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  1. HAAALP... I am not terribad in LTs, but the WZ-132A is breaking me. Any pointers are greatly appreciated :(

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    2. CraBeatOff


      It was my last 9 LT to mark. Not because it was hard to play but because it was hard to WANT to play. Also the 10 is very very bad and in a not fun way. I hold out hope for a buff - SerB knows that line needs it. 

      I'll let @sr360run the experimental stuff and will consult. Not trying to play that junk!

    3. Assassin7


      Oh man that sucks, they looked pretty decent and interesting to play on paper

    4. Balthazars


      I'm much worse than the guys above (especially in light tanks), but I stopped at the tier 9 because of how painful it is. The alpha is the only positive, and it is absolutely shat all over by EBRs because they are just so superior in terms of mobility (they will out-turn and out-circle you in a dogfight, as in, they can drive around you faster than your turret can rotate), their HE pens you easily everywhere except the turret, and your gun handling is so crappy you cannot hit them in return. I would also second @hazzgar suggestion of bitch play, as the gun is just way too bad to reliably play pocket medium and if you gear for it, at least the camo and view range is about on par for the class/tier.

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