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  1. it has potential like many things earlier introduced and like many things it will fall short of expectations
  2. Strictly speaking for randoms in the current meta: TVP T50/51 T110E5 T-62A Batchat Obj 140 M48 Patton AMX 50B E-50M 215B STB-1 E100 113 CAX Obj 430 IS7 Waffle IS4 T110E4 T57 Heavy AMX 30B T110E3 Obj 263 Leopard 1 Obj 268 Fv 183 121 Maus Jpz E-100 FV4005 Type 5 Heavy Foch
  3. Skimmed through all the 430 games. Your initial positioning seems fine and you go for the tracks whenever available.... although 4/7 games you threw your hp away for little or no reason... I'm guessing a lot of the times you were greedy for dmg or just overconfident (murovanka, el hallouf...) 3 or so of those games you lost would have been carry-able otherwise, which could have pushed your moe to 85%. 50B-wise 2-man platoons might be your solution (ideally w/ a purple that plays a HT of some sort) and that might give you the incentive you need to push / retreat, etc. The easiest way
  4. -Took two unnecessary shots very early game -Unlucky that you reset the is3 that had no cap points. If you'd more hp and had reset the is3 with cap points would have been gg.
  5. Don't be too hard on yourself. There's definitely been changes to the meta and wn8 values have been updated since you last were active. WoT (from my own experiences) can take weeks to get back into the hang of things after a sustained break.
  6. Can't say I have felt any difference. Probably just a streak of unlucky games.
  7. Haven't felt like playing much recently Anyway, here are the first 20 games (i meant to upload them in batches of 20 in one file, no f^cking clue why i've done it like this). Current: 20/100 played, 14/20 won (70%) Day 1 - 80% (4/5), 3,618 dpg. Day 2 - 60% (3/5), 2,976 dpg. Day 3 - 100% (3/3), 2,721 dpg. Day 4 - 0% (0/2), 2,951 dpg. Day 5 - 66% (2/3), 2,310 dpg. Day 6 - 100% (2/2), 1,656 dpg.
  8. IS7 1-2 line on Cliff. Bounce 7,5k in a matter of minutes, then it's just about farming damage. - What's the meaning in ''destroy a flag'' ? Kill the carrier or do you have to wait for the flag to despawn too?
  9. Abusing camo, having the gun in the game as long possible and most importantly utilising the team as meatshields best you can. Take Kharkov, one of my least favourite maps. Whenever I'm middle/top tier I will always setup on the G6 pos(F8 for other spawn can also work); there you can conceal yourself in the bushes and spot the traffic crossing on the F9 line. If they're heavies or TD's you can usually farm them w/o being spotted. If you get spotted just advance to the wreck a few metres ahead that practically covers the whole tank. On Abbey the F2 pos is pretty OP. If they try to push that lin
  10. The 416 seems to burn consistently when hit in the hull. I was considering swapping med kit for food seeing as I have Jack all of Trades but meh... we'll see how it goes. Batches of 20 games it is. Thanks 3k dpg for the 100 games. Although it would be nice to gradually improve the overall dpg as well. <3
  11. I don't usually do these sort of things but hell I thought I'd give it a go. Goal: 3k DPG, 68% w/r. 100 games, solo. Setup: Shit crew, FeelsBadMan Starting Stats: I'll update this semi-regularly. Replays only if requested (I can't be arsed otherwise).
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