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  1. I hate the chi-ri so much

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI
    2. Va1heru


      I love you so much :kreygasm:

    3. Eural


      tog or cgc have been done before, i'll find some new piece of shit to mark.

  2. I'm pretty sure I've got you added, what tier strongholds are you interested in? Mahou runs all 3 types regularly.
  3. Eural

    59 Patton WN8

    It's not just the 59 Patton, the Skoda T 40 and the new Czech tanks don't have values, what's the point of having statistics if tons of vehicles just aren't counted and break the system? Are we going to see updates to the tables or should i just ignore wn8 completely instead of just mostly.
  4. Streaming a MAHOU attack on RELIC

    1. Cunicularius
    2. _Assad


      Come play league you shitter

    3. Eural


      I quit league like 2 or 3 years ago I can't go back now.

  5. I would run the optics still TBH, even with vents the T32 will lose a dpm fight with anything that can pen it. It's better to use the op turret and view range to get control on those maps that allow it. This playstyle has much more value to the team and will win you way more matches than vents can. To me having 470 or even higher view range on the T32 is the tank's flavor, when it's not top tier, it's a vision control/ support tank. When you are top tier you can shoot the Tier 6s and 7s before they can even see you on some maps which is also fun.
  6. Streaming MAHOU vs OTTER

    (wait for delay plz)

  7. Streaming CW and Strongholds and stuff.

    Watch @ for 15 v 15 tier 10 play.

  8. Streaming raid v. Foxey @

    please don't streamsnipe me if you're in Foxey

    1. Yakumo_san
    2. Tedster59


      lol, I wasn't even playing or in TS, just wanted to see how it went while I did HW.

  9. Streaming some 54lw padding:

    Will stream Stronghold raid at 5 pacific 8 eastern

  10. Eural

    [MAHOU][SHOJO] is recruiting!

    Panzer is pretty great!
  11. Eural

    [MAHOU][SHOJO] is recruiting!

    Cuni if I saw you on TS more I'd probably give it to you~ i miss u fren ;-;