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  1. Not sure if there was an update or something but mine no longer works on either of my computers. I tried to completely reinstall both tampermonkey and the script but no luck still. I love your work and feel naked not having it.
  2. Congrats on the 1000000 players tracked. I hope to win something!
  3. You had me going until this comment.That hurts! If I didn't know you were joking I would leave. And yes I spend more time on forums trying to recruit players than I actually get to play.
  4. Welcome to the Relic Gaming Community Relic is always looking for qualified tankers. We are a long standing clan within World Of Tanks. We strive to maintain high standards, respect and competence in all battles we are engaged in. Our leadership values team-play and strongly encourage the use of Teamspeak3 to co-ordinate and communicate effectively. We are interested in quality over quantity and getting to know our members as friends and comrades. Members should be able to follow commands, perform to their potential, respect teammates, be damn good@poasting.
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