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  1. It is ok, because you will be guaranteed to not drop Chevrons if you avoid fights until 390 alpha gun. And when you find sub lvl 5 players you can dominate them.
  2. I've won over half of my games by avoiding contact until the second gun. I just stick to the corner of the map and radar for loot. When I get the fun I try to bully someone How do you get autoloading t55? I tend to end up in IS3/T10 combo with DPM end gun. I find the DPM gun is better than alpha in the end when it is basically a 1vs1 in one zone.
  3. I have to say you both seemed to be a bit of an idiot if you are not running away from each other. Just ignore all tanks until you are at least lvl 5. Fortnite, the mother of all BR games ... ?
  4. If these changes stay in the game and enter in the same patch as arty nerf and MM changes it will be one of the best patches ever.
  5. If I use firefighting directive is it also worth to train FF? Or it the directive useless unless I dont have firefighting or firefighting at 100%? Should I train another skill to 100% and then switch to FF if I use directive?
  6. What the really need to do is make the second 20-pdr the stock gun and only have you grind the big gun. 45k xp for a minor aim time/aim upgrade is insane.
  7. It's not really a straight up better t28 tho? Horrible accuracy and depression. We dont know the armor layout. A slow turretless TD will not break the game in any way imo. (Give it 65km/h and call it Object TS5) Edit: Didn't actually realize T28 had -5 aswell
  8. Has it been confirmed these will branch off from AMX ELC ?
  9. Lethul


    You aced it twice? How much XP did you get? I got 1488 base xp and only got Master 1
  10. Looking att tanks.gg IS-7 and Obj 277 have pretty much the same mobility. With the advantage going to the IS-7. Ingame however! What more than power to weight/terrain resistance effect the mobility? Does the weight have any other effect other than changing the hp/t?
  11. Lethul


    Thread for this beast? A bit overpowered but damn it is fun to play What equipment are people using for it?
  12. Exactly, so I think a majority of the t55a owners would be quite pissed if they gave it the t54 high pen gun.
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