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  1. HAAALP... I am not terribad in LTs, but the WZ-132A is breaking me. Any pointers are greatly appreciated :(

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    2. graukatze


      Well, gonna find a better use for the crew. The WZ-132 was fun, but this one... I am actually hurting my team by playing it.

    3. CandyVanMan


      It's very possible that it's the worst tier 9 tank in the game.
      Some of my irl buddies were grinding it, and their (very loud) suffering on discord made me skip it entirely.

      If it's worse than the tier 10, I'm really glad I never played it, now my only regret is moving up from the tier 8.

    4. hazzgar


      @CandyVanMan I'd still take it over the Mauschen. Probably over the nerfed obj430 v2 too but I didnt play it so hard to say. 


      @graukatze why not China meds? 

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