playing at a high enough rank, cause the concentration of actual decent/good/great players is far higher. 


      Just cause it doesn't happen all the time has more to do with the fact that there's no organized caller - so it's predicated on how much game/situational awareness of each individual at a given moment

    3. graukatze


      Being worse is non-ranked matches is expected, but SO many greens/blues in ranked STILL do it. Do you really have to be deep-blue/purple to read a situation?


  14. I really thought I have been in the WoT 1.0 beta since 2012... but sure, let me join the 1.0 beta AGAIN

  15. Any new thoughts on Klondike? The thread is rather short and I was wondering if any new observations are worth to be mentioned.

    1. Daerlon


      My thought is... turn grand battles off.

    2. Javajunkie8b


      And wait 3 minutes to find a game....

    3. Daerlon


      I get 45 sec - 1.5min times with Grand Battles and Encounter turned off. I'm fine with that, if that's what I have to do not to deal with Grand Battles or Mines Encounter at tier 10.

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