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  1. My shells just explode right when I fire... even in vanilla mode. Not even hitting anything beyond. Just a big cloud of smoke and explosion outside my barrel. This is insane. Anyone else with issues?

    1. H4NI


      Yes, mine also, EU server. At first i thought i was seeing wrong, then i played arty... It exploded few meters in the sky after the shot. From what i hear on teamspeak, there is quite a lot of that. Or perfectly aimed shots just go directly to the ground in front of tank. The ping is okay, not having red light. Anyways, im frustrted as fuck with this.

    2. Snoregasm2


      Do the shells actually hit the tanks/where you aim though? I remember Daki had that bug where it exploded into the ground if he missed, but if he hit a tank it didn't. It was actually super useful as when he was blind shooting he could always tell reliably if he hit someone.

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