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  1. Lethul

    New US Prem tank destroyer the TS5

    It's not really a straight up better t28 tho? Horrible accuracy and depression. We dont know the armor layout. A slow turretless TD will not break the game in any way imo. (Give it 65km/h and call it Object TS5) Edit: Didn't actually realize T28 had -5 aswell
  2. Has it been confirmed these will branch off from AMX ELC ?
  3. Lethul

    Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!

    That would be great! Do you have any source?
  4. Lethul


    You aced it twice? How much XP did you get? I got 1488 base xp and only got Master 1
  5. Looking att tanks.gg IS-7 and Obj 277 have pretty much the same mobility. With the advantage going to the IS-7. Ingame however! What more than power to weight/terrain resistance effect the mobility? Does the weight have any other effect other than changing the hp/t?
  6. Lethul


    Thread for this beast? A bit overpowered but damn it is fun to play What equipment are people using for it?
  7. Exactly, so I think a majority of the t55a owners would be quite pissed if they gave it the t54 high pen gun.
  8. The high pen gun is garbage tho
  9. Lethul

    T-64 MBT=New Premium Light Tank? (Object 432)

    Looks like the armor will hold up nicely while killing tech tier lights
  10. Have people used the big or small gun for m55?
  11. I have big problems with SPG-15. Arty missions in general are piss easy. But I need SPG-15 on T-55A so I don't have to play Arty for Obj260. But that SPG-15 is way to hard for me that average 1000wn8 in arties. Any suggestion? :p
  12. Lethul

    SU-130PM Soviet Tank Destroyer

    Fnrghhh, please up the STG DPM if this come true
  13. Lethul

    Medium top tier play

    Im playing reasonably well at the moment. My stats have gone down a fair bit after missions started mainly due to playing tanks I dont like. Im usually about 2.4k wn8 recent. Right now my by far biggest weakness as a primary medium player is top tier games (3-5-7). When playing I try to be aggresive but is almost always punished for it. Either I have a monster game but more often than not shit games and one of the first to die. I can go from a 10k combined signle tier battle to 1k combined 3-5-7 battle in 5 minutes. I honestly think I have better numbers in every way in 5/10 or single tier MM. How do you play mediums (Patton/140/430U/BC25) when top tier? Do I need to be aggresive?
  14. Lethul

    Caernarvon Action X Premium

    To be fair you have cherry picked the one mission that is way easier to just farm XP.