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  1. /r/polandball will probably overflow till tomorrow...
  2. Source: Guardian Semi Final Live Report
  3. Really nice video(s) - earned yourself a new subscription Personally, i have never seen a transmission from ingame replay to TankInspector from aroung 2:00. Fancy stuff.
  4. This is the baddest i can remember. Was in one of our three tier X - yay... Overall survival rate of 40%, so you can guess where he spend the next 15 minutes ijn that particular match
  5. This. Thought the same after playing through it. While playing the Conqueror, i thought they stored the ammo behind the LFP, or even glued it on the outside of it.
  6. That is probably the real problem. Especially younger players are influenced by things they read and hear from role models (in this case very good players in WoT). They wont immediately start hating foreigners and immigrants. But when they find themselve in such a situation, words like this nazi-gibberish-talk will go over their lips more easily.
  7. A more efficient way would be to use a lower PSU, something like a be quiet! Straight Power E9-CM or the Seasonic proposed by Folterknecht. As a single GTX780 will never use a 1000W PSU efficiently, as it uses around 340 W and around 400 W unter 'full throttle'. source: computerbase.de
  8. This sounds really great Another suggestion: Add support for EU server pleaaase Also like Otis suggested, insert TS information and (depending on EU support, also suggested TS language )
  9. It could be problematic, that HBs are in the current monthly missions. I did my 50 HBs at the beginning of this month when we still had 3 HBs to choose between. And back then i had no problems to join these (by the way completely unbalanced battles ). My guess is - that now with only one HB left - we would have many other players in these battles, who probably never heard of wotlabs.
  10. Hi! My name is Jackhammer from germany and thus playing on the EU server. Reading here for about 2 weeks after finding out about this forum through /r/worldoftanks. I tried to read some discussions in the official forums, but most topics there begin AND end with a - probably permanent - brain damage... Im playing WoT since closed beta - always being in the green rating area, but now hitting lower blue overall - together with my friends from high school graduation. We also made our little fun clan "GRAL - Galante Ritter Auf Leichttraktoren" which translates to "GRAIL - Galant Knights
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